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RFA finding out MC is a hardcore Homestuck? (not sure how well you know the fandom but I saw you're classpect so I decided why not ask it here lol)

After four years, I continue to be Homestuck garbage and it makes me sad I have only one person to be garbage with. I assume mostly all of the RFA would have the same reaction as everyone I’ve ever met has had with it, save for a select few. I also added in what I think their classpects were. If I had more time I would have done more extensive research and have done tests to determine their true classpects. ^^


  • you were wearing your god tier hoodie one day when you went over to his place
  • and he immediately knew it!
  • “Oh I like your hoodie MC”
  • (◕‿◕) ♡
    • you know the Homestuck???
  • one of his friends from LOLOL suggested it to him and he’s all caught up and everything
    • even has a squiddle keychain and a Mayor plushie
  • you two can geek about Homestuck for hours
  • when it updated, you would rush over to his place so you two can read it together, even if it was just a few pages
  • god tier is probably Page of Hope or something
  • you two just giggle at any Homestuck reference
    • Buckets
    • Don’t drink the apple juice
    • Fly Pupa Pan
    • Dave’s Zen’s flying boner circus
    • We’re members of the Midnight Crew
    • Nicolas Cage
    • The faygo no
    • Penis Ouiji
  • the rest of the RFA have not the brightest idea any of you are talking about half the time
  • you two spent crying for an hour after it ended


  • has no flying idea WHY YOUR3 T4LK1NG L1K3 TH1S???
  • it’s not grammatically correct?
  • and it’s kind of weird :/
  • you decide to drop it for a while because yeah beautiful Jaehee doesn’t need to know how much of a freak you were O_O
  • but it didn’t last too long when you got sick and sweet amazing baehee wanted to take care of you
  • but she didn’t seem to get your text because she just showed up at your place
  • and the first thing she saw was all your posters, your godtier blanket and your smuppet with that plush rump
  • you were just waiting for her to say something, but she was just focusing on the task at hand
  • even when she left, you were constantly checking the chat to see if she said anything
  • finally she texted you like, “Um…what was all that stuff at your place?”
  • the dreaded question
  • you had to explain to her Homestuck
    • doesn’t get it but she was willing to listen to you
    • you try to equate your love for Homestuck to Jaehee’s love for Zen
    • oh now that makes sense
  • you ordered a shirt that wasn’t your size so you gave it to her 
    • wears it when she’s at home ^^
  • I see her as a Heir of Mind or something


  • Zen needed some concealer so you allowed him to root through your bathroom for some
  • but what he did find was a whole cabinet full of gray paint
    • omg wh-what do you need all this body paint for???
  • when he asked you, you just sunk into your seat like uhhhh whaaaaaaatttt??? that was there when I moved hehehehe…
  • next it was the horns you have in your closet
  • suspicious levels increasing
  • then he sees one of your god tier hoodies that he knew Yoosung had too
    • jealous marshmallow  (°ㅂ°╬)
  • “Heh babe why do you have Yoosung’s hoodie in your closet HMMMMMMMMM???”
  • “Yeah no it’s my hoodie”
  • “While I’m asking questions, what’s with the gray paint?”
  • then all you had to show him was pics from the cons you went to in your various troll outfits
  • he was rather impressed with your cosplay skills
    • offers to paint your bod next time  ☆⌒(ゝ。∂)
    • well uh ok you’re not going to complain 
  • not sure what his god tier would be but maybe something like Seer of Breath


  • you were hanging out at Jumi n’s place or more like being held against your will
  • and you remembered the comic was going to update today
    • oh it’s a sound one, something interesting must have happened :>
    • game over???
  • Jumin came home to find you staring out the window 
  • ???
  • “Why is life so cruel?”
  • you had to awkwardly explain to him how you were distraught over a webcomic
  • which was a downward spiral into explaining what Homestuck was
  • he doesn’t understand it at all (go figure)
  • but he loves how passionately you talk about it
  • “Why are you wearing those boxers to sleep?”
  • dies inside when you made a little scarf for Elizabeth 3rd with a little Jasper on it
  •  he’s probably like a Knight of Heart that hot mess of a donut


  • he looked through your internet search history…
  • he saw how much garbage you are
    • he even saw the phase where Y0U JU57 74LK3D L1KE 7H15 F0R 4 F3W M0N7H5 and styled your hair like one of the trolls
    • those were some dark times
  • but he stayed quiet about it
  • until you brought it up because you figured Seven would know what it is
  • “Oh I read it a few years ago but I didn’t get far. It was kind of boring.”
  • B-BORING!?
    • you know this jellybean didn’t even get passed Act 2
    • doesn’t even know who DAVE is
  • you IMPLORE him to continue reading it 
  • whatever chance he gets to procrastinate, he goes do some reading
  • and this guy can have A LOT of time on his hands
  • when he’s finally caught up, he’s garbage
  • both of you are drowning in faygo and eating gushers for weeks
  • his god tier is hard and I’m torn between a Prince of Light or a Mage of Doom.

For the last week, I been busy sewing. I got some blue fleece and I made a smuppet (left (it’s a little shitty, it was my first so it’s poorly put together)) and then I did my first scalemate (right (this was much easier to make in my opinion. Plus I need to get some buttons for his eyes later this week.))

Bonus: Before I sewn his head— This happened and people assumed I tore it off.

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