Back at It

After taking almost a week off after the Grand Canyon Double-Crossing - mostly to let my right foot heal - I jumped back into my training schedule this week. It certainly wasn’t the most adventurous, but I had a goal in mind and I accomplished that. The goal was to run trails that were “runnable” (not steep enough to call for a power-hike) and control my pace just under lactate threshold in hopes to learn how to better gauge my effort. 

Today, I finished my week with a 10 miler behind my house on Smuggler Mtn. It was 5 loops of the same two trails that consist of climbing and descending with no flat areas. I hate doing loops, but it was the perfect ratio of climbing and distance to make the whole route runnable while getting in over 2500′ of climbing. Plus, I wanted to see how consistent my pacing was. 

I stashed some water at the top of the loop and just put my head down and focused. The fourth loop felt the hardest, but in all, I kept my pace consistent and finished off my week feeling really solid. This week definitely wasn’t a huge mileage week, but more just putting in miles while making sure my body is fully healed up from the Grand Canyon. From here on out, I start the slow build to Leadville. Hopefully, I can keep the good feelings going.

I hope everyones training and adventures are going well.

Week Totals: 41 miles | 7700′ gain | 6 hrs

Nearly 3,700 migrants were rescued from boats near the coast of Libya on Saturday and early on Sunday, the Italian coastguard said.

A spokesman said rescue operations were likely to continue throughout Sunday. All of those pulled from boats were being taken to Italy.

Italian authorities said the migrants were rescued by Italian and French navy vessels in 17 separate operations.

At least 1,750 people have died this year trying to cross the Mediterranean.

The number is a 20-fold increase on the same period in 2014, when 96 people died. Many more migrants are expected to make the crossing as smugglers take advantage of calmer weather.

At an emergency meeting last month to discuss the crisis, European Union leaders said they would triple the funding for rescue operations run by EU border agency Frontex, and threatened to target smugglers’ boats with military strikes.

Italy abandoned its Mare Nostrum search-and-rescue mission last year after some EU members - including the UK - said they could not afford to fund it.

The decision was widely criticised in April after more than 800 people died when a single boat sank - the deadliest capsize recorded in the Mediterranean.

Some of the 27 survivors of the accident described being beaten by smugglers in an attempt to load more migrants on to the boat

The overloaded vessel crashed into a cargo ship shortly after leaving Libya, causing panic on board. The dead were mostly Syrians, Eritreans, and Somalis - adults and children.

The UN refugee agency (UNHCR) has said “much more” needs to be done beyond the EU’s current spending plans to tackle the migration crisis in the Mediterranean.

The Smuggler Follows.


The ranger was sent from the corsairs to meat this human. A deal was made but for the first time. The prince did not trust him so Haccor was sent. Waiting at the meeting site he stays hidden with his cloak. 


Total kick ass adventures in the mountains of Telluride during the height of monsoon season.  Lightning echoing around me while I am on my bike!  I am pedaling to the Smuggler’s Brewery for lunch.  I was sitting in the mist of the rain enjoying a beer, checking out the menu for the usual brewery food choices…

I was surprised to see there was a lamb dish on the menu.  

LAMB SLIDERS, Tzatziki  sauce, fresh veggies on a Hawaiian roll! Yes! A Hawaiian roll!! That sealed the deal.  Wow!! I have never seen such a brilliant lunch display! Coming from a long line of lamb connoisseurs… This did not disappoint, so tender, warm & tasty!  Cooked to perfection!  A large assortment of fine craft beer to please anyones taste buds.

The Thrill Of Victory

Drew Mitchell And Matt Giteau Have Fun With The New Silverware!

Get A Room, Guys!

Woof, Baby!