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Not sure what your “?” is in reference to, here, so apologies if I don’t answer the right question, but I’m taking a stab at it!

Nerval’s Les Faux Salniers/ The Salt Smugglers was largely a response to the Riancey Amendment of 1850, a law that put a per-copy stamp tax on any newspaper that carried a serialized novel, or feuilleton.  This wasn’t just a plan to do a quick tax revenue boost off the then very-popular format, it was an attempt to make newspapers stop publishing serialized novels, which were seen as dangerously exciting and worryingly political and, of course, accessible to the scary scary masses. (In an immediate sense, Eugéne Sue’s Mysteries of Paris had been blamed by the government as contributing to the worker’s uprising in 1848.)

So The Salt Smugglers,  as written, is absolutely (very angry) satire about the current regime, framed as Nerval’s adventures in search of a historical account of a certain Abbé, because of course he can’t write a novel  oh goodness no. It’s loaded with digs at Napoleon III and the current and increasing police state, commentary about censorship in the press and theaters, etc. 

But it’s not a novel!:D Hey censors, did you see that??? NOT A NOVEL, NEENER NEENER.  

It’s also not very easy to get in its full original form!  After its initial publication, it was edited and republished in a different form– basically becoming Angelique–and that’s the version that’s the easiest to find. I’m not sure the full original set of articles is available in one volume in French even now , and the only version in English is Richard Sieburth’s translation (which is excellent and has the sort of footnotes I wish were in every historical work, anyone at all interested should check it out.) 

Anyway, obviously an interpretation of a text is gonna be very different if your only access is to a version that’s been massively altered into a different text for a market years later! So that’s what I referring to in the original post there.

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send me a  ‎( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and i’ll put my itunes on random & make u a character based on the first two songs that come up.

your two songs were ‘femtex’ by therapy? and ‘you suffer’ by napalm death. fookin’ love both these songs, even if the latter is only six seconds long.

so your character is…

napalm femtex! she’s a bitter torgruta bounty hunter whose cruel nature developed during the years she spent as a ‘companion’ slave. napalm has a particular hatred for men, and is inclined to take on jobs that require the killing of male targets over anything else.
Beneath This Mask | Eragon19

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In the not too distant future England has become a land ruled by a fascist government. John Watson, a former army man now BTN employee, keeps his head down while harboring a secret that could have him thrown in jail…or worse. All of this goes to hell when he meets the mysterious V, a morally dubious freedom fighter determined to take down the government at all costs.

As John is swept into his plan he finds his life careening out of control, the only guiding point a mysterious man in a mask that John suspects hides much more than just his face.

*A V for Vendetta Fusion fic*

Rating: Explicit

Archive Warning Graphic Depictions Of Violence

Category: M/M

Fandom: Sherlock - Fandom

Relationship: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson

Characters: Sherlock Holmes John Watson Greg Lestrade Irene Adler Mary Morstan Jim Moriarty

Additional Tags: V for Vendetta fusionAU- V for Vendettano need to watch the movie to understandvigilante SherlockSmuggler John,everyone has secretsSlow BuildStrangers to Friends to Loversfollows the basic premise of the movie but with different out comes

What You Do For Family

Summary: During an already problematic mission, Jyn finds the time to bring a lost member of the Rogue One family home.

Words: `1419

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So things weren’t exactly going according to plan.

Then again, that’s to be expected when former smuggler Han Solo and semi-reformed criminal Jyn Erso are sent on a mission together.

It was supposed to be a covert operation, but well, Solo isn’t nearly as smooth as he thinks he is.

“Absolutely no problems down here, none at all. No need to come check on us, we’re fine. Seriously please don’t check on us,” she heard him say over the comm from the other side of the ship, failing to talk his way out of suspicion.

Jyn herself is perhaps a tad impulsive, so she might have switched into fight mode a bit earlier than absolutely necessary.

Which is why she now finds herself sprinting down the hallway of an Imperial ship, switching between her blaster and baton to deal with approaching troopers on her way to rendezvous with Solo at the Falcon where Chewie was waiting, ready to take off. He knew them both well enough to prepare for this exact situation.

In their defense, they did get the job done. Both her and Solo had collected their separate intel, and really a few extra stormtroopers down isn’t exactly a bad thing for the rebellion. She just had to make it back to the ship as quickly as possible so they could get the hell out of there. Quick and effective blaster shots were key, minimal baton use, no prolonged distractions. Stay focused and keep running.

That is until she’s about to fire on an imperial droid and realizes what model it is.

Hey, she has time.

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Bar Fights

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“The skirt is supposed to be this short.” “I may be an idiot, but I’m not stupid.” “I’ll kick his ass if you want me to.” + Anakin

    “That’s a rather short skirt, Y/N…” Anakin sighed as you tugged at the hem of your skirt.
The skirt is supposed to be this short, Ani. What’s the use if we aren’t blending in on this mission?” You replied, turning to look at your boyfriend.
“I know, I know. But still. I don’t want people looking at you that way.”
    You sat at the bar, ordering a drink. You had been undercover hoping to recover some information about an infamous smuggler.
“Hey hot stuff…” A tall man with dark hair smiled, sitting beside you. You felt Anakin stiffen up beside you, his hand slid to the bar of the chair you were sitting in.
“Hi!” You giggled, stirring your drink while playing along.
“That skirt looks nice, it’d look better on my floor though.” The man said. Before you could process what was said you heard Anakin’s voice.
“I’m sorry what did you just say to her?” Anakin said, his jaw clenching.
“You heard me. What are you, her boyfriend?” Before Anakin could even answer, his flung his fist into the man’s mouth. You tried to get between them, but too many punches were being thrown. Your hand reached for the back of Anakin’s shirt, yanking him off. You began to drag him out of the bar, as blood trailed down his lip and brow.
“You’re such a stupid idiot, Ani.” You sighed, taking the sleeve of your shirt to dab the blood off. He winced slightly.
I may be an idiot, but I’m not stupid.” He retorted, earning a small scoff from you. “I’ll kick his ass if you want me to.” He added, a small smile forming on his lips.
“You already did that.” You chuckled, kissing his cheek.

Six sentence Sunday

It simmered as they were still exploring the tolerable limits of each other’s habits and quirks, while being forced to live with one another on a hundred cargo tonnes of a Corellian smuggler’s pride and joy.

It didn’t help the Princess was dressed in some of the smuggler’s smaller fitting clothes, having fled with only the cold weather gear on her back. Safe from their pursuers, but essentially trapped, here; in his ship, his home, amongst what little he had for possessions, his past, and his present; in tactile form for her to sporadically uncover while exploring the freighter. Some things, like the tight-fitting sequined black men’s stage-performer’s outfit, clearly in Han’s size, baffled Leia, and led to a few questions she might not necessarily want answered.

Or maybe she did, Leia thought lasciviously, imagining the trim muscled figure of the Corellian, bowing before an audience dramatically, perhaps posing as something not unlike a magician’s assistant. She nearly laughed out loud at the thought when it was summoned, making it nearly impossible to look him straight in the eye for a week without smirking after finding that.

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I currently switch between playing and DMing for my current group, but when I get to play my character is my hella gay sewer rat drug smuggler


into the badlands: season 2, episode 5, Nos

character commentary:   another colorful character in the same vein as “The Engineer”.   and for me, life outside the badlands iz not much better than life inside the badlands – in fact, in some ways it’s much worse.   and how about Noz turning young prepubescent teens into Dolls?   and if Sunny kills Nos, i’m guessing another smuggler would take his place.

  • Republic Officer: This area is off limits to civilians.
  • Smuggler: I'm terribly sorry. I didn't know. If I see one, I shall inform you immediately.