Consider: Critical Role Firefly AU.

  • Vex and Vax as a pair of smugglers, barely eking out a living, but enjoying their freedom.  Born to an Alliance politician and a rim-planet farmer, they never really felt welcome in either world, they took to the Black in a crappy little ship and made it their home.
  • Pike as a doctor the twins picked up when she was looking for a ship that’d help her find her missing foster brother, Grog.  She comes to like them and elects to stay.
  • Grog as the hired muscle of the twins’ crew, who was offered the job after they rescued him with Pike.
  • Scanlan as a companion hitching a ride with the twins to get to his various clients on the cheap.  His mother died in a Reaver attack when he was young.
  • Keyleth as a university student who is “studying abroad” for her dissertation on terraforming and the rim worlds and ends up as a long term passenger on the twins’ boat.  She’s terrified that her research won’t be good enough.
  • Percy as an engineer the twins hired after they sprung him from a jail on some backwater moon and found out he’s quite nifty.  He has episodes where he isn’t responsive to others and/or goes into a state of ruthless hyperfocus where he achieves alarming feats of dexterity and marksmanship.  There others know little about his past beyond the fact that the Alliance thinks he’s dead.
  • The ship is called the Greyskull.
  • La Madrina:Well, I have to admit, Mr. Archer, your proposal is very... surprising.
  • Archer:Not as surprising as somebody named The Godmother looking like you.
  • La Madrina:*laughs* Really? And what were you expecting?
  • Archer:I guess like a Mexican Mrs. Garrett?
  • La Madrina:¿Qué?
  • Archer:Or Colombian. Or whatever, I -
  • La Madrina:Shhh shhh shhh. You talk almost too much. But you have aroused my curiosity.
  • Archer:Just your curiosity?
  • La Madrina:*laughs* No.
  • Archer:*chokes on drink*

Listen I know everyone loves making Chewbacca a dog in modern AUs, but please consider as an alternative: Chewbacca, Han’s extremely hairy foreign friend with an accent so thick that only Han understands what he’s saying. They’ve been friends for years and never explain the circumstances of their meeting. He shows up to every family gathering and no one knows where he lives or where he came from. Everyone just accepts it.

The Avatar Awakens

Alright, here are the fruits of today’s labour! I am one of the world’s most intense Star Wars fans, and also cried when Korrasami became canon. So the context of today(being both the Korrasami-versary and the first weekend that The Force Awakens is showing) birthed this lovely crossover.

So this is my gift to all my fellow Korrasami babies. <3 Here are the baes, in space, as a Jedi Knight and a smuggler/scoundrel. Enjoy!


at first I couldn’t get the thought of COMC’s professor Hanji out of my head and then my hand..slipped orz 

it’s an AU where they met at students and they came back as professors years later :B

bounus DADA’s professor Erwin /o/

added more! (last ones I promise jdahsad)

this happened after releasing Aragog

and some mikenana in Romania uvu Mike’s a mix of Charlie/Bill/Remus LOL (so he has a werewolf scar as well :D)