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at first I couldn’t get the thought of COMC’s professor Hanji out of my head and then my hand..slipped orz 

it’s an AU where they met at students and they came back as professors years later :B

bounus DADA’s professor Erwin /o/

added more! (last ones I promise jdahsad)

this happened after releasing Aragog

and some mikenana in Romania uvu Mike’s a mix of Charlie/Bill/Remus LOL (so he has a werewolf scar as well :D)


The Stormtrooper and The Skywalker … and their alternate names.

(And yes, these are the outtakes for my other set)

I’m grumpy about the troopers getting both Aric and Elara back while the other republic guys have no LI’s back tbh.

politicalmamaduck  asked:

Smuggler Ben/Dark Side Rey :D <3

It got waaaaay longer than just three sentences but it’s helping me to write! Thank you! ;D

When he was hired to transport cargo from some Outer Rim planet, Ben Solo didn’t realise he would be stealing from the First-kriffing-Order. If he knew, he would have snorted and asked if they were drunk on some fine Corellian wine, but as he crawled through the ventilation shafts, he realised it was neither the time nor the place to curse his employers, much less ask who in their right mind would steal kyber crystals from the First Order.

As he rounded the corner in the shaft, something must have snagged the hem of his jacket, preventing him from moving forward. He growled in frustration and looked around for the source, only to come up empty. Before he could dwell on it further, his whole body froze, like an icy grasp had taken ahold of him. Then, in a sing-song voice right below him:

“Well, well, well. Looks like I’ve found our lost bandit.”

The durasteel ripped from under him, his large body crashing to the floor and landing at the feet of the First Order’s most feared warlord: Rey Ren. It was impossible to not recognise her signature three-buns hairstyle, and with her famed red dual-bladed lightsaber crackling at his neck, Ben wasn’t sure how he was going to escape the mess he found himself in.

As if hearing his thoughts, Rey smiled widely, her shiny teeth glimmering against the red of her saber. If he wasn’t in such dire danger, he would have thought her attractive. Maybe.

Send me a pairing and AU, and I’ll write a three sentence fic!


a series of unlikely crossovers

the gf and I are having fun with the Dark vs Light event XD

bonus: the pubs