Finally did my Zevran makeup including his dumb tattoo!

Looking in photos, his whole eyelids were dark, and his lashes were very thick, looking like liner.

So I swept on some contour powder all over the lids of my eyes to darken them.
Then used some black liner, but smudged it to give it a more natural look.
Had to lighten my eyebrows with a little concealer.
Wore nude lipstick and drew the tattoo on with a brown eyeliner pencil.

Also had my gold contacts in!!
So obviously, white liner on the bottom waterline to take away some redness.

I never posted this here! 

So like, my friend Jaidy and I are kinda obsessed with this musical, Razia’s Shadow.

And the official studio recording has Brendon Urie in it and his character is like this leader of like this dark and demonic kind of place and I just can’t get the image of Brendon Urie dressed in like a black general’s uniform with black eye liner smudged all over his eyes out my head. I’m so in love with this musical. I wanted to try something art nouveau-ish.

mymomfoundmypreviousaccount  asked:

Hey! Do you have any tips for removing mascara/ eyebrow makeup without losing any lashes/ eyebrow hairs? My eyebrows arent thick anymore!

Mascara, Eyeliner, Brow Pencil, Brow Gel… We put our eyes & face through a lot to get gorgeous looking makeup. Whilst some makeup is still prone to smudging and moving about all over the place, nowadays technology has meant that makeup is both incredibly long-wearing and difficult to remove and that’s not even necessarily waterproof products…

Layer Waterproof Products

If you insist on wearing waterproof, long wearing products try layering them on-top of regular, non waterproof products. Applying a coat of regular mascara and then a waterproof mascara means that the waterproof mascara will grip onto your regular mascara and not your lashes, making it easier to remove. This also works well for eyeliner and brow products too. As for lashes, tubular mascaras work really well if you want waterproof mascara without lash damage, just hop into the shower, and gently use your thumb and index finger to “wiggle” off the mascara (it will come off in tiny little tubes)

Use an Oil

We’ve often been taught to keep oil as far away as possible from our faces, but oils are actually one of the best things for your skin. When dealing with stubborn eye makeup an oil really is the best way to go as waterproof products are designed to withstand water, not oil. Just massage a cleansing oil (regular olive oil does the trick too) over your eyes and into your lashes to help break-up makeup. If you’re not a fan of directly using oil on your skin try an oil-based makeup remover like Trilogy Very Gentle Makeup Be Gone Cleansing Balm.

Double Cleanse

After removing the bulk of your makeup with an oil (or good makeup remover) it’s a good idea to go in with another cleanser, this will remove any oily residue and help to balance out your skin and leave it feeling fresh and clean. I’m a big fan of micellar waters because they’re gentle, yet effective (you’d be surprised at how much makeup is left on your skin from your first cleanse after using this) Bioderma Sensibio h2o is my preferred micellar water.

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I hope I was able to help you and if you need anything else feel free to ask. 

If any product you use irritates you discontinue use immediately. 

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There are some looks that never get old. The beauties of the past show us that looks always re-appear and NEVER let you down. 

Bangs or Fringe: Anna Karina and Audrey Hepburn rocked the bangs both chunky and baby. It always gives off a retro- sophistication. Plus, up do’s always looks so much more put together. 

Black Liner: Sophia Loren with her extreme cat-eye to Brigitte Bardot’s smudged around the rim liner, black liner is classic (no matter the shape.) Even just a touch on the lower lash line adds fullness and shape. 

Strong Feature: Dorothy Dandridge’s strong angled brow and Marilyn Monroe’s signature red lips can carry a look on their own. Having a focus feature allows you simplify a look by having one strong point to notice. Good brows aren’t a new trend, learn from Dorothy’s arch. Study it. Live it. 

Excuse my smudged eye liner but I am definitely 2 cute to be upset by anyone but I have the emotional strength of an overripe peach in the sun u feel me girls? 😂

I tried these contacts on that Skyler got and they are really cool 😩 put foundation on my lips to make them pale and just smudged some liner under my eyes and I look spoopy. Perfect halloween vibes. 👌💕👻

Annabelle Eyeliner Reviews

Hey guys, this is a review on two of the Annabelle eyeliners- the Kohl liner and the Smudgeliner. Both are really inexpensive and you can probably purchase them at any drugstore (although Walmart would be cheaper). Both come in many colours ranging from the neutrals, like black or brown, to vibrant, bright colours like blue or purple. 

Annabelle Kohl Eyeliner

The one I have is the green one- 109 Lotus. The label says it is hypo-allergenic. I’ve had this for a while now but hardly ever used it. This is why:

  • Hardly any pigmentation
  • Not creamy at all
  • Does not glide on easily
  • Doesn’t last long

Here is a swatch:

As you can see, it’s not that pigmented, which I don’t like.

I’m not sure if the neutrals are any better, but I also have the purple one (lost it unfortunately) and it pretty much sucks just as much, so I suggest testing it out on your hand before purchasing. There are many other drugstore liners that are a lot better than these ones, though I’m not sure if there are as many colors. 

Don’t think that just because these ones suck that the Smudge liners are crap as well! In reality….

Annabelle Smudgeliner Eyeliner

I have this one in Atomic Surf, a really nice turquoise color. It comes with a smudge brush at the end (I lost the cap of mine :( ). The label claims it is ophthalmologist tested.

This eyeliner is actually one of my favorites ever because

  • It’s suppppeerr pigmented
  • Really creamy
  • Slides on beautifully
  • Has an extremely subtle metallic shine to it which brightens up the eyes
  • The smudge brush that comes along with it helps smudge it out, making a really nice smokey effect
  • Lasts quite long, for a couple of hours, by itself. Would last really long if you set it with powder!

Look how pigmented it is!!!!!!!!!! :D (especially compared to the kohl liner right next to it….)

Again, I don’t have it in any neutral colors but I definitely love the one I have. Usually, I would wear this on the bottom lash line, with either white or black on the water line (depending how dramatic I wanna be) and a black liquid liner to line the top. Top it off with mascara and your eyes will look beautiful! I will definetely try out the different colors once I have time to get it and let you all know how it is! 

Thanks for reading and I hope I helped you! xoxo- Melissa


set of 4 pairs:

Set of 20 pairs:

Set of 40 pairs:

i love the parts of me i’ve always hated only when i see them in other people. gapped front teeth, lisps, thick eyebrows, uneven bangs, chipped nail polish, smudged ink liner, cloudy black bruises, paper knife finger cuts. hand-me-down baby doll parts held together with crayon and glue. raggedy ann girls, yarn hair and cotton skin. every imperfection another badge on our girl scout sashes.