one of my fav things about the original star trek is the make-up. that blue-grey starfleet eyeshadow that so many characters are rocking? beautiful. the smudged black liner is classy and nice, too, but definitely doesn’t beat the iconic eyeshadow look.

also spock? spock is clearly the enterprise’s head make-up artist.

look at his contour. the rosy lip-stain. the crisp eye look which probably took sticking an adhesive tape to the lid so he could achieve the wing effect. absolutely amazing.

Come Over

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Warnings: Smut, Daddy kink, Bondage, Spanking, Cursing

A/N: Guys my first smut! Ok so I’m kinky as hell so sorry if you’re not. Anyway I’m in the process of moving so my wifi is turned off and i couldn’t upload yesterday. sorry.

Peter wasn’t answering his phone. Being Peter he of course left it on the coffee table of the Avengers tower living room.

So when a text popped up saying something like, “Come over, I miss you,” and Steve happened to see it, he couldn’t help but ask Tony if Peter was seeing someone. Tony had no clue if Peter had a girlfriend, but he wanted to find out. “Let’s check his facebook,” Tony suggested.

Steve left the online stuff to Tony. Being frozen for 40 years didn’t make him tech friendly.

Natasha had walked it when another text had beeped on Pete’s phone. She read aloud, “We can have some fun? With a winky face? Hey, is Spider-boy dating someone?”

Tony and Steve both shrugged their shoulders not wanting to look away from the boy’s facebook page.

“Are you checking his facebook?” She already knew the answer though, she saw it in Tony’s glasses. They both only nodded.

Natasha walked up behind the men to get a look. “Holy shit is that her?” Tony asked astonished. “She’s dropped dead gorgeous.”

Sam, who had walked over and stood next to Natasha, nodded saying, “Yeah she is. Who is that?”

“We think it’s Peter’s girlfriend,” Nat answered him.

“Now there’s no way Spidey got a girl who looks like that!”

Steve only shook his head at Sam. Natasha smiled, “And she’s texting him ‘come over’… with a winky face.”

Sam’s jaw dropped. “Damn Pete must have major game! Never been prouder!”

Tony laughed, “we should go give him his phone. Wouldn’t want him to miss out.”

“Wouldn’t want who to miss out on what?” Bucky walked in just in time for another text.

“Spider-kid has a girlfriend and she’s texting him come over,” Steve filled him in.

“Peter don’t make me beg.” Nat read the new text.

Bucky and Steve both choked. Sam was pumping his fist yelling ‘that’s my boy!’ and Tony gave a satisfied smile.

“Shit, she sent a picture.” Nat felt her cheeks heat up.

They hadn’t unlocked his phone but everyone was so curious about this picture Natasha had debated actually looking. She knew better, however, and pushed her way past the boys and out to the pool, where she knew Pete would be.

He was sitting on the edge of the pool with his legs dangling in the water.

“Peter, your phone has been blowing up with texts. So who’s,” she paused and glanced at the caller ID on his phone, “Angel?”

Pete turned bright red at the mention of Y/N. He kept her secret for a reason. He just wasn’t ready for the teasing from everyone.

“Umm I don’t know what you mean.” He crossed his arms. Peter wasn’t about to give up anything, even if she could torture it out of him.

“Is that so? Well I guess you would be fine if I handed this over to the guys. They’ve been very curious about the ‘come over’ texts and picture you got. I just barely got away before they opened it.” She turned around.

“Wait!” Peter jumped up and swung to the other side of the pool, next to Natasha. “She’s my girlfriend. We’ve been seeing each other for a few months now.”

Nat nodded, she would take what she could get, but she still wanted to know more. “Bring her home some time ok?”

“Can I have my phone if I agree?”

“You can have it back regardless Pete. I couldn’t keep you from what you’re about to get.” She winked at him and walked inside.

When he got to his room Peter finally declared it safe enough to unlock his phone and read his messages.

He got to her photo and his cock twitched at the sight of her perky breast on display for him.

‘On my way.’ He sent back.

Y/N smirked when she got a reply. She was so glad she didn’t live in the dorms right now. Quickly she got up to get ready. Y/N smudged her liner and dressed in matching underclothes. When she was finished there was a knock at the door.

She took a deep breath and went to open it.

Peter groaned when he saw her dressed in his button up shirt with no pants on. Her legs made him week kneed and she knew it. “You little minx. Do you realize how much trouble you’re in?” He entered and closed the door without taking his eyes off her.

Y/N smiled. She liked being in trouble with him.

“My team was very interested in these messages I was getting. And then I get that sexy picture.” He had her backed into a wall and placed his hands on her hips.

“You’re looking so fuckable right now I might have to forgive you.”

Y/N’s breath had quickened. “Peter please I’ve waited all day.”

“You’ve been waiting all day for daddy’s cock?” All shyness he had during his conversation with Natasha was gone. He was a whole new man with Y/N.

“Yes daddy, please let me have it.” She was whimpering out for him and he hadn’t even touched her yet.

Peter ran his hands over her thighs and up the shirt she was wearing. “Not yet angel. I don’t know if I forgive you for teasing me with your tits.”

She bit her lip when his lips kissed her neck. He worked his lips over every inch of her neck, kissing, nipping, and licking the sensitive skin. His hands were feeling the smooth skin of her stomach. Peters lips were on her collar bone now. She moaned out when he bit her softly. Y/N tangled her hands in his hair and tugged but he pulled back completely.

“Hey what the hell?”

She didn’t get to say anything else because he smacked her ass. “Speak when spoken to angel. I didn’t like that tone of voice either,” smack, “so you get another one.”

Y/N whimpered.

“Now get upstairs, and I want this,” he pulled at the shirt she wore, “gone when I get there.”

She nodded, “yes sir.”

He’d make her wait a little longer. She survived all day then this wouldn’t kill her. When he walked through the door she was on the bed sitting on her feet. The shirt was gone just as he instructed and slowly she brought her hands up behind her. He heard the snap of her bra being unhooked. When it fell to the floor he thanked God for the beautiful girl in front of him.

Peter crossed the room, laid her on her back, and kissed her deeply. Her arms wrapped around his neck and he sighed against her lips. “I’m gonna make you cum at least four times tonight darling.”

Her eyes widened, and he laughed. “Don’t look so frightened, I know that turns you on.” 

Pete touched her over her panties. “See how wet it makes you when I talk this way?” He pulled the thin material down her legs and kissed her body. “You’re so beautiful baby. So beautiful, and only for me.”

He grabbed her cunt and she bit her lip. “This is all mine. You got that?”

Y/N nodded furiously. “Say it baby. Tell me who’s pussy this is.”

“Yours daddy! All yours!”

He took her nipple into his mouth sucking and biting it while she fisted his hair. He rolled the other with his fingers before switching sides. “You like when I play with your tits baby girl?” She pushed against him with her hips but he held her down.

“Yes daddy, I love when you suck and bite me there.”

Peter smiled. “That’s my girl. Tell me where else you want my mouth angel.” He slid a finger up her soaked slit and Y/N moaned out his name.

“Please Peter!”

He landed a smack on her ass. “That’s not my name baby. Tell me where you want my mouth princess.”

“On my cunt daddy. Please.”

Peter didn’t give in just yet. He kissed down her body and down her thighs, then back up until he could taste her. She felt him lick a long strip up her pussy and she groaned. He worked her good, moving his tongue up and down against her. Peter’s tongue pushed into her and she yelped. “God yes! Daddy more!” He gave her just what she wanted. Peter pressed at her entrance with his finger while his tongue flicked her clit, before sinking into her. Y/N grabbed his hair, “Daddy yes!” Pete smirked as he nibble her clit. “Fuck Peter, you’re so good.”

He added a finger and moved them inside her. He rubbed his fingers against her walls and Y/N widened her legs wanting him deeper. “Shit right there! I’m so close baby!”

Peter moved faster to push her to her release. She came undone with a scream of his name. He’d swear that was his favorite sound.He carried her down from her orgasm and her fingers loosened in his hair.

“That’s it angel. You ready for another?” She nodded lazily.

“Hands up baby girl.” She raised her hands and he bound them with his tie to the headboard. This was always her favorite.

“Such a good girl for me angel.” Peter stripped and crawled back over her. He spread her legs and bit his lip at the sight of her opened up for him. “Baby please, I can’t wait any longer.”

He teased her entrance with the tip of his dick. “This what you want doll?” Peter was rubbing himself so she could see what she had done to him. “My cock pounding your tight, wet cunt? You want me to make you cum all over my dick? Make you scream my name?”

“Yes daddy please make me cum again.”

Peter pushed into her in one swift movement. Both of them moaned out at the feeling. He gave her a moment to adjust to his size. “Fuck angel you’re so tight.” He licked the shell of her ear and she whimpered.

Peter moved out of her and pushed back into her heat. They were pressed close together, chest against chest while he gave her all that she asked for. She was whining into his ear “more daddy please.” Peter kissed her neck, “You’ll kill me one day princess, I know you will,” but still he gave her what she wanted. He reached down to play with her clit and it didn’t take long until she was pulling her restraints until the tie stretched with the force she placed on it. He watched the way her back arched off the bed as she wrapped his waist with her legs and pulled him closer. Her hair was a mess against the pillow and her lips red from biting them. Her body was shining with sweat and Peter thought about how beautiful she looked in that moment.

When Pete hit that spot inside her, her eyes flew open and she shouted, “Pete right there!”

Peter couldn’t hold out for long. The way she was squeezing him and moaning his name, had him on the edge. He untied her hands and they were on his shoulders instantly. Y/N scratched his back and his arms while he worked her body passionately. The hand he didn’t have on her clit played with a breast and his lips were on her neck. With another bite to her neck she was screaming his name and clutching his biceps.

Peter went faster, chasing his orgasm.

He praised her while he came. “Good girl princess, you did so well.”

Peter dropped next to her and she cuddled into his side. “Holy shit,” she said.

Pete laughed, “that was only twice angel. The next one will be on the table, then I want you against a wall.”

Her eyes widened.

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I just found your tumblr and absolutely love your sims; I was wondering if you could tell me what your favorite eyeliners are?

Thank you very much kind anon, and welcome to my blog! :) I’ve got plenty of eyeliners that I use on my sims, so better get your scroll wheel ready!

*Note: I’m taking ‘eyeliners’ to mean everything that goes under the ‘eyeliner’ category in Bodyshop/CAS, so I’m also listing cc that isn’t strictly eyeliners, such as mascara, lashes etc. 

Eyeliner category

Lilith’s Advent 2012 eyeliners

Lilith’s Secret Santa 2011 eyeliners

*Bruno/Io black eyeliner (available when you download the sim Rhoa)

*AstraeaNevermore’s smudged liner (available when you download the sim Phil Adler)

Mouseyblue’s Chisled lashes

Mouseyblue’s waterlines, liners and superlashes

Nabila CiJ 2012 liners

Nabila ‘Chere Lilith’ liners (kindly reuploaded by Lesyasun!)

On and On liners by AlfredAskew

AutumnParanoia’s ‘You’re So Vain’ liner IV (the rest of the set is also quite nice!)

Asian lashes by Bruno

False eyelashes by Bruno

Flirty Girl lashes by DragonMandy

Masquerade Liners by  DragonMandy

Tifa eyeliner n3

Tifa eyeliner n4 (I couldn’t remember where I got this from, so I reuploaded it)

Ga-Laxy eyelashes

Nymphy’s Cross Eyeliner

Nymphy’s Narcissan Vow eyeliner

Nysha’s Just a Touch

Voeille’s Layerable Eyeliner & Eyelashes

Voeille’s Layerable Eyeliner & Eyelashes expanded

KK eyeliner (I don’t know who the original creator of this liner i s or where I got it, so I’m reuploading it)

Blush category

(these are eyeliners that are categorized as blushes and can be layered with other blushes and liners. Very versatile!)

Madison Schiffer’s undereye Slate pencil

Digitalangels’ recolored Mouseyblue waterlines

Pooklet’s waterlines (this entire set is pure gold)

Jessi’s The Brightest Star

Jessi’s Pass Me By (the eyeshadows in this set are lovely, too!)

Jessi’s It Wouldn’t Hurt

Misfits Prologue

Summary: An introduction into your college life, including your room mates and your crush which you really shouldn’t have

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (ALTERNATE UNIVERSE)

Word Count: 1,679

Warnings: none, really

Notes: This is a demo fic, I’m not quite sure if I’ll continue it or not. This is a rushed prologue, but I hope you like it! This series won’t have much angst, sorry!

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Sometimes life didn’t work out the way you wanted it to. Sometimes it worked exactly how you wanted it to. This was one of those times, and you aren’t exactly sure how you lucked out. Or how you are still lucky.


Your name is Y/N Y/L/N, a graphic design student in your junior, fourth, year of University. You spend your time doing both online and actual painted commissions, finishing assignments and binge watching Netflix. You’re not the most social person, an obvious introvert. You are quite the contrast to your room mates though.

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A Century of Glamour Ghouls: 1990s

Nancy Downs in The Craft (1996)

The Movie

The Craft (1996) is widely thought of as a guilty pleasure for women who came of age in the 90s but in recent years its cult following has grown considerably and its reputation is being reconsidered. It’s a more complicated movie than most give it credit for despite its faults.

Sarah (Robin Tunney) moves to LA from San Francisco with her father and stepmother following a suicide attempt. As she gets the lay of the land at her new Catholic high school, a fledgling coven of witches at the school recognize her natural talent for witchcraft and set their sights on her. Sarah’s new sisters all have struggles of their own and use witchcraft as a coping mechanism and as a means of empowerment. Nancy (Fairuza Balk), the de-facto leader, is deeply depressed and poor. Rochelle (Rachel True) is the only black girl in school and her teammates’ overt racism is holding her back from pursuing her passion for diving. Bonnie (Neve Campbell) is disfigured with burn scars covering much of her body. With the addition of Sarah to their coven, their witchcraft begins to produce real results. At first, their problems seems to be solved. The boy who spread rumours about Sarah after she turned him down for sex is now hopelessly obsessed with her. Nancy’s abusive father is dead and she and her mother now have a better lifestyle living on insurance money. Rochelle’s most violent tormentor starts to go bald. The painful treatment for Bonnie’s scars is suddenly successful. It doesn’t take long for things to spiral out of control though. Intra-coven conflict and a misunderstanding of the nature of magic(k) have dangerous consequences for all four of them.

The Craft is one of the more interesting pieces of fiction to emerge from the ashes of the satanic panic of the 1980s. In the 1980s a moral panic was created around a number of later discredited stories about satan worship. While the initial panic focused mainly on child abuse and day care centers, once it settled into the cultural zeitgeist, satanism (and by extension witchcraft) became the scapegoat for all sorts of social issues. It’s a bit difficult to convey to anyone who didn’t live through it how pervasive this fear was in certain communities in the US. But honestly, if you go back and watch some episodes of the first seasons of Unsolved Mysteries, you’ll be a bit flabbergasted at how often parents and husbands tack satanism and witchcraft onto straight-forward crimes & missing-persons stories. The Craft was released in the aftermath of the panic just as it was receding. (As someone who was way into Marilyn Manson in the late 1990s, I can tell you for a fact that it didn’t die.) Quite cleverly, the film took the worst fears of gullible parents and realized them while simultaneously presenting a realistic depiction of the practice of witchcraft and Wiccan beliefs. Funnily enough, The Craft definitely encouraged a whole generation of kids to try out spells or witchy games at slumber parties across the country.

The Look

Nancy Downs is a very mid-90s Southern Californian goth. She rocks a whole mess of styles throughout the film, some of which are very inappropriate for the weather (desert goth life), all of which are very inappropriate for Catholic school attendance. So, there are a lot of styling options for a Nancy cosplay.

The Clothes

The base for many of Nancy’s outfits is her school uniform; white button up shirt and blue-and-green kilt. At school, she’s usually bare-legged and mixes up the uniform pieces with black undershirts or black mesh and a black leather jacket. More often later in the film, she goes full 90s goth witch with a long black jacket with flared sleeves and big flowy black and dark red skirts. Nancy’s ever-present accessories are rosaries worn as jewelry, a dog-collar choker, upside down cross earrings, a nose ring, and pointy lace-up ankle boots.

I went the simple route: a play on the school uniform. I don’t own anything resembling a uniform kilt because I went to Catholic school myself for 16 years and will never own a skirt like that again. I also don’t own any black mesh, but I do have a pair of fishnets that I put on as sleeves. If you want to add color to a Nancy look, I’d recommend blood red in your accessories.

The Makeup

Nancy’s makeup is harsh though the face makeup is rarely very heavily applied. Nancy’s eyebrows are sharp and thin and her eyes are smoky and smudgy, later in the film her eye makeup gets deeper and less shimmery.

It seems that is every scene, even if it’s directly contiguous with the scene prior, Nancy has reapplied her lipstick in a different shade. I love this because it subtly reinforces the notion that she exhibits compulsive behaviors and also suggests that perhaps her “five-finger discount” attitude extends beyond the magic shop to makeup counters and drug stores.

Start with a neutral base and set it lightly with powder a shade lighter than your skin tone to get a California-goth pallor I concentrated some extra light powder under the hollows of my cheekbones to make my cheeks look fuller, more like Balk’s and more like a teenager’s.

Deconstructing Nancy’s eye makeup was fun because I realized for the first time that it’s actually a pretty standard late-90s smoky eye with heavier liner. (1.) Start with a neutral gray shade as a blending base. (2.) Take a darker gray shade to build up the outer V of the eye concentrating the pigment at the crease and lashline. (3.) Take a black shadow (I went cool black with this, but you can go warm instead) and build up the deeper areas of shadow, take an angled brush and bring it along your lashline. Take what’s left on the brush and bring it under your eyes. (4.) Next take black liner and draw a thick line all around your eye with very little flaring at the outer edge. (5.) Go back in with your black shadow to set the liner and smudge the line a bit. Basically try to make it look like you didn’t wash off yesterday’s makeup and just reapplied more in the morning. (6.) For the highlighted parts of the eye, silver would be perfect. I don’t have any silver shadow, so I went in with white shadow and a pearl-colored highlighter to get the shimmer. Concentrate the silvery shade on the inner and middle part of the mobile lid and on the browbone. (7.) To finish off the eye, tightline your eyes with black liner and load up your eyelashes with black mascara.

For the brows, go in with black powder on a wet brush so it’ll be easier to correct mistakes. The head is a lot fuller than the tail, which tapers dramatically. It’s a more natural shape than the sperm brow that was starting to take over at the time.

For my Nancy look, I chose to go with a brownish lip because most Nancy cosplayers gravitate toward the bright red and black combo. The same method applies, just choose the colors you like best. Take a brown, black, or burgundy liner and fill out your bottom lip and line your upper lip to be just a touch smaller than your lower lip. Fill in the center of your lips with a nude brown or red lipstick and blend it into the liner. Don’t blend too much though because you want to keep the liner distinct.

With your liner brush at the ready, draw a small beauty mark on your right cheek an inch or two from your mouth. I already have a beauty mark here, so I just filled it in.

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my little lover

okay!! here is the requested floki imagine by @lucifersfavoritedaughter!! thanks so much for requesting and i hope you like it!

ps: helga does not exist in this, it would hurt to much to make her in it. this is a little bit before the rest of the sons are born btw

pps: SORRY IT’S SO FUCKING LONG!!! (pun intended) 

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you stood in your hut, looking out of your window excitedly, your heart thudding wildly in your chest.

tonight was the night you had been waiting for, the sacrifice.

for months and months on end you had been talking about nothing but the sacrifice, to anyone and everyone. of course they were bored by it, but not you.

or your wonderfully crazy companion. floki.

though you two were just friends, you couldn’t deny the attraction you felt for him, it had been strong since the day ragnar had introduced the both of you.

but, sadly, friends was all you two would ever be.

you had spent all morning doing your hair just right, it falling in beautiful waves down your back, little braids present here and there, your kohl eye liner perfectly smudged around your eyes, a small gold stripe going down your throat to your chest.

and the white dress that was hugging your body perfectly…….you looked absolutely breath taking.

you heaved a great sigh and walked out of your front door once the sun was set. you walked gracefully and carefully to the hall, your bare feet digging softly into the damp earth below.

you saw that the doors were open wide, people smiling and laughing whilst drinking their mead, all of them looking too excited for words.

but not as excited as you were.

you walked inside and seen ragnar, sitting at his throne, his frown turning into a wide smile when his eyes caught yours.

“(y/n)!, come!” ragnar had called out, his hand motioning you over. you grinned opening your arms wide as ragnar practically ran to you mid-way.

he enveloped you into a tight embrace, his beard lightly tickling your neck.

“how are you, love?. you look beautiful” ragnar said taking in your lovely appearance. you smiled brightly, your teeth glowing in the wonderful candle light.

“i am wonderful, ragnar. and yourself?” you asked, ragnar opened his mouth, but shut it, a knowing smirk gracing his features.

“perfect, love. by the way, brace yourself” ragnar suddenly said making you stare at him confused. not even a second later you were spun around and picked up, arms wrapped around your waist tightly.

you screamed and laughed with delight, the loud giggles behind you made it clear who it was.

“floki!, put me down!” you exclaimed, but couldn’t hold back your loud puffs of laughter. floki set you down, his arms not leaving your waist. he smiled mischievously, his one hand reaching up to tuck a chunk of your lovely (h/c) hair behind your ear.

“are you ready for the sacrifice?, are you ready to please our gods?” he asked, bumping his forehead with yours.

you couldn’t help but lean more into him and moan quietly at his words.

“yes, yes.” you and him giggled together, a look flashed behind his eyes, a look that stunned you silent.


you went to speak, but ragnars loud words caused you both to look away from each other. 

it was time.

everyone gathered outside, ready to watch the sacrifice. tonight we were sacrificing a young man by the name of earl jorg, of course, you had mentioned your name quite a few times, but you were denied every time.

you stood close to floki, hands brushing against each other every time you moved, ragnar walked up the large slab of wood where the young man stood, his body nude except the wrap covering his lower half.

your breaths felt shallow and deep, your heart beating even faster, gut clenching in excitement. floki was extremely giddy next to you, his body practically humming. but his eyes weren’t on the readying sacrifice.

they were on you.

you turned your head, eyes meeting his, something felt different between you two tonight, something along the lines of longing and…desire.

floki then grabbed at your hand and tugged you forwards.

“floki?, what?-”

“ah, ah, ah!, no talking” he said dragging you through the crowed.

“but floki?, the sacrif-”

“no talking, love” he said once again, dragging you away from all the excitement.

you couldn’t help but feel saddened that he was taking you away from something you had been waiting for since last year, but it was floki, nothing was ever boring with floki.

he had taken you deep into the woods, you could barely see the moon through the thick and dense trees. you had listened to him and tayed silent.

then, you saw a bright light up ahead.

your curiosity was reeling by now, your white dress flowing behind you as you both ran even faster.

finally, you made it.

large torches were aligned everywhere in a large circle, surrounding a large white stone table. little animal skulls were also spread around the small clearing.

it was beautiful.

floki let go of your hand and walked forwards, closer to the table, turning to you and giving you a smirk.

“floki?…what is this?” you asked, a breathless tone making floki shiver. he beckoned you over to him, a knife now present in his hand. you walked over slowly, still taking in everything around you.

once you were close enough, floki had grabbed your hand, and tugged you harshly against him.

he raised the glistening knife high to your face, gently scraping it against your cheek, moving behind your head.

of curse you weren’t worried, floki had been nothing but gentle with you since you’d met. floki shocked you when he sliced a long chunk of hair from your head..

he then pushed you down on the stone table, his palm on your stomach, pushing you until you laid flat.

floki walked around the stone table until he was at your head, he grabbed both of your arms and tied them with a thick rope, he tied it loosely so it didn’t hurt you.

“Guð, vinsamlegast blessaðu mig” he spoke, your eyes fluttering closed as his large hands stroked your neck, face and arms softly.

“Vinsamlegast blessaðu þessa konu. Við viljum ekkert annað en að þóknast þér”. you smiled whilst biting your lip, his hands moving  lower to your breasts, his knife in his hand once again.

“Blessa okkur, blessa okkur” you both chanted this time, your eyes still closed as his hands slowly undid the ties on your dress. he slipped it down, lower and lower until it was completely off your body.

you felt like a woman possessed, you didn’t question anything, you wanted this to happen to you.

he placed the dress under your head, as a pillow, and walked away. he walked over to a small pen over near a tree. he came back a moment later carrying a hen. it was clucking softly in his arms, your excitment grew as you realized what was happening.

your heart felt ready to fly out of your chest at this moment. he climbed on top of the stone table, straddling your thighs.

floki closed his eyes, holding the hen over his head, his white dress shirt hanging off of him ,his stomach visible in the torches light.

your nipples were hard as a cold breeze passed by, you were not shy at all in front of him, it all felt completely natural being exposed to him.

“Ég fórna þessu dýri, í von um að þóknast þér og launað stað í Valhalla, með þessari konu við hliðina á mér. Vinsamlegast hafðu tilboð mitt”.

as the last words left his slow moving mouth, he sliced the hens neck open.

blood splattered all over the both of you. you giggled lightly, the hot blood pouring all over your cold body making you arch up, head thrown back.

floki hummed lowly, throwing the hens lifeless body aside laong with the knife, and took his shirt off.

he leaned down lower, and pressed his body against your naked one, blood smearing off of you and on to him.

you stared into his eyes, a strong almost powerful feeling rushing between you both. it felt, like, all eyes were on you both and you were preforming a dance.

he rubbed his hand along your stomach and and gathered some blood on his fingers. he then started tracing precise lines all across your body.

“Ég bið um vernd“ he said, finishing his first rune. you looked down and seen the beautiful mark across your left thigh. he started on more and more.

his other hand moved down and pulled down his pants. you couldn’t help but look down at his painfully hard prick, he was so thick, so big.

you couldn’t tell if you were wet, or if it was the blood.

he moved up, licking a long stripe from your chest, up your neck, and to your cheek, clearing it of blood. he then stopped and was staring at your mouth.

he pressed your mouths together so roughly, his bloody tongue slipping between your lips, licking the roof of your mouth.

you could feel the breeze around you both picking up, but the air wasn’t cold anymore, it was hot.

you wrapped both bloody and rune covered legs around his waist, tugging him closer to you. he ran both hands up your body and gripped your arms, placing his head between them both.

“Ég fórna ánægju minni fyrir yður, guðir mínar“, he slid inside you.

though it was dark, you could see blinding white lights above. floki was chanting as he started to thrust roughly inside you, your body moving up and down with every jerk of his hips.

you moaned so loudly with every thrust, flokis chants became grunts and loud groans of pleasure. you couldn’t help but move your hips with him.

“unh! floki!” you cried as he started to go faster and faster. you could feel power and more and more euphoric emotions coarse through you. you could practically feel the gods blessing you.

floki stopped chanting and went even faster, you could hear him slip inside, that sound causing you to throw your head back and cry even louder. the feeling was all to much, by now you were sobbing and tears were spilling from your eyes.

he reached a hand .down and smeared blood on your clit.

“please, please yell for me, yell for our gods” floki moaned out, pressing a hot open kiss to your red and already swollen lips.

you felt as if you were in valhalla, a perfect nirvana in which only you and floki existed. you listened to him, you cried for him, begged him, scratched him, bit him, made love to him.

you would sacrifice yourself for him.

you could feel yourself come closer and closer to the edge. you could feel the gods watching as he slid himself in and out of you, over and over, your name sounding like the most perfect sin.

you clenched several times around him when he sucked on your neck, your pulse pumping wildly under his lips.

“floki! i-i!-” you were cut off as floki harshly moved your body up, him on his knees whilst he held your body above him, you whole body completely in the air, him still fucking you.

“cum, cum for me, sacrifice yourself for me” he moaned, the second time you came down on him, you released, your orgasm hitting you hard.

you cried so loudly that you knew for a fact that everyone at the hall heard you. floki held you still as he came, his hot spurts of cum coating your womb, it felt so hot, so dirty, so good.

in the background you heard thunder, felt the shock waves of the lightning, you could feel thor smiling proudly down at you both.

as you both sat there, him still inside you, the realization of what you both just did sunk in.

you could feel the feeling of being watched fade slowly, the  powerful feeling leaving along with it.

“f-floki?” you asked, voice cracking from all the screaming, your tears of pleasure dried upon your cheeks. floki looked at you in that moment, his eyes glowing, the blood on his neck and chest making you wet once again.

“what is it, Ást?” he asked, a small smirk on his face.

“what does this mean, now?, what are we?”.he looked at you like you had just prayed to the christian god, like you were absolutely insane.

“what do you mean?”.

“is this…it?, after we leave here are we done?” you hoped not, you hoped floki would take you, love you…maybe marry you one day.

floki giggled and leaned his head  against yours.

“of course this is not it, you are my woman” he said, kissing your lips softly.

“i am not done with you, not now, and not ever” he whispered, still giggling like a mad man. you kissed him, wrapping your arms around his neck likc a snake, tugging him even closer.

“my little lover”. 

hope you like it and if ya don’t i’ll delete it!! thanks for the request @lucifersfavoritedaughter!!!

translation:  Guð, vinsamlegast blessaðu mig: “gods, please bless me”

translation:  Vinsamlegast blessaðu þessa konu. Við viljum ekkert annað en að þóknast þér: “please bless this woman, we want nothing but to please you”

translation:  Blessa okkur, blessa okkur: “bless us, bless us”

translation:  Ég fórna þessu dýri, í von um að þóknast þér og launað stað í Valhalla, með þessari konu við hliðina á mér. Vinsamlegast hafðu tilboð mitt: I sacrifice this animal, hoping to please you and secure a place in Valhalla, with this woman next to me. Please accept my offering”

translation:  Ég bið um vernd:  “i ask for protection”

translation:  Ég fórna ánægju minni fyrir yður, guðir mínar: “I sacrifice my pleasure to you, my gods”

translation: Ást  “love”.

Daddy issues

What happens when you can’t pay for your 5 doughnuts and one hot chocolate order, because you forgot your wallet at home? You find yourself a sugar daddy. Or that’s what happened to a grumpy Min Yoongi.

Chapter one | Chapter two | Chapter three | Chapter four | Chapter five

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Jeon JungKook | ft. Kim NamJoon

Word count: 4977

Warnings: Maybe swearing and future smut

A/N: Another fic that was originally posted on AO3. I plan on finishing it over here because I really love the idea and in all honesty, I think it’s my favorite that I’ve written. Also in here JungKook is older than Yoongi. Hope you’ll enjoy!

“One hot chocolate. Three doughnuts. One chocolate pretzel…hmmm…and…huh…you know, make it 5 chocolate and cherry doughnuts…” Yoongi said to the cashier dressed in a rumpled bright green uniform with a mustard yellow shirt underneath. She had a small name tag attached with a safety pin that said “Mindy”. He felt kind of bad for her, but at the same time he didn’t have much time to meditate over the thought, because guilt was creeping into his mind, thinking about what he just bought.

“Crap! I’ll regret this later…for sure I’ll end up a closet with four doors…shit! I don’t fucking care for now, actually. This is for later!” he said to himself, trying to avoid the unavoidable confrontation with the cold truth. He was binge eating. Again.

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captainstudmuffin  asked:

Oops, CS + nose kiss in modern au* 🙊 (I got a little click happy LOL)

Hahaha! <33

Ok, here goes,

There is a haze about her. Something warm and gold and glowing that shines around the edges of her face, blurring softly into the gold of her hair. She shakes her head as she speaks, her lips curving into a soft smile before breaking into a laugh, her shoulders rising, more of her hair escaping her braid, wisps of it floating about her sparkling eyes.

It’s sometime after midnight he thinks, or perhaps earlier, he’d lost track somewhere between his third glass of wine and falling into her lap on their best friends’ sofa, her fingers in his hair, her eyes warm and twinkling when he’d asked if he could stay there. They’d gotten engaged this afternoon, Mary Margaret and David, his best friends and hers and they’d wanted to celebrate.

The celebration had started earlier that evening, their friends’ apartment door swinging open and close many, many times until their tiny loft was packed with friends and family and love. As the night had gone on, people had begun to leave until it was just them. The closest, dearest friends left in the room, lounging on any horizontal surface available to them, their voices lowering, their laughter growing softer, warmer.

She says something again, her voice lost to him, his eyes trailing up the skin of her chest above her shirt, up up the long line of her neck, along the length of her jaw to the blurred and faded outline of her lipstick. A lock of hair falls out of her braid, floating gently down to her collarbone, shining softly, that haze about her glowing brighter.

It is probably the lantern that hangs over the kitchen counter, the yellow light of the bulb glowing behind her but it is late and there is slow burn in his veins and had the sun been shining, had been less tipsy, less content, less warm and safe and happy, perhaps the voice of reason, of fear and restraint in his mind would have been louder. She is his closest friend, he knows her. He knows her heart is as careful with love as his is reckless. But he’s too far gone tonight and his wanting heart pays no heed to the mumble of protest from his mind as his hand reaches up to follow the path of his eyes.

Ruby says something behind him, or perhaps it is Elsa, he can’t quite concentrate, his fingers floating just above the flushed skin of her neck, rosy and warm from the night and the laughter that rings through her still.

He reaches for the lock of hair on her collarbone, fingers closing around the softness of the strands before pulling gently. He sees her eyebrows rise before she looks down at him, her gaze questioning, the embers of her laugh still lingering upon her lips.


Her eye liner is smudged, trailing away from the corner of her eye, her cheeks as rosy as her neck had been as she looks down at him. He lets go of her hair, moving up instead to brush his thumb against the edge of the liner, wiping it away where it had spread, his hand cupping her cheek.

He feels her sharp intake of breath rather than hears it, his fingers moving away from her skin as soon as he does, his eyes moving away from the glow of her cheek to meet hers.

And he is caught, trapped in her gaze as they look at one another, his hand still floating on the edge of her cheek. Her eyes flicker between his and he swears that he can see her thoughts as though they were written on her face. He sees her drift quickly between surprise, delight, fear and anticipation. He knows that look well, he’s seen it many times over the last few months. Her shoulders tensing and retreating, her face closing off anytime they had come close. Any time they had come as close as they had done that night that she’d kissed him in a rush of burning colour.

But tonight had felt different. Her eyes more open, her smile easier, her touch soft as she had allowed them to get closer than they had been in a while. Tonight still feels different as she doesn’t pull away, a soft smile curving her lips as she pulls on his hair a little.

“You’re cold.”

Her voice is low, all but a whisper as she speaks the words that fall into the space between them.

“You’re beautiful.”

The words spill from his lips easily, his heart thumping in joy, his cheeks flushing with warmth when he sees her smile grow, her other hand smacking his chest.

“Shut up. You’re drunk.”

“Perhaps,” he shrugs, a grin on his face as his fingers drop from near her face to her collarbone, pushing her hair away from her skin, “You’re still beautiful.”

She only chuckles, shakes her head before leaning in close, her perfume flooding his senses as she presses a soft kiss to the tip of his nose before pulling away.

And for the second time ever, Killian Jones loses all his words. She grins at him one last time before leaning back into the couch, her attention back to whatever conversation she had been having with Ruby or Elsa or whoever before this. He doesn’t know if their friends had noticed anything and perhaps tonight he doesn’t care. Her fingers scratch gently against his skin, tugging softly on his hair and he closes his eyes, breathing deeply and sinking into the moment.

Perhaps there is hope yet.

Send me a ship and an AU or Prompt and I will write you a mini fic!

Late Night Shopping - Calum Hood

A/N: Here please don’t hate me *throws this at you and leaves crying softly*

You’re walking through the supermarket trying not to see anyone you know. At 11:30pm on a Thursday evening this is usually not difficult. However being caught in your worn, hole ridden pants and one of Calum’s band shirts, massacra and eye-liner smudged all underneath your eyes giving the effect of a panda isn’t something you were keen for.

You’d had a terrible day. Firstly you’d had early classes of your least favourite courses. Then worked for six hours of your usual shift, seemingly it was grumpy peoples’ day out and you were obviously not notified. You’d been given added overtime without notice because your coworker hadn’t turned up for her shift and despite the money being good you just weren’t in the mood. Finally you’d gotten home to a dark and silent house. A cruel reminder that your boyfriend was on tour with his band and wouldn’t be home for another two months. You’d had a small mental breakdown that had resulted in your mascara smudges and t-shirt thieving. Having settled down a little from your breakdown by now you were ducking into the grocery store to grab a bottle of champagne and a tub of ice-cream to console yourself. Unhealthy coping mechanisms but you frankly didn’t care at 11:30 pm.

You had parked somewhat away from the actual shopping centre despite the multitude of spare spaces; you just didn’t want to be right up close to everyone else. As you headed into the store you grabbed a basket and meandered towards the alcohol section splurging on some reasonable champagne. As a teenager vodka had never been a favourite of yours but you’d become a champagne snob after visiting the boys on their European leg of the last tour. It was something you’d not been able to let go ever since.

You grabbed the champagne before you could reassess your life and headed for the ice-cream aisle wandering down the chocolate asile on your way just to tempt yourself some more. A way to make the trip last a little longer not wanting to go home to an empty house.

You’re halfway down the chocolate aisle when running feet startle you as they round the corner and continue on pounding towards you, halting briefly the tall blur reaches a long arm around you to grab something off the shelf in front of you. ‘Sorry!’ The deep voice says hurriedly. You startle for a second time grabbing the tall blur, that has become a tall yet visible man now, by his arm. 'Luke what the actual fuck!’ You exclaim convinced you’re dreaming. 'Y/N!’ He responds just as startled as you are, you’re not sure why he’s so startled to see you considering you in fact live in this town and he is supposed to be in another state entirely. Luke squeezes you into a massive hug nonetheless, rattling the champagne against the basket and pushing all the air out of you. 'Woah I’ve missed you so much and so has your boyfriend that’s why I have to be quick getting this, I told him I couldn’t wait I needed some chocolate so,’ he kisses your head in a loving big brotherly fashion despite being two years younger than you, 'I’ve gotta go I’ll catch you some time!’ He pulls away as you roll your tired eyes. 'Luke!’ You say half amused half annoyed. 'Yeah?’ He turns jogging on the stained linoleum. 'Do me a massive favour please.’ You speed walk over not wanting to run to him should the champagne begin clunking against the plastic carry basket again. 'Pay for this and a tub of ice-cream and bring them back to the bus I’ll meet you there.’ You fish out two twenty dollar notes from your pocket pushing them into his hand. 'Get your chocolate too and keep the change.’ You give him a quick hug and thrust the basket at him. He rightens himself, beginning to protest the amount you’ve given him as you take off running through the store towards the car park around the back, the most inconspicuous spot to have a massive tour bus. You race down the aisles earning dirty looks from shoppers and employees alike not that you care in the slightest. Despite being dead tired and emotionally spent you sprint on through the doors and burst into the night air, fresh and cool. Your legs are tired by this stage, purely due to lack of sleep and extreme fatigue from your busy day, but you refuse to slow down.

Rounding the corner of the big concrete building that is the shop you let out a little squeal of joy. As you suspect the bus is parked inconspicuously behind the store, lights on inside engine running still, clearly expecting a quick stop. You race across the car park dodging the parked cars, there is no traffic due to the late hour luckily for you. You’re too excited to be salty Calum didn’t tell you he was coming. You don’t even care if it’s only for a day, you’re ecstatic to see your closest friend and boyfriend.

You pound once on the door and it opens automatically, the waiting for it to open wide enough for you to slip in causing you to jog lightly on the step.

'About fucking time Luke, that’s 10 whole minutes with Y/N I’m missing out on for your cravings!’ Calum grumbles from the lounge not looking up from his phone, the fact that this upsets him makes you smile a little, pleased your boyfriend is as excited to see you as you are to see him. He stands leaning against the back lounge wall next to the window.

You rush to him, smothering him in a hug so fierce he drops his phone, which thankfully lands safely on the wrap around lounge. 'Y/N!’ He responds with arms that engulf your shoulders as he buries his head in your neck. He takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly as he pushes his face closer to your neck, stubbled chin resting millimetres below your ear. You rock from foot to foot still embracing him, much too excited to stand still. 'What are you doing I was going to surprise you!’ He says with a laugh breaking barely a foot apart at the torso, hips still flush against you arms sliding down to your waist hands resting gently on your hip bones. 'I was getting a few essentials that I have since persuaded Luke to grab for me. When I saw him race down the chocolate aisle I almost died of shock. I cannot believe you’re here!’ You reach up brushing a hand across his cheek with a feather light touch. 'I’ve missed you so much and your timing is impeccable! I really missed you today.’ You explain quietly cuddling back into Calum, determined to get in as many hugs as you can before he returns to the tour. 'Aww don’t you miss me everyday? Not just sometimes!’ He laughs faking offense. 'Don’t be silly you know I miss you all the time today just was a particularly terrible day in general and being with my boyfriend would have made it a lot more pleasant. But shocked as you may be I actually miss you most when it’s beautiful outside when I walk in the park, or when something great happens. Your my best friend as well as my boyfriend.’ You say into his chest somewhat shyly. He wraps you tighter in his strong arms. 'Same, Y/N same, I’ve missed you so much and I’m not here for long but I couldn’t not have the time with you.’ He says placing a gentle kiss on your head.

'Alright we get it but you can go home now before you make us all sick. Take your shit and get out. We’ll pick you up in a week.’ Michael says making shoving motions with his hands. Ashton laughs and pats Calum on the back. 'Go on mate.’ Ashton then rubs your back gently 'good to see you Y/N, take care of him and I’ll come pick him up when the breaks over, sorry it’s only short.’ He says sympathetically. You smile up at the curly-haired drummer, 'thanks Ash, it’s good to see you too.’ You briefly break away from Calum to give Ashton a warm hug. Embracing him you you close your eyes and smile contently, you’ve missed being with your little family almost as much as you’ve missed Calum.

Your smile morphs into a wicked grin, letting go of Ashton you march deeper into the bus. 'Your turn! I haven’t seen you in such a long time you have no say in the matter Clifford!’ You throws your arms around Michael as Ashton and Calum share amused laughs. You do a little dance as he pulls you into his flannel-clad chest. 'I’ve missed you all, even you Mikey!’ You joke but look up at him to make sure he knows you really have missed them all. He laughs loudly, 'we’ve missed you too, Calum particularly, the bus is pretty small mate, we can hear you.’ He winks at your blushing boyfriend. 'Be nice.’ You scold squeezing your arms tightly around his middle. 'And give me my girlfriend back.’ Calum pouts. You laugh letting go of Michael you walk back to Calum, sliding an arm around his waist. 'Come on let’s get your stuff and chase Luke down for mine then we can go home.’ You say excitement at the idea of a week with your boyfriend at home. He nods enthusiastically placing an arm around your shoulders gently he picks up his bag and presses the button to open the door. You call goodbyes as you walk towards a much calmer Luke, the tiredness that touring causes is showing on all the boys and Luke, despite his bubbly nature is no exception. He hands you your shopping and you give him a gentle hug as a thank you. 'Thanks Luke, take care of yourself, have a good rest.’ You say worried about how much of a toll this touring takes on them all. He nods and you walk off in seperate directions. Calum’s hand is nestled in yours as you walk to the car, having parked so far away from the few cars in the car park does have advantages and being able to reacquaint yourself with your boyfriend after so long in reasonable privacy is one of them. Although you’re both exhausted kissing in your car like teenagers before driving home and sharing a shower and then falling asleep I each other’s arms is an exhilarating idea. Now every time you go to a a supermarket you wish you did see someone you knew.

(Natasha x reader) Secrets

Request:  “Can I please have a Natasha Romanoff one shot? Something fun, fluffy, humorous with a little bit of badassery and kindness/whole lotta love from the reader that impresses and totally makes Nat swoon/fall in love with them even more? Would love to include a display of affection in front of the team that is initiated by Nat to not only show the reader that she is now ready for the team to know but also a kind of ‘announcement’ of the relationship too? If that makes any sense! Love your work! Xx”  @labyrinth-of-thoughts

A/N: Okay so this can be a part two to another one shot I did which can be read here but it can also be its own thing. I also tried to add all the elements you listed but I kinda got on a roll and I didn’t want to add too much so it wouldn’t feel forced, so I hope you like it!

Words: 2,010

Warnings: minor swearing

“Y/N! Wake up!” Natasha’s silent but tense voice woke you up from a peaceful sleep. You were hugging the soft pillow on your bed and you were still groggy and tired, trying to register what was going on.

“Y/N, it’s eleven thirty!” she exclaimed again, shaking you gently and you rolled over to look at her. You blushed a little when you noticed that she was getting dressed, putting on a pair of jeans and wearing a cute lacy black bra.

“Nat…what’s wrong?” you muttered, rubbing your eyes and sitting up a little.

“Y/N! We slept in! They’re going to know something’s wrong!” she said as she put her shirt on and walked over to the bed. You suddenly panicked and sat up quickly, looking around at the scene before you. The two of you were in your room, which was messy as always. Nat was running around, rummaging through the clothes on the floor. The bed sheets were ruffled and you looked at the clock, still rubbing your eyes. You suddenly snapped awake when you realised what time it was.

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I never posted this here! 

So like, my friend Jaidy and I are kinda obsessed with this musical, Razia’s Shadow.

And the official studio recording has Brendon Urie in it and his character is like this leader of like this dark and demonic kind of place and I just can’t get the image of Brendon Urie dressed in like a black general’s uniform with black eye liner smudged all over his eyes out my head. I’m so in love with this musical. I wanted to try something art nouveau-ish.

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karlee i'm such a doorknob that i haven't followed you yet WHOOPS TIME 2 CHANGE THAT. anyways i'm actually a lil bit obsessed with your writing and if i could get number 32 for junhui that would be gr8. thanks!!

  • ↳ hanahaki  au
  • ◇ pairing: jun | reader
  • ◇ genre: 
  • ◇ word count: 1,398
  • ◇ disclaimer: I do not own the hanahaki disease concept.

Originally posted by kittykatkwon

The first thing she saw when she opened her eyes after vomiting wasn’t at all what she had expected, what was once simply Jonquil flowers taunting her they were now covered with blood, as suffering from it was enough it was going to kill her.  She remembered rolling her eyes when one of her friends told her about the disease scoffing that it wasn’t really a thing and that her friend had just skipped a week of school because she felt like it, oh how irony worked. The next week when she realized she was hopelessly in love with her very best friend. She realized it when he was up on stage kissing another girl for a show, it was then that she realized she wanted everything with him. She wanted the hand holding and making out somewhere in the university library, she wanted to wake up next to him after a night of making love, she wanted him and it was fucking terrifying.

She slowly got up from squatting on her knees and made her way to the sink, she eyed her appearance, her once pinned back locks now frazzled with sweat and her once perfected winged liner smudged from the tears that fell. She washed her hands and made sure to leave no trace of flowers anywhere where her best friend could find, she wasn’t going to confess to him, being his friend was simply enough.  She also knew that this was killing her and she was letting it, for getting the surgery to remove them and remove her feelings for the boy outside the bathroom door was unacceptable.

“Are you feeling okay?” She jumped when she was met with his body after shutting the door, she was expecting him to still be sitting on the couch in the living room where their textbooks lay and some random anime play in the background; she should have known he would’ve been outside the locked bathroom door when she stopped laughing at one of his jokes and nearly broke down the door as she lost the contents once settled in her stomach.

“I’m fine Junhui, it was probably a bad batch” she whispered her throat lingered with petals causing a tickle to induce her to coughing. He simply nodded his head and wrapped an arm around her waist.

She couldn’t help but think of telling him right then and there as they cuddled on his couch and cracked more jokes as they studied, if anything she’s read about this was also true wouldn’t she peal of the Band-Aid sooner than allow herself to die? But then if he didn’t like her back wouldn’t she die anyway? She looked up from the crook of his neck and saw him completely enchanted by the movie on the tv, she had forgotten he had even put the movie in. She loved him when he was bare faced, his skin showing the results of wearing stage make-up for the shows he was a part of, she loved how his skin showed off his dedication to being an actor, he was one of the very best on their campus, she was positive he was going to end up going to Hollywood one day and she hoped that she would be there with him. His coffee colored locks parted down the middle, she remembers when he snapped his new color to her when she was in the library with Wonwoo. Their close friend Mingyu had colored and cut it due to Jun’s request and it was then that she decided there was absolutely nothing more ethereal than Wen Junhui.  

She slowly got out of his embrace and cleaned up her trash making sure to return the room how she entered it, completely clean but still with a Junhui touch. She was crashing in his apartment due to her dorm being pre-occupied with lust from her roommate and a willing and completely eager Seungcheol, that same friend who told her about the disease had confessed and her feelings were reciprocated and nothing was going to stop them from proving it to one another. It made her absolutely sick.

She grabbed her keys and made her way back to the sleeping boy and dipped her head to his cheek where she lingered a bit before pecking him goodbye.

The next morning and another night of flowers later they finally met up again, he was with his dance team now and the members adored her.

“You look like shit noona,” Minghao said as he greeted her with a hug

“Wow thanks Minghao you sure do know how to make a girl feel stunning” she retorted as she playfully punched him in the shoulder after they separated.

“In all seriousness what happened? Did you and Jun finally confess to one another and you two had a laugh because of how idiotic this whole thing was?” she was stunned at the sophomore dance majors exclamation as if she forgot how the boys talked, it meant a chance with him but she couldn’t help but assume he was teasing her, knowing very well that she was sick, sick and afraid of unrequited love.

Meanwhile across the studio Jun and Soonyoung watched the two playfully interact, Soonyoung couldn’t help but look at his friend in disappointment.

“You should tell her you know”

“Oh yes, I should say I’m completely and utterly in love with you and I’m fucking terrified you don’t feel the same!”

“What’s wrong with confessing?”

“Rejection and three years of friendship down the drain”

“You know what’s not worth it?” Soonyoung spoke quietly, startling Jun from the contrast of the conversation beforehand

“What is it?”

“Losing her altogether, Seungcheol texted me earlier during class and said Rose found her kneeled over in the rest room coughing up flowers, she has the disease, she loves someone and doesn’t realize he loves her just as much”

“She could love anyone, she’s close with Jeonghan for all we know it’s him”

“Junhui get your head out of your ass and confess!”

Soonyoung pushed the male towards where she was still talking with Minghao and an eager freshman who went by the name Dino.

“Hao, Chan can I steal her for a minute?” she stopped explaining her disease when he pulled her by her arm, as if she was going to be scolded.

“Listen, Hosh said something and I need to know okay so don’t lie to me” she simply nodded, her head down as if she were counting the scratches that littered the wooden floor.

“Are you spitting up bloodied flowers?”

“Who told you” her voice was now small, she wrapped her arms around her body as if she were now naked in front of him, she suddenly felt insecure, yes she was puking up her feelings but he didn’t need to know about it, she was taking care of it well she was.

“I am”


“Junhui don’t bullshit me you know why” she responded finally looking up from the ground and looking straight into his gorgeous honey eyes. His eyes were painted with so much concern and a look she couldn’t decipher.

“Tell me a secret”

I’m in love with you and I’m terrified, I’m terrified you don’t love me back and I’m going to die by the power of Jonquil flowers taunting me and tearing me apart”

“What if I told you I loved you back? I loved you just as much and I’m also terrified I’m going to lose you?”

“You do?”

“I’ve loved you since the first day of class, you walked in with a know it all attitude and you had the guts to talk back to me when I assumed I had it all figured out, how could I not love you”

He was suddenly closer now, she noted how his body was nearly pressing up against hers, his leg between her thighs, If she were to kiss him now she could. His lips were up against her ear and if she turned just slightly she could meet him halfway.

As if he read her mind he wrapped a strong arm around her waist and pulled her to his welcoming lips.

“I love you I love you I love you”

Tips for In Class Essays

Sorry for the long hiatus in useful posts, but I’ve finally come up with something! As with most of my posts, this is more targeted at high school students, so it might lack information that older students need. 

Planning Ahead

  • Find out the question. Obviously, if you can find out the question from your teacher directly, that’s massively helpful. Unfortunately this doesn’t actually happen that often. Try to figure out the question based on themes that you’ve covered in the class. If there is one major theme or idea that is present in a majority of the lessons you’ve done, it’s pretty likely that will be an essay question. 
  • Decide which viewpoint you will argue. It’s smart to plan this out ahead of time because you don’t want to be struggling with an internal debate when you’re actually writing a test. You have to have enough evidence to support your thesis, so make sure you choose the viewpoint that has enough support in your notes, not the one that you personally agree with. 
  • Write an outline. This is pretty self explanatory. Write out a thesis and plan out what evidence from your notes that you can use. 
  • Use versatile points. Even if you make an educated guess, you might not be 100% right on what the topic of the essay will be. Try to use evidence that can be used for more than one topic, instead of things that are super specific to one topic. 
  • If you’re not sure which side is better, outline them both. Sometimes there is lots of evidence in your notes to argue both sides, at least at first glance. Make a t-chart or other organizer to weigh the evidence on both sides, or outline them both. As you try to outline one of them, you will be which one has stronger evidence to use. 
  • Remember the evidence! Don’t choose super specific details from your notes if you aren’t going to be able to remember it when the essay is actually happening. If you do have a really good piece of evidence that is highly specific, make sure you can remember the details. Don’t try to remember quotations unless it is specifically asked of you. 
  • If you are allowed a quote sheet or outline, do it!!! There is no excuse to pass up a rare opportunity like that. Do it! 

Writing the Essay 

  • Start with a super quick outline. Jotting down the points that you planned is a great idea just to start the essay. Using 5 minutes or less to do this will help you stay on track and remember your evidence without wasting time. 
  • Do a basic introduction. Don’t waste your time making an elaborate introduction. Start with a few general statements about the topic, outline what your arguments are, state your thesis, and move on. An introduction is rarely a make or break factor in the quality of your essay in this type of situation. 
  • Use tons of details and evidence. An in class essay is usually focused on how much of the things from the notes you can actually apply. Be very detailed and talk about specific events, not just general ideas. (This is why planning ahead is helpful – you can plan which details you want to use!) 
  • Don’t get too caught up in spelling and grammar. A majority of the time, in class essays are more focused on organization, ideas, and your ability to explain yourself, not whether or not you can spell. Unless your teacher says otherwise, don’t get stressed over a word spelled wrong. 
  • Try to write legibly. You don’t want to lose marks on your essay because it was hard to read and the teacher didn’t understand your points. I recommend using a ballpoint pen because gel pens and pencil can smudge. Fine liners often make it hard to write quickly, so I don’t love those either. 
  • Focus on the time. Know how much time you have and pay attention to it throughout the test. Don’t get caught up in one body paragraph and use 90% of your time on that. Figure out how much time you have for each part and stick to it. If you fall behind, wrap up quickly and move on. 
  • If you have to leave anything off, leave off the conclusion. If you are running out of time, ignore the conclusion. It’s the least important part of the essay in this situation and its not worth skipping evidence in a body paragraph to get it done. 

Let me know if you have anything else to add or if you want me to write about anything else!

Stand Out

Marinette remembers getting the idea, getting caught up in her anger at Chloe’s selfishness. But now as she stood backstage waiting, she suddenly had second thoughts…

Maybe this was a bad idea? 

Adrienette month is coming to a close, and you know who has been absolutely KILLING IT!?!?! yeah, you know who I’m talking about!! @yunyin has consistently posted the most amazing and gorgeous fanart this month every freak-fracking day!! AND JUST WOW!!! it’s definitely been the highlight of my month!! so thanks to @adrinettemonth​ and yunyin for being awesome ^^ 

THAT BEING SAIIIDDDD… its coming up to our favourite onion artist’s birthday sooon!!!!!! and as an early bday present for yunyin here’s a short drabble to show my appreciation, it falls under day 8th’s prompt, disney AU and is based on this post by yunyin 

**whispers** ***audreys birthday is on March 7… consider sending her all your thanks and well wishes and gifts galore!!!***

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Marinette peeked out from the rich red expanse of the stage curtain, taking in the entire school sitting down in the auditorium for the annual end of school assembly. Her hands shook, listening, but not really hearing the drone of Principal Damocles as he stood behind the center podium. His words became a mere muffled background rumble, soundtracking Marinette’s unease as her eyes roved over the audience.

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Fuck up

Full Badlands Masterlist here

Warnings: Mature language and content.  Rated M (14+).  Mentions of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and sexual harassment/assault/rape.  PLEASE do not read if you will be triggered by any of this.

Flood Warning: 5,700+ words

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This is my first time writing Malec. I’m not an intense Malec shipper, so I don’t really know where this came from. I’m not that confident we’ll get a cute, soft boyfriends, bed scene between them in the next episode so I figured I’d write one preemptively. I may go in and edit this at some point as I ran out of steam towards the end. Even so, hope you enjoy!

Magnus lay with his head propped up on his fist as he watched a slumbering Alec in the small, flickering glow of the candles on his bedside table. It had been hours since Alec had backed him into his room, his eyes smouldering in a way Magnus had never quite seen them before. Now those eyes lay closed, his dark lashes a contrast against his olive skin. He was beautiful. Magnus had seen many beautiful things, many beautiful people but none of them quite captured the word like the boy before him. Alexander. His Alexander.

Magnus had never known anyone else with such quiet strength. He was fierce but reserved. Nothing he did was overt or for show. Alec could take down a demon in the blink of an eye and with not a second thought, yet there was this layer of innocence. It was easy to forget about it when you looked at his outer shell but sometimes Alec wore that innocence and vulnerability on his sleeve. And while it was the part that scared the heck out of Magnus, it was also the part he loved most.

In those times he was reminded just how much younger Alec was, in years and experience, and questioned whether this was right. If they were right together. However, it was also in those times that Magnus realised just how lucky he was to see that side of Alec at all. Vulnerability wasn’t something Shadowhunters often admitted to. How could Magnus ever turn Alec away now that he’d let him in like that? No, it wasn’t possible. So Magnus would remain Alec’s for as long as Alec let him. He hoped it would be a long time and that he would have many nights to lie and watch his love’s angelic features as he slept.

A smile rose on Magnus’ lips for no particular reason other than sheer happiness. Post coital bliss. This was not how he expected the even to pan out but then nothing about Alec had been expected. Magnus took his free hand and tentatively reached out, running his fingertips across Alec’s collarbone. He was shirtless and the thin sheet draped just below Alec’s navel, giving Magnus a perfect view of Alec’s broad chest. His fingers then made a slow journey down the centre of Alec’s chest, the soft furred skin sending sparks up his fingertips.

Alec’s eyes fluttered open, waking to Magnus’ gentle touch. Figures he wouldn’t be a heavy sleeper. A dreamy smile spread upon Alec’s lips as his eyes focused on Magnus. He rolled his shoulders before resting his hand over Magnus’ which still lay against his breastbone. Alec’s thumb brushed over Magnus’ polished nails as he glanced down to their joined hands for a moment.

“Hey,” Magnus said, finally breaking the silence as he too looked at their hands. He was still blown away by the simple intimacy despite the new phase of their relationship they’d entered last night.

“Hi,” Alec replied, his voice still thick with sleep. “Have you been awake long?”

“I didn’t sleep,” Magnus said, his gaze picking up from their hands to rest back on Alec’s face. He really was a sight to behold. “I thought I would replace those memories of watching you while you were unconscious with something a little sweeter.” There was a half smile on Magnus’ lips but Alec found no humour in his eyes. Not knowing whether Alec would ever wake up had been one of the most scary and painful things Magnus had been through in recent times. Not only for his sake. A world without Alexander Lightwood in it just seemed such a darker place for everyone.

A crease formed on Alec’s brow and his hand left atop of Magnus’ to cup his cheek instead. His thumb gently brushed over the smudged eye liner under Magnus’ eye. “Did it work?”

Magnus turned his cheek into Alec’s palm before laying a soft kiss against it. “No. I’ll never forget the moment I thought I had lost you, Alexander, but perhaps that’s for the best. Those memories will make sure I fight all that much harder so it never happens again.”

Alec slid his hand down Magnus’ neck and with a palm on his chest he pushed Magnus over on to his back. Alec moved to loom over Magnus, his hands on either side of Magnus’ head. The muscles in his arms were taut as they held up his bulky frame. There it was, that smoulder. Magnus’ chest rose and fell a little faster as he stared up at Alec, waiting for him to make a move. Any move. Magnus watched as those smouldering eyes travelled down his exposed torso. He felt them like a touch that ignited a path of fire that disappeared beneath the sheet and collected there. The air around them became thick with tension and Magnus was sure there was an audible click of his throat as he swallowed when Alec’s eyes met his once more.

“So uh… last night was something,” Alec said and for a split second uncertainty passed over his handsome features. It seemed ridiculous to Magnus that there would be even a small doubt in Alec’s mind that what they’d shared had been anything less than perfect. Even as Alec hovered over Magnus, all strength and beauty, with chemistry and heat radiating between them, he still wasn’t completely secure in the knowledge that he was enough for Magnus. Or good enough for Magnus.

“It was perfect, Alexander,” Magnus replied, putting extra emphasis on the word perfect. Because that was the only word that truly captured what last night had been. There had been the initial intensity, the slowing down and taking their time. Exploring each other. There had been serious moments and moments where they had laughed and teased each other. Times when Magnus had guided Alec and Alec had benefited from his experience but mostly they just learned each other. It was beautiful and messy and it felt like coming home. But if Magnus had to use one word to describe the first time they made love, that word would be perfect.

For a split second Magnus thought Alec would disagree, or at least say something slightly self deprecating. He might ask Magnus to justify using that word and Magnus could, boy could he, but Alec didn’t. A small, impish half smile rose on his lips instead. “Yeah, it really was,” Alec replied simply.

A moment later Alec leaned in and pressed a gentle kiss against Magnus’ lips. As Alec pulled back, Magnus chased his lips before giving up and opening his eyes to look up at Alec again. “Do you want to…?” Alec asked, raising his eyebrows a couple of times. Magnus rolled his eyes but it was mostly for show.

“Do I want to what?” Magnus replied, cocking an eyebrow. If they were going to be having sex, Alec would have to learn to say the word. They were grown men after all, even if one slightly more than the other. Though, Magnus would also settle for make love.

“Sex, do you want to do sex? Have sex?” Alec said in return, muddling his words as he got a little flustered being put on the spot. A guy that looked like Alec really had no right being so damn adorable but Magnus wasn’t complaining.

“Yes, let’s do sex, Alexander,” Magnus chuckled as he brought his hands up. One to rest on the small of Alec’s back, pressing their bodies closer, while the other cupped the back of Alec’s head and pulled him into a firmer kiss than the one before. Alec tilted his head one way and Magnus tilted his the opposite as they deepened the kiss. When their tongues met, a small sound of relief escaped one of them but Magnus wasn’t sure who. All he knew was that he was more than ready for another taste of that perfection.

cloudzupthere  asked:

have you ever experienced a smudge from a multi liner that you couldn't fix. I did, and cried for 3 hours. I was almost done with the drawing too.

definitely at some point, i try my best to fix it with a white gel pen if it ever happens