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Thrifting For Witchy Supplies

I’ve been planning on talking about this for a while now. Most of my Witchy supplies come from Thrift stores like Savers, Good Will, and other “Mom and Pop” thrift stores. Glass Bottles for herbs, Silver dishes for ritual use, “smudging” bowls, Cauldrons (If you’re LUCKY - It happens), Candle holders, Etc. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars at Witchy Shops. They are awesome, and convenient but convenience costs. Before you order online, Or spend an outrageous amount on supplies at a New Age shop or Botanica check out your local Thrift Store.  

Here is an example of what I found the other day just shopping around my local Savers. Out of these items I ended up purchasing the SELENITE candle holder which was a really lucky find. 5 freaking dollars. P.S the last picture (Which came out crappy) was a necklace made from Rose Quartz. There where so many other things that could be re purposed into lovely witchy items, But my phone was dying and I was eager to look at boots. 

My Tips For Witchy Thrift Shopping 

1. Go often - You literally never know what they will have, Or how long it will be there so the more often you go, The better!

2. Check out the “Kitchen” Section- This is the first place I go. This is where you can find “Ritual Knives” Mixing bowls, Jars (With Cork!) and even cauldrons. 

3. Ask Employees- Ask about sales, special promos, or membership cards. Don’t be afraid to ask if they’ve seen an item in store sometimes they just might have. 

4. Find out when they stock their shelves- This is the best tip because if you play your cards right and plan ahead you can get first pick on special items.  

Witchy Tips: Bargain Hunting

When searching for materials, don’t be afraid to go secondhand/OP shopping or simply to your local supermarket 

 * candles can always be found at secondhand stores and they’re usually priced at around 50 cents each! Though when I have a bought a bunch they bulk price it for even cheaper! * same with candle holders, they’re so common and barely ever more than $5 

 * Secondhand stores will always have spare pieces of cloths and fabrics you can use during spells or even as your altar cloth! (Would recommend washing them first)

 * They have so many bowls, all the time! You will always find something you can use to burn incense in or a smudge bowl. Again, these sell for like a dollar 

 * figurines are also really common in secondhand stores, they’re a great place to look for God and goddess figures for your altar as they always have antique and unique pieces for super cheap! 

 * most herbs and spices can easily be found in your local supermarket! These are just as good as something home grown, it’s all about intent after-all :) 

 * The Reject Shop (not sure if these exist in any place other than Australia? Hey may be called things like Dollar Stores???) always has candles for reasonable prices 

 * If you are needing to find a herb or spice that you can’t find in a supermarket, ETSY is an online store with lots of witchy supplies :) chances are it won’t be cheap but what can you do! 

 * 90% of my book collection has been bought secondhand from either Op shops, fairs or garage sales. I picked up 10 books on mythology, aromatherapy, dreams and such for like $7 at a school fair once! And secondhand stores charge from 0.50 cents to $5 for books so they’re always a great place to look!

*Heaps of towns have monthly/weekly markets and many i have been too have crystal stalls and they’re usually a lot cheaper than stores! I bought a bunch of crystals for about $20 in total! and they were raw, points and clusters :) Very cheap and good quality.

 Blessed Be, The Aries Witch ♈️

anonymous asked:

You do know that using the term smudge is cultural appropriation from the Native Americans. They have a whole entire ritual that goes along with it that is taught and passed down. You should probably start using smoke cleansing instead unless you'd like to lose more followers

Smudging was not invented by Native AMericans, but was used traditionally by other cultures for thousands of years before them. They do not own it.

Smudging is also an English word to describe the practise of cleansing with smoke. No Native actually uses the word ‘smudging.’ “Sacred Smoke Bowl Blessing” is a practise used by the Navajo and may be subject to being cultural appropriation, but ‘smudging’ is a broad term for cleansing a space with smoke.

A third point, I have contacted and been contacted on and offline by many Native Americans and have been told that using this term is not 'cultural appropriation’.

Good luck next round!