I am honestly still so shook by Bluesey and Pynch. Like, sometimes I just think about how Gansey gave Blue an adventure of a lifetime and in turn she calmed the ever-present storm inside of him???? And Adam grew up with no representation of love and yet one of the very first decisions he makes SOLEY FOR HIMSELF is to love Ronan???? Or how Ronan fell in love with a boy knowing it would probably be unrequited but yet it totally works out??? Or how Blue knew in the back of her mind this boy that she loved so much would eventually be killed BY her????? And how Gansey had this sense of destiny and this quest would answer all his questions and none of that happens yet he’s happy because he has Blue????? And his Raven Boys????? Or how these kids are all one big happy family and probably come over all the time for dinner at each other’s houses??? And take road trips???? Or send each other funny texts of each other??? Like Adam and Blue hang out and have a karaoke session in the car and send a vid in the group chat??? THEY ALL DESTROY ME OKAY

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SnB Volume 12 Pics + Omake

(Front Cover)

(Back Cover)

(Inside of the front cover: Ohtaka sensei above/ Ohtera sensei below)

(Inside of the back cover)

(Bonus Insert Omake)

Here are some pictures from Sinbad no Bouken volume 12, which was recently released, plus a scanlation of the Omake that came with it. (Sorry for the low-quality pictures;;;). This manga is available now on CDJapan, so be sure to check it out and show some support! ^^b