#MakeAPromise For You

Hey guys!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and continuing from my previous post, I have another SM star-studded magazine cover shoot for your romantic feels!

For a refresher, SM Entertainment and Jcontentree magazine teamed up with UNICEF and Louis Vuitton’s ‘Make a Promise’ campaign. 40% of the proceeds go towards helping children through UNICEF. SM got some of their artists to model the jewellery and the artists have taken over the covers of the big fashion magazine’s in South Korea for the month of February.

While Red Velvet’s Irene and EXO’s Sehun teamed up for Céci, Girls’ Generation’s Yoona and EXO’s Kai teamed up for ELLE Korea. It’s clear  from the magazine cover that Yoona and Kai look visually amazing together (starting to ship these two as well. these two are definitely running for best looking faces of South Korea. but seriously how do they look so great with that ungodly closeup. ugh pretty people lol). Once again, SM proves that their entertainment agency may have the majority of South Korea’s attractive people in their roster. 

As for styling of the photoshoot, there seems to be only 2 clear outfits worn by Yoona and Kai. Overall, the style of the outfits are very rough, which fits with Kai and his bad boy image. But, the style nicely contrasts with Yoona and her natural fairy-like physical appearance. I mean her outfits aren’t particularly feminine at all, which is almost the antithesis of everything that is Girls’ Generation. It’s a great to see this alternative styling for Yoona since generally she is styled in very classy clothes or outfits that highlight her natural innocent appearance. 

As for whether the clothing pieces really fit into the typical Valentine’s Day outfits, they don’t really. I mean the two of the match, so you could go for matching couple outfits to wear to a concert?

As for my favourite photos from this collection, I would have to say the top and bottom photos of this set. I love the magazine cover because the two are artistically juxtaposed together. It’s Yoona’s doe-like innocence against Kai’s sultry looks that leads to a visually pleasing photo. I love the bottom photo because it showcases a comfortable chemistry that fits with February and its theme of romance, where the rest of the photoshoot seems just there to showcase how visually pleasing Yoona and Kai are together.

Anyways, check out the jewellery here:

AKA: Yoona and Kai are showcasing pieces from Louis Vuitton’s silver locket collection. (Irene and Sehun also wore pieces from this collection in their Céci shoot. Check it here:

I’d consider buying their jewellery as a last minute Valentine’s Day present, especially since it’ll not only make your lover happy, but also make the children the proceeds go to happy too. There, kills two birds with one stone :D



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