Leeteuk really went there leading & taking care of the artists/delegates for KCON 2018. I’m so proud of him. I bet SJ could even hold MAMA or even GOLDEN DISK by themselves lol Who needs an MC or the entire production team when you have SJ HAHAHAHA 😂😂😂


祝你生日快乐! Happy birthday to you!

Pure boy, big brother from South-China, Moomin lover, bling-bling golden hand Huang Renjun!

You have amazing vocals, great dancing skill, and a very kind heart! And also! Great at languages yessss that’s our talented boy! (Do i even need to mention visuals because BOI)

Please stay healthy and keep on smiling, Renjun!🖤

Also, when Mark graduates from Dream you’re gonna be the oldest!! So! Get ur shit 2gether!! lolol


“I raised a team that could do music & variety shows well which was SJ. They shed blood, sweat & tears to survive”
“My greatest achievement was debuting SJ”
“SM didn’t make Super Junior, Super Junior made SM”
“SJ is the leader & the history of KPOP itself” -Lee Sooman