A couple weeks ago I noticed a dumpster across the street from my apartment. We had some large trash items to get rid of, so we went on a stealth mission to put it in the dumpster. After unloading the trash, I noticed a bunch of really nice 3"x7" spruce beams and knew immediately I needed to take them for my own dining table project. Managed that easily, but was missing the legs and apron. I had some stuff lying around the shop, but figured I’d have to buy some 5x5 for legs. Not so. A week later on my way out to the truck to go to the lumber yard, the same dumpster provided another offering in the form of more beams and some old 2x4 (2.5" x 4" instead of today’s 1.75"x3.5"). A full table and bench provided by the Dumpster Gods. Wonderful.