smt: devil survivor 2

Akira Kurusu is NOT a good boy

You might think he’s a pure, adorable angel cause of his glasses:

But he’s actually a naughty, sexy devil when he’s not wearing them:


Repeat after me! Glasses = innocent!

Pure and innocent:

Sinful and proud:

A shy fairy:

A hungry vampire:

In conclusion, glasses = innocence

Bonus: Akira in a bunny hoodie?!

wait no that’s Hibiki Kuze from Devil Survivor 2 (*nerd voice* “Play a real SMT game yo!”)

When you notice many of your favorite shows/games are like NGE

me: This one has evangelion reference, that one has evangelion reference, your school has evangelion reference, your house has evangelion reference, you and me have evangelion reference.

You can’t run away from it. If you die that’s also an evangelion reference. Death itself is an evangelion reference.

I just realized that the voice actors of Yamato and Hibiki also voiced as Matoba and Natsume!
(Junichi Suwabe and Hiroshi Kamiya)

Seriously, I see MatoNatsu in YamaBiki. The way Yamato treats him, the way he looks at him, and the way he talks to him, are similar to Matoba to Natsume (even Yamato says, “Hibiki is mine”, and won’t doubt to kill anyone who gets in his way to make him as his). Moreover, Hibiki’ s trait is totally similar to Natsume, he doesn’t like to involve his friends in danger, and let himself to defend them. And, this lazy fuck Yamato only moves his ass if something happens to Hibiki. It’s highly recommended if you want to see more MatoNatsu feels in other anime.

Gladly, this series got a good ending.