smt: devil survivor


Because in megaten, the bromance angst is inevitable.
All of these ships play with my emotions a lot. Project smt otp + favorite band was a total killer. It’s btw everyone should listen to their songs
it took so long to make this but it was worth it.

Law Hero/Neutral Hero - Cause and Effect
it was then when I did not see, that all the things you do can be
the source of so much loss and pain, where you think only of your gain

Hibiki/Alcor - Control
I feel the waves and the sunshine.I lose myself and feel the tide.
I feel your presence at my side. I feel no rush and think I am glad.
and yet something still makes me sad.

Serph Sheffield/Heat O'brien - You will see
You will see, I can get back there.
when all was doubt, you laughed at me.
ripped me apart,
there’s no future for you and me

Hitoshura/Isamu - Escape
I’ve deprived myself of all I had, and thought I need to for my own sake. 
I didn’t think I would be so sad,
but without you I cannot escape.
deep in my heart, I want you to pull me back.
I’ve kept us apart,
I want you to fix my wreck.

Issachar/Flynn - Take my Soul
you remember the day on a meadow.
you can see the details, every little thing.
but you can’t remember what it felt like, you’re not feeling anything.
your haggard face flashes up with lightning, creepy shadows reflect your soul.
Take my soul, consume me whole.
I’m no part of this world.>

Kazuya/Atsuro - Loyalty
You made me feel needed.
You could see my soul.
I gave you my loyalty.
You chose to make me fall.

Tatsuya/Jun - Lost Alone 2
I can see your face drowning in the din of the crowd.
I absorb the sound when you are crying out loud.
I don’t know who you are. I don’t know who you are.