amphryxia submitted:
This blog needs 1000% more ruffles.

I’m not sure I accept your premise, but I can’t deny that this singular image alone would fulfill any ruffle quota.

You even ruffled your odango, Usagi.

And your neck.

Your ruffles literally have ruffles.

Are you a fine pastry, what happened here.

robotarmsapts asked:

Apologies for bugging you, I was wondering if you knew the episode(or season) of Sailor Moon that gif of Rei looking extra adorable came from?


The gif in question (AND HERE IT IS AGAIN)

comes from Episode 152, also known as One Of The Only Actual Good Things To Come Out Of SuperS.

It’s an AMAZING episode, one of my all-time favourites. Highly recommended for cute squirming Reis AND MORE.