[TRANS] 160130 Rookies Ent. Comments

Taeil:  PD-nim, please continue to look after me and cheer me on! Oh right, please love my, Taeil’s, song ‘One and Only Person’ a lot as well~~!

Hansol: PD-nim, the weather is so cold, are you dressing warmly? I, Hansol, am practicing hard to show PD-nim a good side of myself! Please continue to watch over me!! 

Johnny: Thanks for all support! Let’s all work hard so both myself and everyone else has a good day! Hwaiting!

Taeyong: Hello, PD-nim! I wish you all were healthy and experience only happy things. I’ll become an even harder working PD-nim’s Taeyong. Thank you, PD-nim! 

Yuta: Hello PD-nim!! It’s takoyaki prince, Yuta~! Don’t catch the cold and thank you always! ^_^v

Doyoung: Hello. PD-nims. Doyoung came to give the producers a hello@.@ Going from practicing alone to seeing all these messages of encouragement, I can only think of how thankful I am. I’ll work as hard as you all cheer me on to be able to pay back to the many people. Also, I will cheer you all on as much as you cheer me on. Thank you@.@

Ten: Hello. To my beautiful PD-nim. Thank you for cheering me on a lot. I am practicing hard so please anticipate a lot~! Also, the weather is really cold these days. PD-nims should beware of the cold as well! Don’t forget to smile!! Bye bye!

Jaehyun: Oh this is cool. Everyone, I am finally leaving a comment for the first timeㅋㅋ Thank you for cheering me on. I was so touchedㅠㅠ The weather these days is extremely cold so beware of the cold and let’s meet the next time.

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[SMROOKIES APP] 160205 - Jaehyun

Jaehyun has finally graduated~~ I’m excited to not be a minor anymore, but I’m also upset that I won’t be able to see my friends or teacher anymore nor wear my uniform ㅠㅠ I think I had a graduation that I’ll never forget. Thank you very very much to everybody that congratulated me ♥

trans. cr: jinhee @ fy-sr16b
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