smpte color bars


persona 4 dancing all night songs [feat. original stage costumes]
[part 2/2]

This is a tweet. This line is a tweet. It even has a #. It goes from “it’s not a game anymore” to “miss me?” as the SMPTE color bars appear. It’s being hacked. Is Moriarty or whoever is working for him infiltrating into social media now?

We also have this video from Amazon. It says HELL at the end of the URL.  This makes me wonder if Mofftiss is taking this to a whole other level. Moriarty went from hacking into government territory and blasting his image throughout London (on a show) to taking over OUR actual reality? He’s in OUR world. He’s messing with us now. Him attacking Sherlock was personal but this would be even more intimate. It would be impressive to see how far they took it as each episode airs on TV. Actual, real life tweets while we see Sherlock tweet in the episode. Actual, real life “hacks”. I don’t think that’s been done before. It would certainly blow me away if they tried something like this. Where is JM going to show up next? On a creative side, bravo, ladies and gentlemen. Bravo! *gives you every award possible* 

As a fan, I’m afraid.