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the first time Ivy and Derek take their kid to a broadway show

(AN: This one is a little short because I literally have to be on a plane in three hours, but I wanted to get it out before I left.)

“I just don’t want to be those people,” Derek said as Ivy handed him his jacket.

“The people who take their children to see musicals? What, would you rather her do something practical with her time?” his wife asked sarcastically.

“I don’t want to be the bloke who takes a child to the theatre when they can’t handle it. What if she cries? What if she gets restless? It’s distracting,” he said worried. He had a reputation of professionalism to protect.

“Derek, babe, she’s not an infant. She’s four going on forty. We have possibly the only mature toddler in Manhattan.” She had a point. Derek didn’t have much experience with kids before his own, but Emma did seem unusually reasonable for someone who couldn’t even read yet.

“Plus,” Ivy continued grabbing her purse and her keys,”you’ve been playing What To Do A The Theatre with her ever since I got these tickets. Relax, it’s Lion King, not Tosca.”

“They’re doing that at the Met this spring.”

“Really? We should get tickets.”

“I already have them on hold,” Derek said with a smile.

Ivy laughed and kissed her husband. “This is why we need to just bite the bullet and take our daughter to a Broadway show. It’s who we are. Now suck it up!”

“Is it time to goooo yet?” Emma yelled from the hallway where she had been waiting to leave for the last half hour.

Derek sighed. It was now or never.


Derek had seen The Lion King when it opened years ago - he was friendly with Julie Taymor at the time and had dated a dancer playing a leaf or something - but he hadn’t seen it at least ten years. 

He didn’t really see it during this Wednesday matinee either. He was too busy watching his daughter.

At first it was to make sure Emma was behaving herself, but then when she had become so still and before the opening number he was hit with a fear he didn’t know he had.

What if Emma didn’t like it? What if she didn’t like musicals or plays or ballets? What if, somehow, he and Ivy were raising a philistine? 

But he didn’t have to worry for long because as the first few notes were played and all those weird puppets started coming out of the woodwork Emma’s eyes grew large and sparkled. She sat up in her seat (her very close seat, thanks to her parents’ various connections) and leaned forward.

Derek looked over his daughter’s head and locked eyes with Ivy who was sitting on her other side. She had see the same thing. Emma had caught the bug. She was swept up in the magic of the theatre.

They didn’t watch anything else for the rest of the show.

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Face Off 1003

Hey all! The episode of Face Off I guest-judged for aired yesterday. In it I created six different sketches and created a sentence in each one. I then recorded these sentences to .mp3, and we gave them to the models trying out for the episode. Of those that tried out, the six best were chosen, and then each one chose a track that would become their language. They then practiced with it and recorded it in a studio, and that’s the track you heard on the show. Even better: They had to keep practicing the lines so that they could say them live during the reveal.

I have to say, I was thoroughly impressed by the models’ performances, because I didn’t make the samples easy. This was Face Off, after all. They had to be pretty wild.

Below is each sample used on the show. I designed each of these with a specific goal in mind. I wanted to see if the artists would be able to pick up on what I was doing and have it influence their design. In some cases it worked; in others it didn’t. But, don’t take my word for it: Listen for yourself and see what you think!

(Note: These are my .mp3s, not the models’. It’s all in IPA, but syllables, stress, and/or tone are not marked. Periods are just periods.)

SAMPLE 1 (Walter and Rob)

My idea here was to create a language that could be spoken by a creature with no lips or tongue tip. In the sample below you’ll notice that there are no labial consonants, no coronal consonants, and no rounded vowels. (This was half an idea I toyed with for the Liberata when we thought they were going to be all CG.)

ʀaːχeŋ qɑ kaːjaħ kǝ kχɛɢɪŋ qɑi. ŋaʀ kǝ ħɑːʔɪkǝ kǝ gǝŋaʀʀehi. (AUDIO)

SAMPLE 2 (Njoroge and Ant)

This sample was done without using voicing. There are few vowels, and all the vowels are whispered (note that I didn’t bother with the little ring in the IPA. Just know that they’re whispered).

fsːq’ st'k ksː pʃk’. hɛftθː spst khi ʃk’ t'p’t’ tʃif ʃǝħǝ shæh. (AUDIO)

SAMPLE 3 (Johnny and Rob)

This sample had some clicks (underspecified for secondary articulations, because I figured whatever click the model managed to do was fine), tone, and nasal vowels. The model who got this one really got into it. He did a pretty great job.

!aːvuk'uːsipents'iũ ʘene tʃaʔeǁoːke sõ bu!akiː ãdoːsehiaː. (AUDIO)

SAMPLE 4 (Melissa and Katie)

This sample has no vowels. I imagined it might be well suited to a creature that couldn’t open its mouth too widely. (This was the other half of the Liberata idea.)

krː tŋkl m çn strt vlʒn sklːr. krː smpts ldn jl mbrzd tʃm. (AUDIO)

SAMPLE 5 (Yvonne and Anna)

Those who followed my work on Defiance know that I designed Castithan to be spoken very quickly. Those who followed my work more closely will know that a lot of the choices I made totally backfired, making Castithan a pain in the butt to speak quickly. In this sample, I tried to correct those errors, and the results are pretty darn fast.

tanǝɾǝ kaɾi manɛɾǝɾǝ vali gavalǝ jaɾigi bazaɾe vatɛɾomɛ kizonudaɾubɛ. (AUDIO)

SAMPLE 6 (Kaleb and Mel)

This sample is more or less normal, with the caveat being that it alternates between egressive and ingressive airstreams. It was the longest of the samples, and they cut it down a bit when they aired the episode, as you’ll hear.

faːloʃǝn peːnowe ksomuːʒaka meːta kaveːjasox ʃoːkɨn tsu pa kɛʃ. (AUDIO)


I was pleased that everyone tried to incorporate the language sample into their design in some way. I thought the throat bladder thing in Kaleb and Mel’s was really inspired, and I thought the mouth that Njoroge and Ant went with made sense with the voiceless language (would’ve worked for Melissa and Katie’s, too). Some cues were missed, but, of course, this was done backwards. Usually it’s the producers saying, “Here’s this crazy character with a funky jaw/no lips/no vocal folds, etc. Give it a language”, not the other way around. I thought everyone did a pretty awesome job.

Also, it was producer Pooneh Zandazma (with a Valyrian last name if I’ve ever heard one) who asked me to be on the show in the first place, and we worked together to figure out what kind of challenge made sense, so thank you, Pooneh! I think it worked out great.

There is one thing I’m sad about, though. In discussing my appearance (this was last June, remember), Pooneh asked me how I wanted to be introduced. Naturally they were going to start with Game of Thrones, because it’s the biggest show going right now. Considering when the episode was airing, it would’ve been perfect to mention that I’m also working on MTV’s The Shannara Chronicles and the CW’s The 100 (since the two shows literally sandwich Face Off, airing the day before and the day after, respectively). Those were the obvious choices. But seeing as Face Off is on Syfy, and because Syfy has been so good to me over the years (both the network and everyone working on the shows I worked on), I thought it would be great to mention Defiance and Dominion. At the time it aired, I expected to be working on season 4 of Defiance and season 3 of Dominion. Those seasons wouldn’t have aired till much later, of course, but it would’ve been a nice off-season boost, so I told them to say I worked on Game of Thrones, Defiance, and Dominion. Of course, fans of those latter two shows know what happened. And it makes me feel like a real jerk for not mentioning The 100 and The Shannara Chronicles. It would’ve been a great promotion for two shows that have also been very good to me right when they could most benefit from it. Instead I had them promote two shows that have been canceled—which also makes it look like I haven’t got as much going on now to those who’d never heard of me or conlanging beforehand. That’s how things go sometimes, though. :(

Overall, lots of fun. The glare and the sunburn from the first day was worth it. :)

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Derek meets up with Ivy and their kid for dinner or lunch but when their kid sees him she gets excited and runs into the street to see him.

(AN: Sorry it took longer than originally promised. My heart was broken and I had to put it back together to finish this… also I spent like an hour trying to figure out what Ivy would order for Derek because I am neurotic.)

“She’ll have the grilled cheese and I’ll have the Waldorf salad. Oh, and my husband is meeting us, can you get him the gazpacho,” Ivy ordered as her three-year old sat coloring intensely outside the cafe. 

“Emma, honey, what are you doing?”

“I’m drawing a picture for Daddy to put in his script.” Ivy sighed. Derek was in the middle of a new play and that meant he didn’t have a lot of time to see his wife or - more importantly - his daughter much. She didn’t blame him. It was the same thing when Ivy was in a show. It was just what came with the job. 

Still, Emma was beginning to notice her parents’ absence more and more. It broke Derek’s and Ivy’s hearts to be away from her so much, but they had to work. That’s why they started putting pictures of Emma and drawings she made in their scripts. Everyone felt a little closer to each other. And Emma loved to make things for them to bring to rehearsal.

“I’m sure he’ll love it,” Ivy said as she checked her phone only to find a disappointing text from Derek.

idiot playwright still talking about edits. hate him. miss you. be there soon as I can.

Great. Emma looked up from her crayons to see her mother frowning at her phone.

“You OK, Mommy?” She asked.

“I’m fine, baby, but Daddy’s going to be a little late.” 

The little girl’s face fell, but this wasn’t the first time she heard something like this. 

“Ok,” she said quietly and went back to coloring. Ivy tried not to notice that she was pushing her crayons on the paper with a bit more force. 

Twenty minutes later she was glad she had ordered the gazpacho for Derek because anything else would have gone cold while they were waiting for him to arrive. She had finished her salad and had gotten Emma to eat some of her grilled cheese, but her daughter had insisted on saving the majority of her lunch to eat with Derek. She was still working hard on her drawing when Ivy’s phone lit up with another text.

pulling up now.

Ivy looked across the street to see a cab pull up to the curb. “Finally,” she said.

Emma’s head whipped up at the sound of her mother’s voice. She followed her gaze to the cab where they could now see Derek getting out.

“Daddy!” she said and before Ivy could stop her she grabbed her drawing, jumped out of her seat and ran into the street to meet Derek.

“EMMA!” Ivy heard herself screaming she chased after her, but Emma was already pretty far ahead. 

Derek seeing what was happening sprinted to their daughter and grabbed her up just as an on-coming car slammed on it’s brakes.

Ivy’s heart had stopped. She didn’t even realize what was happening until the car honked it’s horn aggressively telling them to get out of the street.

Instinctively, Ivy flipped the driver off and tried to resist the urge to go over there and beat the shit out of him for almost hitting her child. Derek was walked over to her with a now crying Emma.

M-my picture! My pic-picture!” Emma wailed. Ivy inspected her closely as Derek sat her down at their table, making sure there wasn’t a scratch or bruise or broken bone before she registered that Emma no longer had her drawing. It must have gotten lost in the shuffle somehow. That was why she had run into the street, to give Derek her picture.

“Emma Margaret Wills, you are not to ever, EVER, do that again. You DO NOT run into the street like that. It’s not safe. You could have been seriously hurt!” Ivy felt herself begin to cry. She was relieved that nothing more serious had happened, but she was still angry and scared. At Emma for running into the street. At herself for yelling at her daughter. At Derek for being late. At herself again for not being a better mother. She felt like a failure on all accounts.

“B-but I had to show Daddy the picture and now it’s gone,” Emma choked out between tears.

“Emma,” Derek said with such force that it momentarily ceased her tantrum, “I don’t care about your picture. The only thing I care about is that you and your mum are safe. You should never go in the street with out a grown up. Do you understand?”

Emma just nodded her head.

“Good,” Derek said as he pulled her into a hug and kissed the top of her head. “Now how about you make me another drawing while I eat my lunch?”

They spent the next several minutes in silence. Ivy had wiped away her tears and tried to get her breathing back to normal. She didn’t want to think about what could have happened, but she couldn’t help thinking that spending so much time away from Emma was the route of the problem.

“I think I need to take a break,” she said suddenly.

“You’re not even eating,” Derek looked up from his gazpacho, confused.

“No, I mean from working. Well, not working entirely, but the soap has been asking me back and they’re really flexible. If I wanted I could make it so I only have to shoot a few times a month or less….”

“Whoa, slow down,” Derek interrupted. “What are you talking about?”

“Derek,” Ivy began looking at their daughter who was quietly coloring and pretending not to listen to her parents. “We have both been working not stop since Emma was born, I don’t want to miss everything. My mother missed everything. This was a wake-up call. I need to back away for a while.”

Derek sat quietly. Ivy was sure he was about to try and talk her out of it, but her mind was made up. The theatre world needed to take a back seat for a while, she loved her work, but her daughter had to come first. She couldn’t let- 

“I’m going to quit the play,” Derek said suddenly.


“You’re right. We need to pull back. I hate the bloody thing anyway.”

“You can’t do that,” It was one thing for her to put her career on hold, but Derek’s was still in a more fragile place than her’s was.

“Why the hell not? We’ve both got our Tony’s for Gatsby. We don’t really need the money. You can do the soap and I’ll direct the occasional CSI.” 

“Derek, your reputation -”

“I don’t give a -” he turned to look at his daughter who was taking a bite out of her grilled cheese and not even bothering to hide the fact that she was listening anymore, “flying you-know-what about my reputation, Ivy. I care about our family.”

He had a point. 

“A flying what, Daddy?” Emma suddenly asked. Ivy laughed. Derek laughed. Emma was still confused, but she just went back to her drawing.

They were a family. And their family came first.

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"Ivy tells her mother she is pregnant and Leigh does not react well."

(AN: not my best, but at least it’s done before I go away tomorrow…)

Ivy sat in the dressing room nervously reapplying her make up. Today was her mother’s last performance in Bombshell. Eileen was throwing her a party tonight to celebrate. By tomorrow morning she would be back in Connecticut and resume retirement. It would be months before Ivy would have to see her again. She tried not to appear giddy at the thought.

“You almost ready, darling?” Derek asked, interrupting her internal struggle as he entered. Ivy wondered if Leigh had noticed that she was back together with Derek. It had been two weeks since the Tony’s and she hadn’t said anything. They weren’t hiding it from her - it was the only thing they weren’t hiding from her - but they hadn’t said it out loud to anyone and Leigh hadn’t said anything about it to them. Ivy figured she knew, but had other things to worry about. Like herself.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to talk to her with you?” Ivy could tell Derek was trying to be cool and above it all, but she knew the last thing he wanted to do was to tell The Leigh Conroy that he’d knocked-up her daughter.

“No,” Ivy said. “It’s okay. It’ll probably be better with just me anyway.”

“If you insist.” He gave his girlfriend a quick kiss. “I’ll meet you at the party. Let me know how it goes.”

“Oh, I will.”

Ivy finished her make-up just as Leigh burst into the dressing room.

“Darling, what is taking you so long? I saw Derek walk out of the building! I had hoped we’d all go to the party together,” her mother exclaimed. So she did know about them. And it seemed like she was in favor of her relationship. Ivy felt herself get a bit more confident.

“I asked him to give us some space. I wanted to talk to you.”

“What about, sweetheart?”

Ivy took a deep breath. “I just-I just wanted to say how wonderful you were tonight. And every night. I know I wasn’t crazy about it at first, but I really loved doing this show with you, Mom.” 

Leigh’s eyes shown in a way Ivy had only seen a few times in her life.

“I did too darling,” she said. She looked at Ivy, scanning her face. “But that’s not what you wanted to tell me.”

Ivy took a deep breath. It was now or never.

“Mom. I’m pregnant.”

Leigh’s eyes widened. “You can’t be serious.”

“I am. It’s Derek’s. We’re going raise it together.”

“Ivy! How could you do this?” Leigh snapped.

“Well, I didn’t plan it-”

“Obviously! Oh, Ivy how could you be so foolish! You’ve waited years to get your big break and now you’re going to just throw it all away.” 

Ivy stood up. This was not going the way she had hoped. 

“I’m not throwing it away. I’m  having a baby!” 

Leigh grabbed Ivy’s shoulders. 

“A baby could ruin everything, darling. I’m trying to look out for you,” she said.

“Did a child ruin everything for you?” Ivy asked. Leigh sighed. They both knew that neither one of them was going to sway the other tonight or possibly ever. 

Ivy knew deep down that her mother did this out of love, but it didn’t make her reaction hurt any less. 

“Alright,” she said “let’s put this on hold for tonight. Tonight is about you.”

“Alright, darling,” Leigh agreed. “But you have to tell your father and brother about this.”

“Can’t wait.”