First promo photo of the limited @SmplxCartel #420 tank-tops that will release this weekend.

First design features the kush pattern on our OG ribbon logo.

The second design is inspired by a secret society in DC that dub themselves the #Chilluminati, and the infamous Illest brand done up in the kush pattern.

We will be shipping well before 4/20 so that you can spark up while wearing one of our best releases this season. 

The kush ribbon tank-top will also be available in white.

More detailed photos will be released up until the initial release. 

The @SmplxCartel Galactic All-Star Pack is inspired by Nike’s Galaxy theme for 2012’s NBA All-Star Weekend and Pharrell’s BillionaireBoysClub line.

The pack consists of 3 black t-shirts that will feature a mix of the designs above. The designs will have the custom nebula pattern seen in the above ad, similar to the one seen on the various Nike’s set to release this weekend. 

To also go along with Nike’s use of the glow-in-the-dark color, the right sleeve of each piece will feature the OG Smplx® ribbon in the same effect. 

The pack will be available via online boutique separate from the main shop.

Each item is carefully designed with Nike’s and NBA’s upcoming events in mind, but are not limited to such. 

You can rock these pieces year round with anything.


Follow @SmplxCartel for more updates and link to the special online boutique come Feb 25th. 

#SCC #SmplxCartelClub #SpaceRabid #USpaceRace #Astronaught

@SmplxCatel Hometown pride.

Always wanted to do an animal based off of the infamous “Planet of the Ape’sBAPE logo.

I tried to make it a rabid for 2 hours before giving up. But then I realized the hair on the ape looked similar to a lion’s mane…so naturally, I ran with it.

It was much easier but also super FUCKING challenging. The face took the most time because it’s made from scratch. No one on the internet has a picture of a lion’s head in the 2/3'rd posture. 

It wasnt until I was finally finished and satisfied with the design, that I realized the damn thing didn’t have ears. Believe it or not, the ears were equally as challenging.  At one point it started to look like a different animal.

I’m happy it’s done and will most likely go on a shirt later down the road. I don’t think I’m finished with the design though. 

What do you think?

@SmplxCartel x #Redskins

My take on the #Redskins logo. A local DC skateshop, @Palace5ive, have already released two versions since I created this almost a year and a half ago.

Their versions reflect the hispter culture where I tried to make mine reflect the streets.  

The logo features face tats similar to Lil Wayne’s with a DC appeal. Both of the Washington Nationals logos are displayed as face tats along with the Metro Transit map tatted on the neck.I think it’s pretty cool but still needs some work before it goes on a shirt.

Let me know what you think.