So I went to the hard rock for the first time the other day with some friends. This was our waitress Kierra. Let me explain to you just how wonderful she is. She was bubbly from the second she came over and was nothing but amazing till we left. She was so friendly it was impossible to not love her. She even helped us celebrate Morgan’s birthday by getting the entire restaurant to wish her a happy birthday. If anyone gets the chance to visit the hard rock in Philly I really hope you get to meet this wonderful woman.

We visited a graveyard today to get some photos and among the graves we found the grave of a little 11 year old girl named Ashton. On her grave the family set up a love bucket with cute little things for kids and a sign that said “Need some love? Take it! Got some to spare? Leave it!”
I left a pair of bright orange sunglasses for someone who might like them and in return I took this painted stone so I could remember Ashton.

I’d also like to think she was saying hello to us because one of the pinwheels next to her grave started spinning quickly with no wind blowing. The other two next to it were completely still as well.