smothering me

Femme Poeme

Women possess art.
And I wish to be possessed
By women and their art.
A woman, with her artfulness,
Should find me useful, as her
Fingers walk across my lean
Body and she decides what
To caress and what to scratch.
I am exactly what a woman’s
Art would discover. Smother me
In art and love and desire.
Investigate my fine extravagance.
If you bid me, I advance.


why is no one talking about how Victor very explicitly declares he wants to take Yuuri’s virginity

Inception is only cool in movies

My mom was choking me to death, and I thought I woke up screaming, a couple minutes later she, my stepdad, and my brother came into my room, worried as all get-out. I tried to explain, it was just a dream, I’m fine, but then she started trying to kill me again, I then thought I woke up screaming, she began to smother me, and then I woke up for real.

Fake Chats #33
  • Jimin: Jungkookie, are you crying?
  • Jungkook: w-we won artist of the y-year, hyung!
  • Jimin: yeah, we did, pretty amazing, huh?
  • Jungkook: I can't believe it! I-I'm just...
  • Jimin: shook?
  • Jungkook: you're supposed to be smothering me with love and hugs right now
  • Jimin: I'm sorry *kisses the top of Kookie's head* it's okay baby, you can cry if you want to
  • Jungkook: m'not a baby *hiding his face in Jimin's jacket*
  • Jimin: *strokes Kookie's hair* sure baby, whatever
And these things hurt the most, like I’ve been falling for you for such a long time… you still decided to pick him and I’m not mad, but please just don’t lead me on– I had an innocent heart before I met you, love turns beauty into the beast and roses into the wilted, we are still trying to understand the bicycle ride, band-aids and letting go– we forgot about the training wheels, those conversations right before we split up, the one where you said your honesty– I’ll always love you for it. You told me “don’t you ever regret a thing, life’s too short to suffocate yourself.” Although I’ve breathed for a whole decade without your atmosphere to smother me, I still wonder about that conversation– the most real you’ve ever been to me, I appreciate you for it.
—  shallow relationships and deep conversations
1d as cures for insomnia...
  • Harry : lights up some candles (a lot of candles), puts on some new age music, and stands in the middle of your bedroom, showing you how to do the camel pose. Is good sleep a person, is it a place, is it an emotion? Who knows.
  • Niall : takes you out to a pub, makes you laugh until you're crying and gets you a little drunk. There's nothing a few beers in good company can't cure.
  • Louis : drags you to a club, then hits you up for some good old fashioned Mortal Kombat if you're still on your feet when you get back. If you're not snoring as soon as your head hits the pillow, you just haven't partied hard enough.
  • Liam : makes you some hot cocoa before putting on Toy Story with the sound way down low, wraps an arm around your back, a comfy blanket over your lap, and lets you cuddle up to him on the couch, getting soothed by the low rumbling in his chest evrrytime he tries to keep his laughter down. No matter how much you want to stay awake you're asleep in 10mn flat.

My cat:
- follows me everywhere
- watches me in the bath
- watches me in the toilet
- tries to take my food
- drinks out of my cup
- walks on my laptop when I try to work
- tries to smother me to death by laying on my face in my sleep
- bites me whenever I don’t show her enough attention

*holds cat*

My cat: