Best Kind of Medicine

In which college Harry is sick and Y/N forgets everything to help nurse him back to health.

Fluff / 1.8k words.

Requested by @titanicbuff1912. Requests are open if anyone else wishes to send something in!

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A basic summary of how the ML squad reunites after an akuma attack.

(Based on that one scene from Beyond the Boundary)


Pro tip: Listen to ‘Sleeping at last’ it gives all the sheith feels. 

I actually drew the first two images before I saw the season (minus the first ep) but I didn’t want to put salt in the wounds to quick by bringing up Adam.. Not really fond of the guy, sry.

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shorter men (on average) are

  • closer to face level, easier to talk to
  • less overbearing physically
  • lower weight class, a more equal match in hand-to-hand combat

from a dating perspective, these are all things women appreciate