For anyone who is feeling controlled, restricted, smothered, caged, trapped, tied down, or imprisoned.

Just know that it is YOUR life and you can do WHATEVER you want. I’m 17 years old and being a teenager is probably one of the most carefree, fun, and reckless peroids in anyone’s life. But it can also be one of the worst times in ones life. Being a teenager is basically about finding who you are; the transition from being a child who is innocent and who depends on other people for survival, to an adult who is mature, is ready to take on the real world and make mature decisions. My mother divorced my father when I was three years old. After the divorce she had to raise me basically all on her own, which must have been very hard for her. Over the years my mother has tried to provide me with the best life she could give me, but even in her strong attempt to raise me with love, there were many times where she would go wrong. As I grew into an adolescent, I naturally began to form my own opinions and my own style. My mother has her own unique way of thinking, and me being her daughter she tried to teach me her ways of life. As it turned out my personality, beliefs, and preferences were completely different then hers. I started becoming intrigued with the arts and fantasy and all of the mysteries that life holds. My sense of style became… different… in comparison to my moms, and she deffinitly did NOT like that. Overall I was becoming a person my mother did not want me to be. She resented me for it and she tried desperatly to change me. After a while I became fed up with how much my mom tried to controll me. When I was 12 my father left the state due to personal matters and by the time I was 13  my mother married my stepfather who also has very strong opinions on where I should be going with my life. Due to these two major events, I began to rebel more and more becoming locked inside myself in fear that if I ever said something, my mother would hate me even more.  As time went on I began to resent myself because most of my family did not like the person I was becoming. I mean generally im a pretty good kid (besides my grades ahaha) but music took control of my life and I began to look to it for the sake of my sanity. I shut down completly from my family and I think the reason why I was having such a hard time with my parents was because I never really stood up for myself and told them that i was capable of making my own decisions. Finally one day I was so tired of being controlled, I snapped. It wasent pretty but in the end I told my mom that I couldent take her constantly judging me for who i was and that I was never going to change. And if I DID end up changing it would be MY decision because it is MY life. I think that got through to her somehow and she saw me in a different light. She began to respect my opinions and understood that I am a person and it was time she stopped treating me like a child. As time went on things got better all because I was standing up for myself.

You see, we were all born with free will for a reason. Regardless of weather or not you’re a teenager or an adult, sometimes you will feel controlled by someone or even something. If you feel you are caged just know that YOU have the key to the door. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. It may be tempting to avoid the situation and carry on, pushing it out of your mind but ask yourself… What do YOU need to do?