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Long Live the Queen Pt. 4 (M)

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Warnings: Rated M for possibly mature themes in future updates, probably smut, swearing, murder, violence. I might get a little crazy with this

Summary: Jungkook’s name on the streets is the ‘Golden Prince’ for all the fanciful things he’s taken as his own. As a thief he can steal anything, even when he’s propositioned to steal the Queen herself. Stealing her heart however, will prove to be another matter completely.

A/N: Wow, I feel like this took me forever to finish… I just- I struggled a lot. The first part was easy, but I got really stuck at the end. Story idea credit goes to @bangtanclouds, and this chapter is in dedication to them since I don’t think they’re having too great of a time right now, so cheer up! ^~^

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(anonymous said: being aslaugs daughter and being pregnant would include please)

(a/n: i really enjoyed doing this one for you, lovely! i hope that you like what i have come up with, and much more, i hope that this is everything that you imagined it would be. thanks soooo much for sending in your request! this was a pleasure for me to write. please enjoy, sunshine! and drop more requests in the ask box whenever you wish! - admin kat 🌙❣️)

◾ Being Aslaug’s daughter and being pregnant would be such a joyous time! Your mother would wear a permanent beam upon her complexion and you would simply make her heart melt. She would be immensely proud! 

◾ You would most likely be smothered by your mother’s presence, as it would be vague that she would ever leave your side.

◾ After all, your mother has bore many children of her own - including yourself - and would offer much advice, ensuring that you know that every pregnancy is different, but being sure to empathize with you where applicable.

◾ “Mother!” You would snipe at her, your bite pretty much poisonous. “Will you leave me be for one moment?! I can’t even piss without you holding my hand!

◾ “Now, now, my beloved daughter.” Aslaug, your mother, would pronounce rather sternly. “You should never speak to your mother in such a harsh way. If anything, I would have appreciated my mother being there for me when I fell with child. So be grateful that you have somebody close to you; whom is flesh and blood, that relates to you.” She would state slowly, peering into your eyes like you were a child once more. “After all, there could be much worse things that could happen to you, daughter.

◾ Your mother being the first of everyone to feel the baby kick.

◾ Honestly, nothing would be able to bring your mother down whilst you were pregnant.

◾ Your brothers would be extra protective of you - more so than usual -, and anybody who dared to even think a foul word of you, let alone speak of one, would certainly feel the wrath of their sharp end of their axes!

◾ Ragnar would be pleased also. He would rejoice just as much as your mother would, declaring that there should be a celebration for your new baby; hoping that it would be a son, but not minding if it turned out to be a girl either.

◾ If your lover or husband left you, your family would ensure that anybody who would look down upon you would soon look up at you instead: For the Lothbrok’s are a fierce bunch to trample over.

◾ “I am overjoyed that you are with child, dear (Y/N)!” Ragnar would grin at you, peering from your breathtaking countenance to your slowly swelling belly. “Please, if there is anything that I may be able to do for you, let me know. I never got the chance to see my beloved daughter, Gyda, grow up and have children of her own, so it would be my honor to be there for you.

◾ Your brothers being more than over the moon when they hear that you’ve fallen with child. Even Ivar would crack a smile and some comment that would almost not seem like his normal self.

◾ You would basically have a shield wall around you constantly, which would be made up of your brothers, Ragnar and your family’s close friends.

◾ Much to the ill-feelings of your mother, Lagertha - when coming to visit or hearing of your pregnancy - would be one of the first to congratulate you, giving you a hug that held so much warmth it would cause you to shed tears. She would help you in any way that she could, ensuring that you truly are treated well in her company.

◾ “I cannot describe what joy I feel for you. I believe that the Gods have blessed you with this child, ensuring greatness for you and for your beloved baby. May the Gods continue to be in your favor.” Lagertha would almost coo at you whilst holding your hands in her own, smiling so sweetly at you. “And please, never hesitate to come to me for anything. For my doors are always open for you. Now and forever.

◾ Your mother and yourself would bond even more through the process of your pregnancy, which many could not even believe, as you and your mother are almost joint to the hip the majority of times.

◾ You would often be kept close to family and under much protection. Your mother would never risk you during this time, or any time at all, for that matter.

◾ If you were a shield maiden and you wished to fight in raids, your mother would not be the only one to shut you down upon that one. Your brothers, Ragnar, Lagertha and all of Kattegat would tell you different, urging you and commanding you to stay in the safety of Kattegat.

◾ You would almost be a bit saddened that your uncle was not there to see you shine, but would quickly remember how he betrayed his people, his whole world and that he cared nothing for them or you.

◾ If you had morning sickness or felt any pain, your mother would be there to care for you, bringing out her nurturing side that would never have left you once.

◾ Helga and Floki would rejoice, also. Being close family friends, they would shower you with loving words and help you in any way that they truly could.

◾ You would already have a plan in your head over who you would have present during your pregnancy: And whatever it may be, it would be the right one.

◾ Aslaug would certainly still spoil you, ensuring that you have the finest of all clothes, jewelry, and so on… 

◾ But most of all, your mother would ensure that you feel at home. She would want and wish nothing more for you than for you to feel home. This is due to her wishing you to have all that she may not have had when she fell pregnant. Now whether that may be family support, your partners love and support, someone to guide you through the process, to feel loved and complete, but most of all appreciated and proud.

◾ Anybody who dared to stress you out during this time or jeopardize your pregnancy in any way, shape or form would certainly be a dead man or woman.

◾ Everything that Aslaug and all who love you would do regularly would be amplified a hundred fold, truly.

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itishebihime-samaforyou asked:  I want some Ennoshita, Yahaba, Kenma, Kuroo, Oikawa and Bokuto who are on their dates with their gf and everyone ( friends, relative, enemies etc ) interrupts them whenever they try to kiss, so at the end the boys have it enough and just kiss them which happens to be in front of her parents - her dad is not a great supporter of the boy though.

I’m sorry if they’re pretty short, reactions are kind of limited in this situation OTL

Honestly, who in their right mind wouldn’t approve of ENNOSHITA dating their child? It would almost seem like a nightmare if it were to happen, and sadly, it was your reality. The moment you two broke away, the sounds of a squeal and growl were heard, causing the color to drain from your faces. It was thanks to your mother smothering the two of you in a hug and cooing about how cute you guys are that saved your boyfriend from your father’s wrath…for now.

OIKAWA was sure he screwed up big time, but it’s not like it’s going to discourage him from any future attempts at PDA around your father. In fact, it only moves to encourage him to do so. The minute he hears your father clearing his throat, Oikawa is taking his sweet time of letting you go before kissing you goodbye. The blush on your face makes him smile softly in your direction, and a smirk in your father’s. Oikawa - 1, your father - 0

YAHABA was sure that he would have shit his pants if it weren’t for the fact that he would have to clean the mess up afterwards. The glare your father sent him every time you looked away made Yahaba sweat even more, and all Yahaba wanted to do was slide down his chair and hide under the table. Almost as if sensing the bad vibes your father was showing him, you held Yahaba’s hand under the table and squeezed it reassuringly, though it didn’t help against the sheer growl that escaped your father’s throat.

Maybe it was the way he smiled, or how his hair covered one of his eyes, but KUROO knew they weren’t good enough reasons for your father to not trust him. He’d try everything he can do to make your father like him, and it was starting to work until you two shared a kiss in front him. The low growl and glare you father had given him almost made Kuroo groan but refrained from doing so. Looks like it’s back to square one for him.

KENMA had watched too many Naruto episodes to know what killing intent was, and the fact that your father was oozing it out like it was nothing unnerved him. He would avoid all forms of eye contact, hiding behind his pudding colored hair as your mother would slap your father’s arm in annoyance. It didn’t help that you were laughing silently to yourself instead of ensuring that your boyfriend’s life wasn’t on the line.

BOKUTO may look oblivious to your father’s displeasure of him dating you, but he’s completely aware of the hostility that’s always directed towards him when he visits your home. He just chooses to ignore it. When he senses your father’s presence in the room, Bokuto has the decency to stop kissing you as he gives him a grin. It seems to throw your father off a lot with how innocent and naïve Bokuto looks whenever he smiles.

Begin to peel your skin away.

When she tells you she will
not be abandoned, staple her
back on. Apologize for taking
her name away. Give it back.

Do not let her out of your
sight again. She is not something
you need to make different, she
will be gone within less than
100 years, anyway.

Let her live while she
is still holding you like
you are gentle.

Remind her every day that
you are trying to be gentle.

When your muscles begin to
tear at one another, when
they cannot sleep because it
is too dark (and it will always
be too dark), swallow lullabies
like the words you watched
your mother smother into

Do not let the sounds
surrounding you break
into the softness of
your skin.

You are everything the sky
meant for you to be.

—  for girls with soft skin and tender hearts, Emma Bleker