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1. What are you proudest of in your life?

Not failing school

2. If you could spend a day with anyone (alive, dead or fictional), who would it be?

Feris Bueller dude

3. Person/people you trust the most.

Zoya and Chey

4. Would you rather breathe underwater, have the ability to fly or being able to go in outer space?


5. A memory from high-school that you remember the most. (Be it either good or bad, just the first memory that pops in your head)

i havent gotten to high school yet (oops)

6. What are you wearing right now?

a “minus green” t shirt and black pants

7. What is it that never fails making you smile?


8. Do you have a religion or have faith in something or someone? (Be it your own religion)


9. If you could be a piece of clothing, what piece would you be?

bra (ladies)

10. Your favourite fandom and why?

Homestuck cuz dem cosplays…

11. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

honestly? dead.

my questions:

1. favorite 80’s movie?

2. 7 turn ons?

3. least favorite super hero?

4. most underrated thing that you love?

5. favorite album?

6. least favorite pop group?

7. ke$ha?

8. alcohol or dem drugs??

9. isn’t Breaking Bad the best show ever?

10. relationship with mother?

11. favorite homestuck troll?(hint the answer is Tavros)

anonymous asked:

lol hey my name is charlie.
i look at this blog everyday and
im thinking about getting a tumblr just to follow you!!
btw you blog is about smosh but im sure some of us wanna hear about you!
tell us about urself!!!!

Hey Charlie! Thanks for checking out my tumblr.!

And, You don’t have to get a tumblr. just to follow me silly :P

You should totally get a tumblr. because it is SO much fun!

Ok so, I’m actually a girl… named Julia :p

And I don’t know if anyone noticed…. but i’m addicted to smosh! :P

I pretty much made this tumblr. cuz LIKE nobody in my class watches smosh :( and I wanted to show my love for them on this :P 

Hopefully, I don’t lose any followers cuz im a girl?? Like I've seen stuff like that happen. :P

Unless its hot…. jokes jokes lol