At some point there will be one last video,
One last sexy end screen dance,
One last draw Phil naked,
One last teehee,
One last bro fist,
One last SHUT UP,
One last outro,
One last sign off,
One last goodbye.
The goodbye without a “see you guys next week”.
The people we have built fandoms for will come to an end eventually,
But will we ever unsubscribe? No.
Will we ever delete our blogs dedicated to them? No.
Will we delete our fanfictions? No.
Will we throw out our merch? No.
Will we ever stop re-watching old videos? No. Will we ever move on? No.

We will never let go of the amazing people that have changed our lifes and have helped us all at one point or another… No matter how long after they log off their channels for good. We will always remember the memories created.

Will we ever forget them? Never.