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why does it have to be a crush though why can't Dan just look up to Anthony platonically lol

You’re gonna make me get all deep about a damn harmless crush, aren’t you? 

Dan has talked about owning every item of Smosh merch he could get when he was sixteen. He’s talked about Anthony and Smosh in near reverential tones before. The first time Anthony replied to him on twitter in 2010, you can practically see how Dan creamed himself over it just from Dan’s reaction on twitter. 

The relationship between Dan and Anthony is no longer fan-to-creator, it’s now creator-to-creator (with Dan in fact being the more popular in terms of numbers) and friend-to-friend. Does that mean the way Dan regards Anthony has probably changed? Of course. Does that mean the crush that Dan of ten years ago had is retroactively erased? Of course not. Does that mean that none of that feeling remains? I mean… Dan looked flustered as fuck in that video at points, adorably so. 

Dan is in a long term relationship. Anthony is a heterosexual man in a long term relationship himself. I can’t say I’ve sat down and had a conversation with him about it, but I’m just gonna guess that Phil is an adult who understands that you don’t cease finding other people attractive because you’re in a relationship and therefore he’s not threatened or bothered by whatever little bit of Dan’s teenage crush lingers.