TF: Do you think fans who haven’t yet subscribed to YouTube Red will pay $9.99 to watch Buddy System?

RM: Since YouTube Red announced its existence, we’ve been looking into people’s reactions to it. The YouTube audience is very resistant to something that seems like a big change. Any time there’s a change on the Internet…there are a lot of misconceptions about what’s actually happening. We are committed to continuing to educate our audience. We’ve made several videos about YouTube Red letting people know we’re still going to have regular free YouTube that’s ad-supported.

It’s actually been interesting over the past weeks, as we’ve talked about Buddy System, to see the softening, at least within people who watch our viewers. Once they see the content and say, “I might have to break down and pay for this.” We think we’ve made a product that’s worth paying for.  

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PAMELA HORTON she is the lady in Marks best fiends trailer!

She is a youtuber and she’s also dating Ian from Smosh ^^ 

Super lovely little chickadoo [here] is her twitter if u wanna check it out and [here] is her personal youtube ANNNND [here] is another youtube channel she’s a part of :D

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Hi! I was wondering is you could PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give a link to the moment in "SMOSH vidcon 2014 q&a" where Ian says "it's tough. Cause you gotta find someone who u really enjoy spending time with, and that's why Anthony and I are like best friends" and then I die. Anyway, I'd REALLY appreciate it if u could do that for me. I've been trying to find it. Thank you so much!!

Sweetie, I’ve scoured YouTube for SOOO long trying to find it again, but I haven’t been able to. I sorta dismissed it thinking there’d be a high-quality version of it somewhere, but boy was I wrong!

IF ANYONE CAN FIND THIS CLIP, PLEASE LET US KNOW!!! I’d love to be crushed by the weight of my own feels again!

I’m pretty sure I reblogged it, but I’m not entirely sure.

Name and Song Tag

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(For the dashes I’m just gonna put random songs that I like lol)

W - “With You” - Pippin

U - “Ultimate Assassin’s Creed 3 Song” - Smosh

- - “태풍 The Eye” - Infinite

Y - “Yggr (ft. MC Meta)” - Illionaire Records

I - “In Common” - Alicia Keys

- - “뱁새 Silver Spoon” - BTS

M - “Monster” - EXO

A - “Abracadabra” - Brown Eyed Girls

N - “Never Again” - Kelly Clarkson

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