smosh throwback

✨Smosh Throwback Month: Courtney Miller (follow her! @smoshcourtney) ✨

Top 5 Fun Facts:

1) As a talented FX Makeup Artist, she has done makeup on Logan Paul for a Soulja Boy music video.

2) Her accidental snapchat of her butt that surfaced in the past is now a running joke in the fandom.

3) The voice of Flan in “Food Battle X” was done by Courtney.

4) Olivia has occasionally fondled her breasts as a joke in multiple behind the scenes of “Every Blank Ever”.

5) She has a preferance for Marvel over DC, however she is a fan of Wonder Woman as seen in some of her vlogs and has posters of Wonder Woman.

What other fun facts do you think are interesting?

✨Olivia Top 5 Fun Facts coming tomorrow✨

shaynetopp: You’re probably looking at this picture and thinking “Oh there’s a dude wearing a tiny sombrero”, but that’s not true at all. In fact, that is a full-sized, regular sombrero. How is this possible? Simple - my head is abnormally gigantic. When I was born, the doctor was like, “where’s his body? This is just a giant head.” People ask me why I work out, and the answer is that unless I maintain a certain amount of muscle mass, my skeleton would crumble beneath the massive weight of my monster noggin.