smosh family!

I know he’s covered in roses and stuff, bUT THAT FREAKING BOY IS WEARING SUNGLASSES INDOORS. GET. HIM. HELP.

My Father is a Smosher

Quickie introduction, since this post is not going to be about me, but for someone important in my life. My name is Kaitlyn, I’m 19 and a college sophomore, currently studying English.

Okay, now onto who this is truly about; my father.

My dad is one of the kindest men out there. He has a good heart and will not judge anyone. He’s the kind of person that once you start a conversation with, he would be your best friend in an instant. He’s a huge geek and was a huge lover of Dungeons and Dragons, Monty Python, Talisman, and some video games. He’s also a huge goofball and has a sick and twisted sense of humor which passed down to me. He’s a loving husband and treats my mother right as she treats him right, too. They are each other’s backbone, and even if they drive each other crazy sometimes, they will never be apart.

Unfortunately, a thing called life has not been good to my father and my family.

In 2015, my father was laid off from his job of 26 years because of financial issues the company was having. He was devastated as he loved working there. He started to feel a bit down, but was determined to get back on his feet. He started taking a part time job as a pizza delivery man, which isn’t much, but it made some money. Meanwhile, he went on countless interviews, and finally, in early 2016, things began to look up as he got a new job after being unemployed for about a year. That happiness was short lived, because after a few months, he was fired because the company didn’t believe he was working to “their standards.” Now, he’s back on the job market, looking for something while working part time delivering pizza and part time at retail while we struggle to keep up with the bills.

To help my father feel a bit better, I introduced him to YouTube, since a lot of YouTubers have helped me get through my darkest times. Particularly, I showed him Smosh because I knew he would get a lot of their jokes since he was a geek and had a weird sense of humor. There’s not one Smosh video where I didn’t see him smile and laugh. Not only has Smosh provided a distraction for all that is going on in our life, but it gave me and my father something to bond over. So far, his favorite videos are “Every Walking Dead Ever,” “Every Dog Ever,” and “Dixon Cider” (did I mention we are both immature?).

I recently emailed Prank It Fwd and and asked if there is a way I can surprise my father by meeting Ian and Anthony. I know that is huge wishful thinking, but I want something good to come for my father after all he has been through, and I don’t think anything would make him feel more better than meeting the men that helped him get distracted from everything and something that bought him and his daughter something special to share.

@smosh if you are reading this (and you might not be), I really hope you can make my father have a huge smile on his face again. Even if it is something like a video message personalized for him, I want him to finally have something good happen to him that he can remember for a long time.

Thank you to everyone who are reading this. Please spread the word so my mom and I can see my father’s real smile and laugh. 


We were all stressed from work so we decided to go out for the night. It had been awhile since I had gone out so I was very excited. I put on a nice dress and heels. My makeup and hair were on point as well. I looked hot. I smiled at my reflection and grabbed my purse. I drove to the bar and met up with the Smosh Games crew. “You ready girl?” Mari asked. “Hell yeah!” She smirked and pulled me inside. The strong smell of sweat and alcohol hit me. The music was blaring and strobe lights lit up the room. She dragged me to the bar and we ordered some drinks. “Hey Mari! Come here.” Sohinki called from the table. “Alright. Stay here and wait for the drinks okay?” I nodded and she left. A guy, slightly taller than me, slowly slipped over next to me. “Hey sweet cheeks. You’re looking good.” “I’m also not interested. Goodbye.” I said and turned away from him. “Hey hey hey. Now don’t do that. Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven my angel?” “No but I did scrape my knee crawling up from Hell.” “Ooh feisty one you are. I like that in women.” I scoffed and texted Joven. He slid his hand onto my lower back. “Hey sir. I’d like it if you would get your hand off of my girlfriend.” I hear Joven say angrily. “Oh sorry pal. Didn’t know she was taken. You got a good one.” He said, stepping away. “Oh I know.” Joven said with a chuckle as he grabbed my waist lightly. The guy walks away and moves to his new victim. “Thank you.” I breathe out in relief. “No problem, girlfriend.” I laugh. “My hero!” He smirks and flexes. “Oh wow. Look at you.” I realize that his hand is still on my waist but I let him keep it there. It feels..right. I smile as he leads me back to the table and pulls out a seat for me.

socorni (laserhinki) leaving smosh games???

i’ve been watching smosh since 2009 and smosh games since they were established in 2012 and honestly anthony leaving smosh hit me so hard and now they’re back at it again, hitting me so hard, because my two favorite SG members, lasercorn and sohinki, are both leaving smosh games :( 

now, i saw this coming since it paralleled with how ian and anthony left SG in late 2014 where they brought out flitz and wes every other video to have the fans get a feel for them before they officially replace ian and anthony which is the exact same thing they did with damien and boze. but… it’s sad to me nonetheless.  

i’ve been watching them for such a long time and while this sucks, i’m truly grateful that sohinki and lasercorn were introduced to us because they were and still are going to be my favorite SG members even though they’re gone. i basically watched SG vidoes religiously since they debuted but i don’t think i’ll be doing that anymore. but this isn’t goodbye, lasercorn and sohinki are both going to be guest starring in videos anyways and they have their own channels, so there’s that. i’ll probably watch it then. 

but anyways i’m so stoked for both of their upcoming projects and i’m still going to be supporting them no matter what. people grow, things happen, and plans change, but the only thing we the smosh family can do now is accept it and support them through it. reminder that they’re never going to be replaced by damien and boze. they’re just simply an add on to the smosh family because lasercorn and sohinki are the OG! there’s no replacing them. so there. I am so very excited to see them grow even more. i love them both so much, they’re always going to be #1 (i dont have a favorite when it comes to them two). 

smosh games gothic
  • athletically, mari is good at everything. athletically, flitz is also good at everything. together, they are completely unstoppable. you feel a strange obligation to treat them as royalty. they are far more talented than you could ever hope to be. you stop trying, for they will always best you at everything you try to do. all hail mari and flitz, gods among men. all hail.
  • there are shows on smosh games. there are quite a lot of shows on smosh games. there are so many shows on smosh games that you cannot possibly name them all. smosh games is trying to get rid of all but a few to keep the chaos from spreading. they cannot win. there will always be more shows.
  • the squad is doing something Important at all times. you do not know what it is. apparently, neither does anyone else. you ask the squad what they are doing. you catch a glimpse of a man you used to know smiling fondly at them before they disappear in an Important cloud of smoke smelling faintly of secrets. you are unbelievably thankful for the squad’s efforts.
  • someone is going to receive a punishment. it will be live. it will be big. it will be entertaining. you are not exactly sure when this punishment will take place, nor can you remember why anyone is being punished. in fact, you can’t recall the video where this punishment was decreed. still, deep in your chest, you know it is going to happen eventually. something rumbles ominously in the distance.
  • joven has lost again. no one is sure exactly what joven has lost, or when he lost it, but you’re sure he lost. he injured himself and a cameraman in the process. something is broken. the building is on fire. no one has seen wes in weeks.

Somebody recently asked me why I like Smosh/Smosh Games so much, so I thought I’d share some of my thoughts.

I love Smosh because they are one of the only channels that I watch that can genuinely make me laugh.

I love Smosh because I love their group dynamic— especially during summer and winter games when they’re all together.

I love Smosh because the entire Smosh Squad and Smosh Games group is so funny and full of talent and they are some of my favorite people. They’re all amazing humans and I want nothing more than to hug them.

I love Smosh because of what they’ve created. They’re one of the longest running, most successful groups of people and they continue to keep things fresh and exciting.

I love Smosh because they’ve made me incredibly happy on days nothing is going right.

I love Smosh, because they’re amazing people and make me happy.

I just love Smosh.

  • I really miss these times. I get so sad when someone shows hatred for Ian or Anthony, but they adore the Smosh squad. Ian and Anthony the creators of Smosh, the creators of all this I really want smosh to be back to those times when the videos were filmed only by Ian and Anthony. Maybe this will never happen, everyone is already too used to the Smosh squad. I have a good attitude towards Courtney, Keith, Olivia, Shayne and Noah, but I want them to be just actors,crowd scene .I’m not against Winter and Summer games, but I’m against they having separate videos on the main and second Smоsh channels. I do not want when people say “Smоsh” people thought about Smosh family. Smosh is only Ian and Anthony. Sorry if someone has offended.
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