Ayooooo Smoshers!

So, I gotta praise you all. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU. You are amazing. Reblogging like crazy. New blogs poppin’ out of nowhere (OMG FEMALEDIVISION! YOU ROCK!), and everyone of you is supporting them and it just warms my heart. :)

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Yet, there is still work to be done.

I and the SR-anon have been talking and they suggested the following ideas:

- What the SMOSH fandom still needs is a fanfiction blog. Not only about Ianthony but for the whole SMOSH fam.

- another thing the fandom needs is a fanart blog where all of you artists can submit your art and get noticed. :)

- And the last part I didn’t quite understand (I also got another anon about that but I didn’t get that either XD) is some kind of RP, daddyian/anthony kind of blog. Something for the kinky and twisted-minded maybe? :D And maybe not only Ian and Anthony but for the whole SMOSH fam? I don’t know about these things, maybe one of you will! :D
UPDATE: I have been informed that this is NOT meant to be an RP blog, but rather something like sending in anons with phrases like “Imagine Anthony…”. It can, however, be kinky! So, who would be up for that? XD

So, that’s basically it. I am really proud of you guys. Of all the work you’re doing, being active, discussing, making edits, researching clothes, posting GIFs, etc. YOU ARE AWESOME!

Siberia out.

Quick shoutout to you guys -

The Smosh Renaissance is still going (alpha team, go! :b) and a little birdie told me there’s a…

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It’s @fuckyeahshaynetopp

And because my giant friend @atomicmads (sorry Mads I had to) was totally right dubbing me “Shayne Trash #1″, of course I gotta give that a shoutout. 

Go give that blog a follow if you’re Shayne trash like me (and @shitsmoshsays)! And be nice. :)