Smorzando - Smrad (Midwinter, 2008)

Typically I want to write my own bit on these, but in looking up information about this band I found little by way of details, but a couple good blog posts about this elsewhere. I’ve done a fresh upload for this with art and tagging. This has rapidly climbed the ranks of my favorite black metal albums, and this is just a demo. Fantastic, melodic stuff.

Misery is the keyword here: the music is raw and oppressive, but has all kinds of warped, seemingly disembodied melodies and half-melodies, just barely noticable, floating among the claustrophobic haze. - For The Greater Good

Smorzando also made some other tapes before Smrad, which were spread amongst friends. Limited to 200 copies, in white package (see pictures). The music has been written between 2005 and 2007. - Dumah


Smorzando - lied 1