smores vodka

@if-only-angels-could-prevail what opera??? also I love smores!!!!! vodka is gross though

I AM SO JEALOUS WHAT THE HELL!!!! Wait is it a legit original pressing or just a 60s era one? EITHER WAY I’M SO MAD!!! WITH THE BEATLES IS LIKE THE BEST ALBUM!!!! (like legit I listen to it… a lot… Not A Second Time and Don’t Bother Me and All I’ve Got To Do are some of my top Beatles tracks and all the covers are so solid! though honestly I really just love every Beatles album but ESPECIALLY the earlier ones) I’m obsessed with the Beatles and vinyl, but I only have my dad’s copy of Abbey Road from the 70′s because BEATLES VINYL IS SO EXPENSIVE BITCH

also yes embrace being That Guy with me! as long as you distance yourself from the elitism it’s all good

YYESSS I’M BREAKING DOWN IS MY SONG BITCH remember when Alison saw the revival on opening night and then said she thought of ME when freaking Stephanie J. Block was on stage performing the hell out of it? I’m an icon

SMH as (lame) Things I Have Done
  • only like 3 years late (also why is everything alcohol related with me? I'm such a mess)
  • Bitty: spent an entire day making cookies for all the cute boys that were going to be at a bonfire that night. Did not eat anything all day except frosting and McDonalds. Did not drink any alcohol, ended up being the only one throwing up at 1am.
  • Jack: got sick to my stomach the night before being part of the Medieval Fair at school because I was so nervous about messing up. In 6th grade. All I had to do was put on a costume.
  • Shitty: consistently give in to my dad's attempts to "debate" with me on topics such as" legalization of marijuana, feminism, and Donald Trump. Cry every time.
  • Nursey: Drank like 2 gallons of sangria, before being pressured into taking double shots of fireball, malibu rum, and captain on my 21st birthday. Ended up puking in the rain.
  • Dex: went to work the morning after my 21st birthday, hungover as shit and had to sell small, annoyingly happy children pumpkins and apple cider.
  • Chowder: drank like three beers at a family cookout, proceeded to tell my little brother that we are best friends, that we need to stay best friends, and that he can't grow up to be weird like Uncle Dave and never come to family functions
  • Ransom: emptied an entire bucket of Halloween candy and organized them into physical bar graphs/pie charts. would only let people eat pieces from bars/sections that were uneven and annoying me.
  • Holster: gave members of my family tapes of me singing Disney songs + original songs I made up for Christmas.
  • Lardo: decided that the smores flavored vodka that had been hanging around in the pantry needed to go. poured shots of it and walked around handing it out to unsuspecting party goers. pretended like i couldn't hear the coughs and cries of disgust i left in my wake.
  • Kent Parson: went to a Barn Dance, started off drinking Bud Light PLatinums, took way too many swigs from shared bottles of fireball, ended the night with some sparkling red wine. Rode the entire way home with my head out the window, laid face down in my boyfriend's parent's front lawn @ 2am puking for an entire hour. May have rolled around and moaned a lot.

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I don't know where you come up with this about me following you??? I never once followed you and I have told you before I no longer have a tumblr account because of some butthurt PC liberals crying to the staff about my racist views. I know you never publish most of the stuff I sent you because the truth hurts and you can't handle what I type to you 99.9% of the time like all these feminist broads who fail at arguing with me.

I’m making milkshakes tomorrow with smores vodka and I’m pretty excited about it and also I’ve had macaroni for the last four days in a row which is pretty cool