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To all my witches out there excited for the Summer Solstice, here’s some fun ideas to get ready to celebrate the actual longest day of your year.

SUN TEA: This stuff is the shit for witches that enjoy ice tea. Really easy to make as well. All you need is a closed container, water, and some tea bags/loose tea leaves in a holder. Add the water and the tea leaves, and leave it out in sun for at least 5 hours.

I say closed container because I don’t want bacteria to grow in your tea. SAFETY FIRST PLEASE. The best part about this, is you can flavor it however you want. You believe lemon, jasmine, and some other item I can’t think off the top of my head should go into the tea; just toss it in. Please, please, PLEASE be careful what you put in your tea, I don’t want food poisoning or anything else to happen to you.

Use it to capture the sun and its essence. Hold the sun in your hands. Enjoy the warmth that it provides you.

FLOWER CROWNS: Flowers, their entire reason to live is for the sun. The best way to represent the sun is the way to show their work. A simple flower has more impact than you can think.

BEES OR MORE SPECIFICALLY HONEY: Yup, what’s better than flowers, but the workers who spend their lives servicing the sun and it’s works of art. Help the bees by supporting your local farmers and buy some local honey from your grocery store. Gets some bees wax and make some candles. SUPPORT👏OUR👏BEES👏

YOURSELF: Yup, I’m a low budget bitch. So everyone let’s wake our lazy asses up before the sun and welcome it. Do yoga, sun tan, enjoy a nice breakfast, enjoy a facial, anything else you can think of. Walk around and reflect the sun. Wake up to see the sun and stay late to watch the sun set. Be joyful, and happy. You are the best way to worship the sun.


There are many other ways that I’m leaving out. Bonfires, honey cakes, homemade (non)alcoholic mead, so many other ways to celebrate the summer solstice. There are many ways to celebrate the sun and the life it gives, and this is a great opportunity for the sun and the fire to shine. Happy Litha everyone.

((also its the 21st of June in 2017 in case no one knows))


nobody realises anythings different but ritsu

shou might but nobody knows if thats the case either

Por favor no te rindas de mi.

Por favor, no te rindas de mi. Yo sé que no soy perfecta, pero lo estoy intentando. Eres la única persona en la que he confiado y sé que puedo ser difícil, difícil de entender. Sé que puedo estar triste la mayor parte del tiempo, Pero por alguna razón sigues a mi lado.

Así que por favor, no te rindas de mi, estás atascado a mi lado y no sé porque pero por favor no te vayas, no quiero que te vayas, por favor no me dejes ahora.

Puede parecer un poco egoísta, Y si lo es, lo siento mucho simplemente no me siento segura sin ti. Cuando te vas me siento triste, tan maldita mente triste.

Y quiero estar ahi para tí, así como tú estuviste ahí para mi. A veces no estoy muy de acuerdo con cosas que tienes para decirme pero tú honestidad es realmente clave.

Te amo.

sweetlikefrosting  asked:

Hello! I just want to say I love your work! I would like to request a town flag. Something cute and girly. My town name is S'mores. So something with a marshmallow graham cracker and chocolate would be great! I love pink, warm yellow, and warm pastel colors. I would also love a lil cupcake with frosting? Just throwing out some ideas! Candy cookie, sweets themed flag.

Thank you! What’s cuter than 2 sweets in love?

Concept: we’re on a camping trip with a bunch of friends. It’s fall and late at night, and we are all laughing and talking and roasting marshmallows around a fire. We are holding hands under a blanket. A little later we’re crawling into our sleeping bags together in our tight two-person tent. You look at me and smile and tell me you love me.