Celebrating Spring with Seasonal Markets

Celebrating Spring with @seasonalmarkets

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Just a quick post today.

Yesterday we popped along to the Spring Seasonal market at The Bond Co in Digbeth.   They run a market, yep you guessed it, once a season with a great range of Street Food, Artisan Producers and Craft Stalls.

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The sun was blazing and it seemed like the whole of Birmingham descended on the market. Luckily we got in early so we enjoyed a browse and grabbed some food without…

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January 31st 3:02am

(For January 30th)

One of my favourite parts about my day was, the realization that I got to do so many things today, including all of the below things. I got to eat at Smoque Shack, have chocolate fondue, play video games, AND play King’s Cup. That’s such a full day! I know I didn’t get any work done really (Welllll.. I did get like 150 words down around 2am on the 30th for my paper, so there’s that…). Yeah! I did a lot… Today was swag.

Good vibez, good times.

I am grateful for:

1) Syma. “What you working on” “can i be with you” literally made me smile ear to ear, and feel so warm and fuzzy inside. I love her so much. For a little context, she was gonna go to bed, and I was gonna do some reading, but I think she missed me too much in the few moments since we wished each other goodnight. I love her for that. I love us for that. 

2) Getting to spend time with Omar! Cause although we did a few AWESOME things (i.e Smoque Shack [a restaurant where we got BBQ chicken, Beef Ribs, and Brisket which were AMAZING but expensive], and Cacao 78 [a restaurant where we had some KILLER chocolate fondue with brownies, and fruits, which I TOTALLY wanna do again with Syma]), the best by far, was going to Blurry Pixels )a killer bring your own console/play anything from their HUGE game selection on their in-house consoles for free). I loved it! We played Wii Sports (a best 3 of 5 (which Omar won), and Mario Party 8 (Which Omar won), yet despite my constant losing, it was AWESOME. I loved tonight! :)

#videogamerforlife #nolosershere

3) Getting to play King’s Cup (with my very little, peach Schnapps and peach juice) with Adam, Alex S, Zaynab, Adam’s friend (Abdallah), and Biki. I love spending time with them, especially playing King’s Cup! I love King’s Cup so much!

#bestdayever #onlywishiworkedout #tomorrowthough