There’s an episode on the way where Rainbow Dash tries to keep Tank from hibernating so she can spend time with him… so I thought of this.

(in case you’re wondering, that thing at the end is supposed to be the Smooze)


I was wrong!

I was so wrong on the guesses I made about MLP season 5 ep 7 “Make new Friends but Keep Discord.”

I was recently hit with a fan mail in my message box by rektsonkek that completely changed my views about what might happen in the show.



Okay he sent me two pics, one from the animatic with the smooze and one that was shown in the convention.

The first Im going to show you is the pic from the animatic.

From above you saw Fluttershy, who appears to be listening to another mare speak.  Take a good long look at that mare. If you notice the design on her mane, it looks like she has dreadlocks. Now look at the other image below.


It’s the same, yes? that because it is! This is the “mysterious” friend that Fluttershy was taking (and took) to the Gala.

So everything I said about Bulk Biceps, (which was a good theory)and about the mysterious friend being Discord in the end was wrong. So wrong. But this one!

For sure! This one is correct!

So basically (from what rektsonkek said and I completely agree) is that Fluttershy is showing a friend around Canterlot while Discord brings the Smooze to pretend he does ‘ant care about her new friend. SO here is another theory, maybe deep down, while he is hurt that Fluttershy did not invite him he also thinks that Fluttershy is “replacing” him. He would pretend to have fun with the Smooze whenever Fluttershy is in view and maybe in turn, Fluttershy might get jealous too?

Or Fluttershy would be like “Oh that is so wonderful you found another friend, Discord…I’m so proud of you.” And just goes back to her other friend leaving Discord indifferent.

MLP 2017 Movie Leaks

MLP Movie Leaks

Remember the Sony Hack from a few months ago? Well, apprently among all that information that was brought to light where some email exchanges about the MLP Movie. Different types of email exchanges, from marketing to mentions of what is in the initial plot draft. So this could contain spoilers if true and if it actually makes it to the theatrical prodcut.

[Search Results for “My Little Pony” on Wikileaks if you wish to see everything that comes up.]

Exchange from Adam North (Creative Executive at Sony Pictures Entertainment) to Amy Pascal (as of 2015 FORMER Chairperson of the Motion Pictures Group of Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) and Co-Chairperson of SPE, including Sony Pictures Television until the Sony Hack.)

Adam talks about seeing an opportunity in Pony. But refers to it as a “trend”, just another passing popularity thing. He also doesn’t understand why it has such an appeal to adult fans. He could be said to have the stereotypical reaction most casual folk would have to the whole “Brony” thing.

Slightly derailing. He makes mention of Lauren Faust. Notice that this exchange was on February 2014. Months after this, we learn Lauren is working on a Sony Animation Movie. Medusa.

[] It is fun to think that the exchanges between Sony staff over the MLP movie could’ve been what made them want to have Lauren work for Sony Animation.


Exchange from George Leon (Executive Vice President of Consumer Marketing) to Amy Pascal


This fellow…. He seems rather close minded and ignorant. How is he VP of Consumer Marketing? Shouldn’t one be more open minded and receiving to hold such a position? He should’ve looked into the “brony talk”. Always consider things, specially as a marketer, because it could be more opportunities to target demographics and distribute merchandise.


Email exchange sent among Michelle Raimo Kouyate to Amy Pascal, Hannah Minghella, Bob Osher, Adam North and Ariya Watter (Sony CEO Assistant) and Stephen Davis (Hasbro Chief Content Officer)

Note, Davis was promoted to Chief whatever months after this exchange. He was Hasbro Studios President during the exchange.


This one is their review of the first draft.

>Plot-wise they mention Cosmos “not being there yet” as a villain. Also unclear motivation. (Well adding this to the next email he just sounds like a bad concept so we shouldn’t be to surprised they can’t muster up a personality or motivation for him.)
>Twilight doing something Celestia thinks she’s not ready to do… (That kind of sounds like a rehash from the Tirek finale. And kind of makes Celestia, once again, out to be seen as potentially incompetent….)
>Backstory of Alicorns.

Also. :-)

Exchange from Michelle Raimo Kouyate (Sony Animation Producer) to Amy Pascal, Bob Osher (as of 2015 FORMER chief of Digital Productions), Hannah Minghella (President, Production: Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Sony Pictures Entertainment), Michael Lynton (CEO of Sony Entertainment)

This one is from March. And reveals plot draft details. This details could or could not make it into the final movie.


Fun note! Michelle Raimo Kouyate is working as producer for Medusa. So maybe this email exchanges about the Pony movie are what got them to approach Lauren!

Also, this is another email with grammar horrors. If these leaks are real. What is wrong with these people? They’re supposed to be CEO’s, department heads and the like. Why can’t they watch their grammar! Even if it’s text!!!

As to what the email reveals of plot draft details.
>Songs will be in it. (To no one’s surprise. But their question as to who would perform them is more evidence of their ignorance of the franchise and series.)
>The princesses are being honored for something?
>Mention of bearded. Maybe Star Swirl?
>Alicorn Lost City
>Three stones to control the elements. (I’m guessing to control fire, air, water, earth? Maybe to control nature itself? Not like, being a pyromancer where one is a specialy of fire magic? I have mixed feelings about this. Feels a bit of a rehash of the Elements of Harmony, and if this is the only way to control the elements, it could limit what could be done with magic in general. No potential Aeromancy, Pyromancy ect. in pony I guess.)
>Longma. (Note, Longma is chinese for dragon horse. Maybe their using this chinese word as the name of another Draconequus? Draconequus basically translates to “dragon horse” in latin.)
>Longma tells them something because they bought an extra fruit… Uh. Maybe some scene where Longma reveals/mentions some information?
>Seems Celestia and Luna suddenly decide to confront Cosmos.
>Falling stars? This sounds interesting.. I’m guessing it’s because of Cosmos? He can make stars fall? Wheren’t the stars Luna’s turf?
>Another Princess? Water Lily? Well, it is a pony toy from a previous gen. And Starswirl the Bearded’s name was chosen from the selection of names Hasbro has from previous Gens. It’s also possible the the mentioned Mage Meadowbrook is also such a case. So this one could be as well. But why call a Princess Water Lily? Bleh. If it’s a princess and just had to do with a water lily theme, why not look up in or be inspired by mythology for a more fitting, single word name?

To be honest. Half of this just sounds like a bad fanfic to me…

Another thing to note! Meghan made this tweet on March 16, 2014. Also, if I recall, this was around the time S5 was being written, and Meghan was replaced by Larson as story editor for a few episodes. Seems Meghan was working on the script draft for the movie during that brief time.

Also. “What is an alicorn I’m so confused”

Yeah..that’s the reaction of someone who feels alienated. (Even if that comment was written by Pascal who is….special.) And to be honest, for newcomers, this whole idea just feels like to much. Consistent veterans to the show are going to catch on quickly. But newcomers aren’t. The plot NEEDS to be aimed towards BOTH. A lot of casual people go to the movies. Also, a lot of parents will be taking their kids, probably half of them don’t sit down with them to watch the show. EQG is easier to swallow, pony goes through mirror, is now paster colored human and is attending highschool and magic crap happens. The End. This is “deepest lore” tier stuff. Alicorns and their backstory, long lost evil brother, princesses, different pony tribes, Longma ect, ect. To much. The theatrical film should in part work also with basic introductory elements. Basically just showcase the main characters and important secondary characters in a funcomedic, yet adventureous plot that gives them all fair light. Don’t try so hard to be “epic”.

This one is more distribution talk.
Exchange involves Michael Pavlic (President of Worldwide Creative Advertising for Motion Picture Group), Amy Pascal and Brian Goldner (CEO of Hasbro)


Plans are to release the movie in first quarter of 2017.

Production is expected to end Feb. 2017, for a hopeful April 2017 release.


Exchange from Doug Belgrad (President, Motion Picture Group: Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Columbia Pictures) to minghella, hannahpascal, amy, gumpert, andrew (Don’t know who last two are, but first three have taken part in various exchanges)

Basically says the previous script is being re-worked (hopefully scrapped, please) and this is around the time Joe Ballarini was revealed to be part of the project (these special people mispelled his last name….).

When Joe was revealed as script writer.


Man these suits are really special, special people…

About Joe. At first I was super skeptical about his addition. I was like, why the heck him? Why not AKR or Larson? But now that we know all this, I kind of find him a relief. I’ve also approached him a couple of times on Twitter. He seems really ethusiastic and open. Always answers. So I have some hope for him to make this work considering he has worked on animated feature films before.

Also, the reveal of all this just makes me feel even more mixed about Meghan. I’ve met her and chatted with her a couple of times, and she seemed really ethusiastic and motivated about what she does. Even recognized me instantly the second time we met. Both times she was really open and happy about the fans. But, ugh, she just keeps making me feel like she shouldn’t be head writer.. I really like some of her episodes, but the way she manages things feels so off. And now this initial draft that sounds fanfic tier….

Another thing, if I recall, Mike Vogel had left his former position around November/December to work on the pony movie. A little detail of some note I think.

Anyways, we should just hope for the best in regards to this movie. Thanks to /mlp/ for some of this info. Those anons can be the best sometimes. I’m sharing it here in hopes to spread the word I guess..

Hopefully I didn’t miss anything.

Make new friends but keep Discord (season 5 ep 7)

The spoilers!!!!!

Okay the summary that we fluttercord fans have been talking about and the episode John De Lancie revealed last year about Discord being jealous is here!

The summary says:
When Discord finds out that Fluttershy is taking a new friend to the grand galloping gala, discord goes to extreme measures to show her it does not bother him.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yeeeeeees!
This is the fluttercord episode we fluttercord fans had been waiting for!
And I bet by “extreme measures” he makes a new friend too and that is the smooze! ^_^
I’m so happy!
Thank you obsessive fangirl for telling me!!!!

a-random-mod asked:

Gen 1 had good movies and great villains and I heard rumors that smooze might be in season five and if that's true then the flutterponies might also return and due to tyreks presence in season 4 it's entirely possible and I wanna see smooze and lickity split is a huge bitch.

it’s not a rumor, it’s a fact

They even showed a preview cutscene of the smooze

rainbowdash-loves-lord-smooze asked:

Hello there! You said you did not understand alot of S5E2? I could help you if I can.

Wow, Thank you for your concern! I can’t catch English at a live broadcast of MLP, and the contents of talk can’t be understood, but the Japanese person good at English will always insert a subtitle in an animation in several days. but, Thank you for your message! (^▽^*)

Yes, this is the episode where we finally get to meet the Smooze!! He seems to be fairly benevolent in G4. 

Nothing can stop the Smooze! Cult leader Fluttershy was right, and now the apocalypse begins!! Haha oh Friendship is Witchcraft, never change. 

anonymous asked:

Well technically you can regrow plants with only the roots so you could have season 5 canon within your story. Hell I did it acouple times with bean plants and once with a small apple tree

I’m waiting to see what they do with the Smooze…