Stay the night || Omega!Sam and Alpha!Cas

The snow fell silently to the ground, coating the sill of the window in a dusting of pure white snow the stained bricks it landed on only accented its pure color.  The omegas sat staring out of the large window that looked out to the street, his eyes following the path of each car that passed by.  He had gotten to the cafe a little early and it was easy to say that his nerves were getting to him.  Sam was short on money, and it was a fact that couldn’t go unrecognized for too long, he had to make rent after all and given the family life he left behind to come out here for school he doubted he could ask his dad for money.  He was a retired war vet, he didn’t get much sitting around the house living off his brothers pay checks and disability pay offs.  A friend of his suggested he find a rich alpha to smooze up to, it wasn’t one that he gave much thought but clearly he wouldn’t be sitting here if he hadn’t of found an alpha that was willing to pay him for his time.  Though Sam as having second thoughts about what they had discussed, the other wanted to pay him for use of his body during heat.  The guy wanted a kid and as far as he knew he wasn’t looking for anything more than just an omega to make it happen.   Given the money the other was offering to pay him Sam had a hard time saying no to the notion.  It was a nice sum, enough for him to make it through the next few months at least.  Though Sam couldn’t help but to rethink this decision, he met the guy online, he didn’t know if the guy was even safe.  He accepted the money blindly and now he was here drumming his fingers against the table to hard enough to make the tips of his fingers go numb.  His profile picture looked kind enough, and based off the respect the other showed him it didn’t seem like he was anything less than sane, but who was he to base someone off of blind knowledge?  

Sam shook his head to himself, a soft sight leaving his lips, If Sam felt the other was of any kind of threat he wouldn’t even be sitting here, hell he wouldn’t have started a chat with him or even gave him his phone number if he felt the other would put him in danger.  Sam usually went with his guy on judging people, and he had been wrong very rarely.  The omega flinched a bit as he heard the bell above the door jiggle as the cold winter breeze swept through the cafe after the stranger.  Sam dared to cast a look over his shoulder to see the profile of the alpha that had asked him to meet him here.  The omegas breath hitched in his throat, his eyes quickly falling to the table, he could always act as if he wasn’t here, he could just get up and quickly walk out know before the guy noticed.  Sam shook away the thought as he stood up from the booth, clearing his throat.  

“Uh.. Castiel?” Sam said in a nervous voice, daring to take a step forward to step into view of the alpha.