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Best friends - Pittsburgh Penguins (PT Diaries, Episode 8)

Requested by anon: Could you write a PT Diaries chapter that includes Kris Letang’s adorable little boy? Maybe he has his first crush on the PT or the team tries to use his cuteness to get something from her. I’m really open to any ideas you may have to incorporate that adorable kid. Really enjoying this story!!

A/N: I’m not really sure about this, but I hope you like it.

Word count: 1201

Warnings: none.

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I lock the door of my office, heading to the rink to keep an eye on the injured players who are skating today. The Penguins are having no luck with injuries this year, having up to six players on the injury report. I’m looking down at my schedule, trying to figure out how I am going to treat everyone when someone runs into my legs. Someone really small.

“Alex, soyez prudent! (Alex, be careful!)” I look down to see a child gripping at my legs, followed by an out of breath Bang-Bang Letang. “S’excuser auprès de (y/n) (Apologize to (y/n)). In English.”

I haven’t understood a word of what he has said, but I can easily tell that the blue eyed kid that is stuck to my leg is Alexander Letang, Kris’ son. I hold the kid by his shoulders and push him away from me slightly so I can kneel in front of him.

“Hello, buddy.” I say, extending my hand to him to shake it. The kid looks at me for a little longer before grabbing my right hand with his left one and squeezing a little.

“Salut (Hello).” He answers me, not letting my hand go.

“Alex, English.” Kris warns him again and I smile, encouraging the little kid to speak in English.

“Hi.” He says shyly and my heart melts.

“ALEEEEEEEX.” I hear from the other side of the hallway and I look up to see small girl running to us.

I look at Kris and he just shakes his head, stopping the little girl before she crushes into me as well.

“Estelle, say hi to (y/n).” Kris instructs and the girl looks at me from head to toes, evaluating me.

“Hi.” She says with a big smile after she decided I am trustworthy.

“Hello, sweetheart.” I say, giving her a smile back.

Estelle is Marc Andre’s oldest daughter and his dad never stops talking about her and her little sister.

“Flower and I brought these two to practice so the wives could get things done today.” Kris explains me and I nod, looking at the children. “We are having a little skate after practice.”

“Do you want me to take care of them until you are done?” I ask.

I’ve always loved children. I had my first niece when I was fifteen, so I guess that I am more than okay with taking care of children.

“You have no idea of what you are getting into.” Kris warns me. “They are worse than Sid and Geno together.”

I laugh, extending my hands to the kids. They take my hand without even thinking about it.

“I think we will be fine.” I say and the two kids nod.

“Se comporter. (Behave)” Kris says in French and the kids nod again.

Kris turns around and walks on his skates back to the rink, leaving me with Alex and Estelle.

“Do you want to go watch daddy play hockey?” I ask them, kneeling so I am on the same height as them.

“Oui!” Alex says, but he realizes his mistake soon. “Yes!”

“Should we get snacks before we go?” I wonder and they both nod frenetically.

The kitchen is the best place of the whole ice rink if you ask me. When you spend hours and hours here working it is nice to have a place packed with snacks and drinks. Because of the Penguins policy, everything on the kitchen is healthy-ish, so I know that Kris and Marc Andre won’t kill me for giving their kids junk food.

“What should we grab, guys?” I ask, opening the fridge for them to see what there is.

The three of us decide that smoothies, grapes and air popped popcorn is good enough to watch the team skate and we venture out to the rink, sitting on the stands. Having kids there is the worst thing ever for Mike Sullivan, who has to scream at least half a dozen times to get the attention of his players, who are too busy waving and pumping against the glass in front of the kids.

“If you don’t do this drill right Estelle and Alex have more chances to be at tomorrow’s game than you two.” He warns Sidney and Conor, who have spent five minutes begging the kids for a handful of popcorn.

I am taking notes on everyone’s performance when Alex and Estelle start screaming next to me, so I pick my head up to see Evgeni walking towards us, supporting himself on crutches. I have to stop grab the kids by their waist so they don’t run him over.

“Hi kids.” He says, sitting on the seat next to mine and putting the metal crutches on the floor. “Zdravstvujte ljubov’ (Hello love).” He says to me, even though I only understand the first word he says.

“Zdravstvujte Geno (Hello Geno).” I answer him.

“I want grape.” He says to Alex, who is holding the zipblock bag with grapes in it.

Both kids get on their feet and walk to Geno, who sits both Alex and Estelle on his healthy lap, giving me a look telling me that he was fine.

“Geno, is she your girlfriend?” I hear Estelle whisper to the big teddy bear Geno is.

“Net (No).” Geno says in Russian, making the kids giggle. “She help recover.”

“She is a doctor?” Alex is the one asking this time, making me smile while I watch Murray’s movements, writing a few notes on my pad.

“Net (No).” Geno says again. “She is therapist.” He looks at me for help and I giggle a little.

“Well, I know a lot of games.” I explain, putting my notepad down. “Games that help them,” I point at Geno and the guys on the ice, “get better when they are injured.”

The kids seem really amazed by my job, but Geno looks at me with a look that screams ‘liar, liar, pants on fire’.

“Right now I am thinking of games to play with each one of them.” I keep talking and Estelle and Alex nod for a second before turning their attention to their snack, giving Geno food when he asks for it.

I concentrate on the practice going on, keeping my eyes on the injured guys but also taking a few notes about how we could improve the performance on the ice of some of the other guys.

“(y/n), (y/n), help.” Alex yells, tugging my shirt.

I look away from the ice and back to the kids and Geno. They are all standing and looking at me.

“Skates. Tie.” Alex says again, not letting my sleeve go.

I stand up, putting my notepad on the seat and following them to the bench, where their skate bags are. Geno sits on the bench and Estelle sits besides him, putting her feet on his lap. I do the same, taking Alex’ shoes off and changing them for a pair of skates.

“Good?” I say, tying up his skates.

“Oui.” He answers and I put him on the floor and holding his hands, helping him to the ice and then doing the exact same thing with Estelle, watching them both skate to their fathers.

“Kris said that they are worse than Sid and you.” I tell Geno, sitting next to him on the bench and looking at the children skate around the players.

“They are best friends too.” He replies.

It’s about damn time.

I was sitting on the couch with Kian & JC. I’ve known them for about four years now & they are my best friends. I’ve had feelings for Kian for probably two of those years. I can’t tell him though because I can’t risk ruining our friendship. JC knows because JC sees me when Kian flirts with every girl he come across. He sees my face when Kian tells interviewers that I’m his best friend, just, his best friend. This particular Saturday we were getting ready for the teen choice awards. The boys invited me to go with them, and I wanted to support Kian, so I agreed.

We were walking the carpet & I was hanging back as the boys were doing interviews. “So Kian, Anything you want to tell us? We saw a gorgeous girl taking pictures with you on the carpet.” The interviewer smiles back at me. “Oh that’s just y/n, she’s our best friend. We aren’t dating or anything! She’s basically my little sister.” My face turned white. He always answers like that. Just ignore it. He’s your best friend at least, at least you still have him. Jc shot me a sympathetic look and as soon as they were away from the interviewer he pulled me into a hug. “I’m sorry y/n. I don’t know why he’s being so stupid. He’s told me before that he likes you.” I nodded and forced a smile. He put his arm around me and walked the rest of the carpet with me. A couple other interviewers asked if me and Kian were dating and I just smiled and shook my head no. “Oh I just thought, you guys are always together and both so attractive.” One replied. I shrugged “nope. Just friends.” and forced a smile as JC pulled me away. As we turned around I saw Kian posing with some of his costars from guilty party. He was laughing with one of the girls and posed for a picture by kissing her cheek. “JC I can’t do this. I have to leave.” I struggled to get the words out, but he nodded. He always understands.

I ordered an Uber and got into the car within three minutes of pressing send. Once back at my house I ripped off the dress Kian had bought and got out a bottle of tequila. I didn’t want to remember all of the questions on the carpet. His arms around whatever her name is. Why doesn’t he just kiss me already. When it’s just me and kian he’s so sweet. He holds my hand and acts like we’re together. He kisses my cheek and cuddles me during movies but the second anyone else is around he just ghosts me. Maybe it’s the tequila but something made me pull out my phone. “Kian, I can’t do this anymore. When it’s just us, I feel like there’s something there & maybe it’s just because we’re alone and you don’t realize that I’m in love with you but I just can’t do this anymore. I’m sorry.” I pressed send and threw my phone across the room.

A month later.

I haven’t heard from Kian since the award show. He never responded to my text and he hasn’t tried to get ahold of me. JC texts me about once a week and asks if I’m okay, but I just ignore him. I’ve gone on a couple dates since the awards show. A couple with Grayson Dolan.
“Hey y/n, wanna go grab some smoothies?” Grays name popped up on my phone. I smiled “absolutely. Pick me up?” “Already on my way. 😊” I smiled and walked into my bathroom to touch up my makeup. I was wearing a pair of jean shorts, one of gray’s T-shirt’s he had left here and my superstars. I grabbed my adidas hat I stole from JC and put it on over my straight hair. Gray texted me to let me know that he was here and I walked out to his car. When I got in he kissed my cheek and we headed off to pink berry. Once we were inside I saw JC and Kian. I tried to hide behind gray but JCs eyes met mine. He shot me a sympathetic look but didn’t tell Kian I was there. It wasn’t until Gray and I were walking back to his car that Kian noticed me. A couple minutes later my phone was buzzing with a text message. From Kian. “That guy? Seriously y/n? After everything these past four years you just walk away?” I rolled my eyes. “Yeah because you fought real hard to make me stay didn’t you kian.” I didn’t even pay attention to whatever he said next and looked up at Gray. “What’s wrong y/n?” I shrugged my shoulders. “Kian and JC were at the smoothie place. We haven’t talked since the TCAs because Kian’s an ass.” “I see. I know it’s not my business but do you still have feelings for him?” Grays eyes searched mine for an answer and I shrugged again. “I don’t know Gray. I don’t want to. You treat me better than he ever did..” happiness flickered in his eyes but he didn’t say anything. When we got to my apartment I saw JC’s car in the parking lot. My heart was racing, Kian has a key.. I grabbed Grayson’s hand and we walked into my apartment. Unsurprisingly I found Kian sitting on my couch. “What do you want kian.” I groaned. “You know what I want y/n.” I rolled my eyes. “Clearly its a little late for that.” Gray looked uncomfortable but he still held my hand.

Kian steppes towards me and I stepped back keeping the same amount of distance between us. “Just go Kian. You’re too late.” “Y/n please..” Kian trailed off. Gray stepped in front of me “I believe she asked you to leave.” Kian growled at Grayson’s protection of me. “What the fuck do you want with her anyways huh? She’s not yours. She’s mine. She will always be mine. You’re just a distraction. Maybe you should be the one to leave.”
“Kian stop.” I hissed. His eyes met mine & they filled with sorrow. “Can we just talk please. I miss you y/n” He said more calmly. Gray looked at me as if to make sure I was okay and I nodded. “I’ll be fine, just give us a minute?” He nodded and kissed me softly. “I’ll go pick us up some food.” I smiled and he walked out to his car.

“What kian.” I asked more annoyed than I had asked the first time.
“You walked away.. I miss you..”
“Kian I may have walked away but you didn’t come after me. I told you how I felt and you said nothing.”
“I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t know how I felt or how to deal with what I felt. I didn’t want to lose you, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I am terrible at relationships. I didn’t want to date you and then hurt you by doing something stupid.” I rolled my eyes as the words came out of his mouth.

“So pretending that nothing was there around everyone but me was your solution to that? Kian I would have been fine if you had been consistent but you would act like you were my boyfriend when it was just us and then the second anyone else was around you became a huge dick. The way you talked about me to the reporters..” my voice trailed off as I remembered the TCAs. It still hurt to think about. I felt Kian’s arms around me and I started to cry. “Shhhh. Don’t cry baby. I’m here. I’m not leaving this time. I won’t let you walk away from me. This past month has been hell. Not talking to you, or seeing you, and then the first time I do see you you’re with Grayson. Come on y/n you don’t actually have feelings for him do you?” Kian looked down at me searching my eyes for answers.

I pondered for a second thinking about how great Gray was. “I do.” I answered and Kian’s face fell. “But they’re nothing like the feelings I’ve always had for you.” I finished. His eyes lit up. But I decided to be difficult. “But I’m just your little sister. So I don’t know why you’re acting like you care about my feelings now.” I wrestled out of Kian’s grip and sat down on the couch.

“Y/n that’s not what I meant I just, What was I supposed to say huh? We hadn’t talked about our feelings yet and I didn’t want to tell you on national television that I had a crush on you.”
“So you called me your little sister and then walked off and flirted and kissed some other girls cheek… great way to show me you like me.” I rolled my eyes.
“Y/n I fucked up okay? Just please, give me a fair chance…”
“Why. Why shouldn’t I give Grayson a fair chance, huh? He’s been better to me in this last month that you have this last year!” I shouted
“Because I love you!” Kian shouted angrily. “I always fucking have.”
“You love me?” I asked quietly
“Baby how could I not?” He sat down and wrapped his arms around me. “You are everything I could possibly want. You’re smart, adventurous, funny, kind, gorgeous and stubborn as hell. Your laugh is my favorite sound, your smile melts my heart and your eyes make me feel like you see right through me. You’re the only person who sees me for who I actually am.” His hand strokes my cheek as his eyes search mine. I smile and lean my head into his hand.
“I love you too Kian.”

He leans over and kisses me softly. “Please forgive me… please give me a chance, please y/n.” I smile and nod. “Okay. But you have to let me talk to Gray. Alone. I don’t need you to go mental on him.” Kian nods.
“Just come over when you’re done?” He smiles.
“Yeah, we can surprise JC together.” I giggle. He kisses my cheek and heads back to his house.

A couple minutes later Gray comes back in with food. “How’d it go?” He asks nervously.
“Gray I…”
“I know.” He cuts me off. “He’s your best friend y/n. I understand. I want you to be happy.” He smiles at me. I kiss his cheek.
“Gray thank you. For everything honestly. You are amazing and I’m sorry that it didn’t work out.” He smiles at me, “what are you waiting for huh? Go get him.”
“Thank you Gray.”

A half hour later I’m sitting in Kian’s driveway. I pull out my phone and send him a text. “Hey baby, I’m here, come outside?” Kian comes out to my car and pulls me into a hug. “Y/N will you be my girlfriend?” He smiles as he kisses my forehead. “Yes Kian, Of course.” I stand on my tippy toes and kiss his lips gently. It feels so good to finally be able to kiss him whenever I want. “Come on beautiful, let’s go surprise JC.” I giggle and take Kian’s hand as he leads my inside. “Wait here.” He whispers. “Hey JC, I uh need to tell you something.”
“What’s up?” JC asks not looking up from his computer.
“I have a girlfriend.”
JC rolls his eyes. “Dude I don’t know why you’re not just going after y/n. You’re being stupid.”
I giggle. “Hey JC. I missed you.” At the sound of my voice JC stands up and runs over to give me a hug. “It’s about damn time.” He says poking Kian. “Shut up.” Kian laughs.

Walked into this store trying to find a simple smoothie, came out with cool customized frozen yogurt pops 🍦

maddylonglegs-archive  asked:

Just thought of silliest prompt: coffeshop!au (kind of) jon works at some hipster independent coffee shop called the Night's Watch, when Sansa's smoothie shop & bakery opens next door. At first they hate each other bc Sansa's like gross flannel coffee hipster and Jon's all ugh yuppy smoothie girl; but then they fall in love

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Lunchtime at Teddy Bear Avengers Tower

Tony grinds soy and kale for a smoothie
Bruce has a cup of calming herbal tea
Thor pairs his Pop Tarts with a Midgardian ale
Clint prefers pizza, even cold or stale
Bucky eats vodka, with potatoes and…herring??
Steve will have one of everything!

A Thousand More

Prompt: The three first dates you have with Sebastian & (somewhat) Reader can’t sleep, Seb wakes up to her tossing and turning, takes her out for a late night snack at a small town diner

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Genre: Fallin’ in love in weird places

Word Count: 4,164

Author’s Note: Idk man, I’ve been drinking a lot of smoothies lately and the cute boy behind the counter remembered my name and I just got this idea? idk I hope everyone enjoys~

It’s on a breezy Sunday afternoon that you find yourself at the smoothie pop-up shop in Central Park. The scene is almost like one out of a movie- with the wind rustling the trees and the birds singing, with kids running circles around their distressed but smiling parents, and people falling in love by the lake. The air is warm, but only just enough to outweigh the cool breeze that whips around your body as you order. The woman in the truck recognizes you immediately, confirms with a nod and a smile that yes, you’d like your regular, before she sets to work on making your drink. There’s a small line forming behind you and you’re easily able to tell that the afternoon rush is just minutes away from starting. You know that people don’t tip when this happens, so you’re sure to lay down an extra ten when the woman gives you your drink.

“Thank you, Lane. Tastes as wonderful as always,” the woman bats you away with a smile and a blush before moving on to the customer behind you. You’re quick to move to the single, two-seater table that’s available. The iron burns the skin under your shorts, but only enough to make you shift uncomfortably for a few minutes as you get used to it. You pull a few magazines from your bag- a pop culture one about the newest movies, a tech one about the latest and greatest inventions, and a Sudoku for when you finish both.

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mrcoolz3000  asked:

Uh Dennys, aren't haiku's supposed to be about nature? I don't think your poem counts as a haiku.

the fonz elbowing a machine, whose sole purpose is playing music and has none of the ingredients nor glassware required to serve a smoothie, so smoothly, so cooly, so effortlessly, that somehow a delicious smoothie in a glass pops out to refresh him, is infinity times more beautiful than anything Mother Nature can conjure at this point in time, so yes, I’d say this haiku, which is also a format that has transcended its original thematic anchoring, is not only about nature but supersedes the entire idea of nature itself, surely counts as a haiku.