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Well, whenever I draw them simple. This is kinda what I do. I put there weight a certain way on their bodies to correlate with their personalities.

Matt’s “weight” is pulled up towards his face to get your attention there.

Edd’s “weight” is centered to give him a, well, centered personality.

Tom’s “weight” is disturbed equally for sturdiness. He ain’t going no where.

Tord’s “weight” is pushed out at the ends in a armor like way.

If you’d like a step-by-step process you can press the read more. I’m not good at making them so I’ll stick with very basic shapes in this one. (keep an eye out for when I make a post on shape theory about the boys)

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My guide to green smoothies! Included is a big list of tons of different things to add to your smoothie and my favorite basic recipe. I also put my 3 favorite green smoothies and a do & don’t guideline. I do want to add, however, that this guide is based on my experiences with smoothies and what I say at the end is the most important thing. This is your smoothie so make it the way you want it. Like a thicker smoothie? Add more ice! Like a more creamy smoothie? Add more frozen fruit. Enjoy raw cauliflower? Go right ahead! Use this guide as the jumping point for your own creativity! :)

Oh and the second most important thing: get a good blender! I cannot even begin to tell you how revolutionary it was getting a good quality blender after my old one broke. My old one just tore the greens to shreds so I ended up drinking leafy pieces. My new one truly breaks them down so it’s a drink not a liquid salad haha! :)

Want more smoothie ideas? Go here!

"Did I get a list pet?" at-a-glance guide! (Pt 1 - Dogs)

 Moon pup - grows into moonswirl, dogtag, nonswirl, or nontag

 Coon pup - grows into coontail or noncoon

 White July pup - grows into July PPS or GWJ

 Galaxy pup - grows into CEG or BEG

 Sorbet pup - grows into red, yellow, green, or blue sorbet

 Toxic pup - grows into red, blue, purple, green, or yellow toxic

 Tribal pup - grows into spotted, gear back, or line tribal

 09 UR dog - grows into 09 UR dog

 Nonballoon pup - grows into nonballoon

 Pink balloon pup - grows into pink balloon dog

 Blue balloon pup - grows into blue balloon dog

 Rose pup - grows into rose PPS, blue, or red rose

 Pink September pup - grows into floppy eared, patchy, or striped pink September

 Red-x pup - grows into red-x PPS, red-x dog, or target dog

 Leopard pup - grows into dark or light leopard

 Blood pup - grows into blood PPS, winged blood dog, tufted blood dog, or flop [eared] blood dog

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Here’s Some Shapes Ma Dudes

Now, shapes in the world of art has always been around. And even recently, has there been science put behind it as well. There is a psychological affect that shapes have on us that make us feel certain ways. Round, circular objects have a calming effect on most people. Sharp, diagonals have an intense or energetic feel to them. Flat, perpendicular lines give a sense of stability. Cinematography use these methods in there scenes. Photography, architecture, background design, aesthetics, many careers and basic hobbies use shape theory. Character design is an big advocate for this method as well.

Here, I’ll use Ell for an example.

Now here’s a fun, simple Ell

 With the theory in mind, you can already see where the shapes are. Good! But let me show you why they are effective.

Woah! There are probably some shapes you didn’t notice before or didn’t think were that shape. And that’s fine, shape theory in use is generally very subtle. Though many can use it to exaggerate certain things.

So Ell has a round head, a face that you can approach. You could easily have a chat with her and become fast friends. Chest and hips are round as well. Soft-hearted for compassion and mobile hips for movement.

Squares for the neck and torso. They provide stable platforms for each circular part. A strong neck to keep the head where it’s suppose to be. A strong torso to keep the top and bottom half of the body together. Especially when you see where she is most active.

Ell’s arms and legs are the most active of her entire body. As an artist she would use her arms and hands the most; to draw, write, cook, express, anything really. The same goes for her legs as she is always on some sort of adventure that requires a lot of walking, jumping, and running. And since there at the ends of her, she can stab you with those triangles.

To put simply, she is our active, friend. (who can be a real dick)

The same can be used for Edd. Though you can make subtle differences between the two. Like sqaures for the upper arms to better stab those triangles at you.

Now for the boys.

Tom is primarily squares. As much of a drunk as he can be, Tom is always certain of what he does or thinks. You can’t “move” him. But he can move himself, hence the round hips. The only triangle on him is on his head, which more so indicates his constant flow of thoughts. And also the fact that he is an asshole in his inability to move!

Tom, the friend who is always there. (stubborn as hell too)

Tord is primarily triangles. Though his face is round for the purpose of being seen as a friend. His entire torso is square however. Solid and unmoving. Whatever he takes to heart, stays there. All the triangles surround his body. Tord is an active man after all. But it also serves as thorns.

Tord, the asshole friend. (and red leader)

Matt, is pretty balance in retrospect. His lower half is squares though to keep his body up, as most of his weight is up. A round chest for a soft heart as well as cowardliness. His face is square, for the traditional Matt face, but also for face always being there for him. His pretty, pretty face. Triangles near his head as well to portray that that is where he wants attention. And triangle arms for using them the most. Holding up mirrors, taking selfies, decorating his room with more of him and other Matt things.

Matt, just wants you to look at his face. (can also be really sweet)

Now, these aren’t concentrate things for them. This is just something that I theorize for their bodies. So if you do something else, that’s completely fine! Just have fun with it. Heck, I do different things all the time to them.

But I do hope that this helped out in some way. Use this knowledge to further yourself my friend!

Weekly fruit prep! I’ve been absolutely addicted to my daily green smoothies since getting my new *actually functional* blender so here’s this week’s fresh fruit haul. My smoothie bar continues in the freezer (peaches, blackberries, strawberries, mango) and in the pantry (coconut, almonds, pecans, vanilla extract, agave, etc.) but I wanted to show you all this because I just think fruit is beautiful haha!

I’m working on putting together a complete green smoothie guide but I have a bit more recipe testing before it’s ready. In the meantime I hope this collection of my favorites inspires you to start playing around with some fresh fruity goodness of your own!

Pictured: 3 freshly chopped mangoes, 1 whole fresh chopped pineapple, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, small green apples, oranges.

Happy blending! :)