No seriosly: The M-28 or M-29 Davy Crockett Weapon System(s) was a tactical nuclear recoilless rifle (smoothbore gun) for firing the M-388 nuclear projectile that was deployed by the United States during the Cold War. Named after American soldier, congressman, and folk hero Davy Crockett, it was one of the smallest nuclear weapon systems ever built.


Sturmpistole/ Panzerwurkorper 42LP.

The Kampfpistol turned to standard flare gun of the period into a minature grenade launcher by rifling ITS short barrel. The rifling turned the smooth bore cartridges into something blackberries accurate, via spin.

While capable of firing several non-lethal grenades, including grenade message as not unlike this one, the Kampfpistole’s “Sprengpatrone.” Often marked with a code Spr. Z, this grenade had a few ounces of explosive filler and could be Launched out to 100 yards.

The small grenade prompted further Top development, leading to the Sturmpistole. A bigger grenade Meant modifications were needed to the pistol. Instead of a standard break-open flare pistol, the Sturmpistole was turned into a complete system with a folding stock and sight.

With a smoothbore the Sturmpistole Took a different route in development. A rifled insert was slipped onto the barrel. A sub-caliber, the insert would not allow the Sturmpistole to fire the ammunition larger diameter of the standard flare pistols.

The main ammunition of the Sturmpistole was the Panzerwurkorper 42LP. A High Explosive Anti-tank round, the 42LP was best used at close range and at a 90 degree angle to the target. Under optimal conditions the grenade could penetrate 80mm of armor at about 50 meters.

This larger shaped-charge resulted in the pistol being tweaked. A sleeve and folding sight was mounted to the muzzle. And accuracy to increase to an ingenious folding stock was attached to the pistol. Folding to the side, the stock turned the weapon into something much more compact. And the padded stock could then fold again, reducing further Top ITS silhouette.

Several hundred thousand Kampf and Sturmpistoles were produced During the war. And of Its use on the battlefield, there is only one known vehicle destruction recorded by the Sturmpistole / Panzerwurkorper 42LP.

Sons of Liberty Weapons Appreciation

Because I loves me some stabby things, some choppy things, and things that go boom. 

The Brown Bess.  This is the one that a lot of us are familiar with, and for good reason, since it saw a great deal of use by both sides in the American Revolution.  Bess is a smoothbore flintlock musket of something like .75 caliber.  (.75 inches across).  THAT is a very big slug, but more often than not lead balls of .69 caliber were used. Why?  Because the black powder of the time had a tendency to foul the barrel, which made it difficult to reload a snug fitting round without jamming things up.  So, smaller round.  Reduces accuracy, but tactics with Bess were more of the “mass volley at close range” type where accuracy was not quite so important as speed; someone in a hurry could shoot, reload and shoot again three or four times in a minute.

 When things went from shooting distance to hand-to-hand distance,  Bess was also useful thanks to the bayonet.  A simple piece of steel, oftentimes triangle or diamond in cross section (which allows for punching large holes in someone), attached to the end of the barrel and an empty gun becomes a fearsome spear.  Good for running attackers through the chest, stabbing prone enemies or yanking people off horses.

Sons of Liberty Weapons Appreciation post 1/probably too damn many but boy is research fun!

The Leopard 2, one of the best if not the best Tank in the world.

62 tons of high-end Main Battle Tank

3rd generation composite armor robust enough to shrug off even modern anti-tank mines

120mm smoothbore cannon with an accuracy that makes rifled guns squirm

1103 kW (~1500PS) V12 turbo-diesel engine to launch this beast up to 72 km/h

… and a street-legal licence plate.


All Models of Shotguns for Sale

Shotgun, many people are aware about this kind of gun, but some are not aware about it. It is a firearm, which is designed to be fired from the army man or shoulder that uses the energy of the solid projectile called slug or a fixed shell to fire various small spherical bullets that is known as shots. Shotguns are available in various range of sizes, which is ranging from .22 inches (5.5mm) bore up to 2.0 inches (5cm), as well as in the range of firearm operating systems that includes the single barreled, breech loading, combination gun or double gun, lever action, bolt-, pump action, fully automatic variants, and semi automatic variants.

It is generally a smoothbore weapon that means the inside of the barrel is not rifled. At the earlier time smoothbore firearms like the musket were extensively used by the shoulders or armies in the 18th century. But now if see the present scenario, the other kind of guns are widely used and people preferred it because of its ease. But, still the shotguns are better for several reasons and mainly for the armies. If a person goes to the market to buy the shotguns, then it won’t be possible for him to buy it because buying a gun without a license is illegal. There are some reasons that why people prefer to buy the shotguns, some of them are:

  • Modular
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Price and availability
  • Versatility of ammunition
  • Power and performance

Shotguns are cheaper than rifel, so people can easily buy it. If a person has an interest and want to buy a shotgun for himself, then he or she can take the help of the internet to buy the shotguns. Nowadays, shotguns are widely available on the internet, as well as online auctions are also held for buying the gun. In addition, shotguns for sale are highly in demand because of ease and easy maintenance. On the internet, a number of websites are available who arrange auctions for buying a gun, or if the availability of the guns is higher, so one can buy it directly.

The internet makes the people work too easy and simple. Thus, with the help of the internet, one can easily buy the gun from his or her own place and without facing any obstacle. In shotgun also, different-different models are available, so if one wants some specific model and it is rarely available, then he or she has to bid for the gun to buy it. A person who bids the highest amount will get that gun.

If one wants to know more about the shotguns for sale, internet is the best option and answer for all of your questions, thus, for the complete details and information do opt the same. Here, the people will get all kinds of guns as well as a person will get the huge varieties of all kinds of guns. Therefore, it is the best way to buy a gun in an easy manner.

Peter Hofer Sidelock

Price : $200,000 to $500,000

Hofer, based in Ferlach, Austria, is a great showman and maker of some of the world’s most exclusive and innovative guns. “Every-body says you can’t create a new gun. But that is not true,” he says. “Every third gun we create is a new gun.” About six guns leave his atelier each year. All are ornate and mechanically original. He may work on a single piece for many years (on one he lavished 21,400 hours). I recently handled a double-barrelled .17 rifle weighing 2lb, engraved with beetles.

Hofer has developed a side-by-side 12-bore sidelock that includes an almost hidden .17 tube between the two smoothbore barrels. His more conventional side-by-side, made to whatever specification is desired and taking about 1,600 man hours, has a back action and single trigger. A Boss-system over-and-under is also offered, taking 2,000 hours, as well as more German-style guns. Hofer makes large and small gauges, but seems to have a particular passion for the miniature.