If you’re filing nails you’re supposed to go only one way not back n forth right anyway this feels so weird my nails tips are all smooth as hell 😎

  • person:is life worth living?
  • Tumblr:with you it's worth everything.
  • person:I'm so fat. I need to lose weight. I'll never have a boyfriend.
  • Tumblr:you needn't change a thing. You are perfect.
  • person:why doesn't anyone ever want to date me?
  • Tumblr:your beauty scares them so they haven't asked yet.
  • person:I need someone to love.
  • Tumblr:you need more then me?
  • person:i will never be loved by anyone.
  • Tumblr:because you are loved by all.
  • Me:tumblr is smooth as fuck .
  • Tumblr:you're the smoothest fuck of all.