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Spideypool Nap

Imagine that Wade’s been avoiding inviting Peter to come over, which made Peter wonder why. Spidey gets so curious that one day he stalks Wade just to find out where exactly Wade lives… So he does. Spidey comes back to the building where Wade’s apartment is later, when Wade isn’t home. Spidey starts climbing up closer and closer to Wade’s apartment. Peter looks through the window and sees Wade’s room. Deadpool’s room is filled with spiderman stuff… pictures of Peter and spiderman posters on the walls, Spiderman blanket and pilow case, Spiderman comics, Spiderman action figures on shelves, spiderman pencils + sharpener, spiderman ruller, Spiderman pencil case, spiderman wastebin, spiderman box… Spiderman socks and spiderman boxers laying on the Spiderman carpet… A crazy idea comes to Peter’s mind… He breaks the window and sneaks in Wade’s room. A part of him wants to have a look around and see hos many other Spiderman items he can find. However, he wants to respect Wade’s privacy… As if breaking in his apartment was not that much of a problem. He believes Wade won’t mind the broken window when he’ll see that he’s got a new thing in his Spiderman collection… Peter takes his shoes off and crawls under Wade’s blanket. Although it’s a Spiderman blanket it smells like Deadpool, which Peter finds lovely and almost as comforting as Wade’s presence… Spidey feels like he belongs here. He closes his eyes, after a while he falls asleep thinking about Wade. When Wade comes home and sees Spiderman napping in his bed, he’s so thrilled that he doesn’t even notice the broken window. He silently cuddles up to Peter and carefully wraps his arm around him. Peter wakes up but pretends to be asleep as all he wants to do at that moment is nap in Wade’s arms feeling safe and peaceful.

Imagine Peter hitting on you.

“You must be a magician…” Peter smoothed his hair back as he looked at you.

You raised an eyebrow,not knowing what to expect.

“Because every time I look at you everyone else disappears.” He winked at you.

“Oh my god.” You deadpanned.

Peter tried a different approach,

“I’m awkward. Wanna make out?”

I just remembered a quote (don’t know the source or the actual quote) by Peter Capaldi where he talks about who he’d have his companion be and he said his wife, cuz he believes the companion should be someone you’d want to spend forever with and should be your soulmate… and I’m thinking… holy crap that was kind of a nod to Twelve and Clara as well. PCap you wonderfully subtle man you.

So the situation might have been a little awkward. Okay, a lot awkward. Even
by Peter’s incredibly high tolerance for uncomfortable situations. As these
things often do, the former Alpha’s day had started normally. Wake up, make
breakfast, maybe read for a bit, and then excitement in the form of his teenage
daughter had burst through his door. Apparently The Stilinski's were having a
barbecue and it was high time that Peter attended some pack bonding sessions. 

And so it was that the blue eyed male found himself next to the older Stilinski
while their children were off doing what ever they did. Peter had the distinct
feeling that he’d been set up. Malia had strategically placed him there with the
direction of socialize before darting off somewhere in the crowd, presumably
to find Stiles.

Shifting his weight from one foot to the other, Peter mulled over what he could
possibly say that wouldn’t sound absolutely horrific. I think our children are
sleeping together
, would probably be bad. I once offered your son the bite,
was probably even worse. Neutral ground was hard when you’ve done a lot of
not-so-neutral things. So, Peter being Peter, settled on facts.

“I went to high school with your wife." 

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"No, I mentioned that I had myself 'a' ginger," Peter smirks at Nellie's surprise. This is better, he thinks, back to their dangerously flirtatious ways. He lets go of her chin but lets his fingers dance along her neck for a second. She shivers unconsciously. "And that car is completely empty. Y'see I came here for you, and you alone. The car is for us, and I assure you, what I want you in there for I don't want being watched. I remember you like leather, from last time at my place."