smooth mum

Shoutout to my Mum for listening to me ranting and rambling about Animes and Mangas even though she has literally no idea what I’m talking about.

I just showed her the GIF where All Might somersaults merrily and talked to her about how extra and amazing and loveable he is.  She doesn’t know BNHA at all, but she listens and nods along and goes “10 out of 10 for that smooth landing”.

Love you Mum. Especially for your patience with your nerdy daughter.

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Companions react to Sole saying "Can you hold this?" And putting their hand in the companion's? Thank you!!

Okay, I actually tried this on my classmate and she looked at my hand, then back at me and said: “That was freaking adorable, okay…”

Cait - She stared at their hand with a fown, before she looked up at them again and smiled. “God, you’re such a sappy dork.”

Codsworth - “Very smooth, sir/mum!” he says with amusement in his voice.

Curie - She doesn’t really understand; she brings their hands closer to her face and observes their hand, trying to find what they were giving her. She then asks them to explain.

Danse - “Soldier, we don’t have time for this.” he says, but cannot stop the blush creeping into his cheeks.

Deacon - Deacon simply chuckes. “Not bad, boss, but how about… Hey, you’ve something on your cheeek”, he kisses their cheek quickly: “My lips!” It turns out to be a pick up line battle.

Dogmeat - He doesn’t really understand what they’re saying, but he licks their face in response, anyway.

Hancock - He grins like a mad man for a second. “You’re making me blush! And that’s not even physically possible anymore!!”

MacCready - Chuckles softly “Nice one, boss!” he says as he retreats his hand again. He has a smile lingering on his face for a while now.

Nick Valentine - He squeezes their hand and smiles. “Oh I certainly can,” he says holding their hand for a little while, before going back to his work.

Piper - She starts giggling and brings hers free hand to theirs, holding their hand between her own for a while. When she realises how long she’d been holding them, she goes red a quickly lets them go, chuckling awkwardly.

Preston - He looks at them with a frown for a while, but then he gets it, with several soft ‘oh’s that turn into a few chuckles. “You are such a card, general,” he says, squeezing their hand, before letting go off them, with a smile on his face.

Strong - “Strong confused, what is human giving Strong?!” Poor strong, he was so happy ouny human would give him the milk of human kindess. Sigh.

X6-88 - Expressionless, he looks at their hand, then their face, before walking away from them.
‘Blue Merle Sheltie’ Sticker by CatmintDragon
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I drew some sheltie puppers! (mostly fur my mum, hehe :33c)
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my mum came to me today with a fidget spinner and asked me what it was, and i asked her where in the world she got it from because i’d only seen it on the internet until now. she just got back from the veggie store and apparently they were just giving these fuckers away with every purchase. now my dad’s been obsessed with getting it to balance on his finger while it spins. what is going on.

Someone You’d Admire

A/n: when in doubt, use a song by fleet foxes for your title

Summary: Phil’s family is invited to a prestigious banquet, and he asks a pretty boy for a dance. Of course only he would do such a thing, to then realize that said boy is in a wheelchair. 

Words:  2839

Genre: fluff as fuck

Warnings: food mention, anxiety mention, swearing

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