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EXO in a secret relationship

You had been in a relationship with him for a few months already but yet, it still remained a secret. At first, it was just that way to keep you out of the public’s view, as far away from jealous “fans” as possible; but, as time progressed you kind of liked having a little secret to share. You weren’t too bothered about the fact nobody knew your man was in a relationship, let alone with you, because when he still turned down all advances despite not needing to for public perceptions sake, it showed you how much he cared for you. He’d never purposefully do anything to hurt you so that’s why you were more than happy to sneak him into your bedroom for the night (sexual activities in mind or not) on multiple occaisons. Usually, he’d be up relatively early and out of sight before your parents could even begin to suspect you had company but your luck had to run out eventually.

You had started early classes so of course, you had to be up and gone earlier than usual so you decided to let him sleep in as he rarely got the chance to. You trusted him with everything you owned, even your social media so you figured hey, what could go wrong.

You had only been gone less than half an hour when your parents called up to make sure you were up and getting ready for class. Of course, you didn’t answer so your mum heads up the stairs and to your room to find you gone and him in your place.

He’s still deep asleep when your mum knocks the door so she opens it. The second she sees a male sleeping in your bed, she screams in fright, not recognising Baekhyun at first. Baekhyun awakes screaming too, frightened. He bolts up, jumping to stand on the bed, still screaming with his fists up ready to fight whoever he needed.

“Bae-Baekhyun?” Your mother finally stammers out. He dropped his arms to his sides and jumps off the bed to look at her with a polite yet embarassed smile. “Wh-what are you doing here?”

“Uh, Y/N let me stay…so I can get some sleep…because the guys are noisy…” He lied somewhat smoothly. Smooth enough that your mum, who had known him since he was little, just nodded in understanding.

“Next time let me know and I’ll set up the guest room for you.” She smiled wamrly then. “Would you like some breakfast?” Baekhyun grins enthusiastically and joins your parents for breakfast in the kitchen, the three laughing about embarassing stories from when the two of you were little.

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He heard someone call your name but didn’t register you weren’t there to answer them at first. It took until there was knocking on your door for him to turn over and sit upright, looking around for you. The door opened and he looked over it wide eyed, glad he had slept in pajama’s the previous night.

“Who are you?” Your mother asked instantly, getting ready to run if she felt threatened.

“I-I’m Chanyeol.” He answered jumping out of bed to bow politely. “I’m a friend of Y/N’s.”

“Oh, the gay one?” Chanyeol looked up at her like a deer in headlights. She giggled. “Don’t worry, no judging here.”

“Uh, th-thank you.”

Your mother proceeded to tell Chanyeol stories about her curious days in college and Chanyeol hated to admit it but, he foudn your mum hot and hearing that she had a lot of girl on girl experimentation, well he couldn’t wait to see you that night to use some of her techniques in bed.

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Screams like a motherfucker the second the door opens while he’s trying to untangle himself from the bedding. Your father sprints upstairs, thinking it was your mother who screeched, thinking she was in pain.

“What the-?”

Hearing your fathers deep voice, Chen paniced and flailed, falling off of the bed and onto the floor with a thud.
You got your caring side from your mother Chen learned as she rushed over to help him up, checking he was alright.

“Don’t be kind to the boy, we just found him in our daughters bed.” Your father growled.

“Uh, I did nothing inappropriate to her last night.” Chen defended and he wasn’t lying. Last night, you two had fallen asleep pretty fast, it was the other nights your parents should’ve been concerned about.

“Oh leave him alone.” Your mother scolded. “I believe him.” Chen was shocked but smiled at the same. Despite your mother being as warm adn welcoming as a person can in that circumstance, Chen didn’t stick around but with your father glaring daggers at him constantly, who could blame him.

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Dead to the world until he’s being physically removed from your bed.
“Huh?” He looks around confused, his body still too relaxed from slumber to even begin to fight the strong hands dragging him out of your room and down to the front door by his t-shirt.
Next thing he knows, he’s staring at the wooden door that just slammed in his face. It takes him a few moments to fully register what just happened and when he does, his whole face turns red. He backs up and rushes down the drive, screaming as something suddenly landed by his feet. He looks down to see his shoes. He scrambles to pick them up, turning to see your father glaring from your open bedroom window. Kai gives an awkward smile of thanks before speed walking away.
When he stops out of view, he starts to laugh.
It was certainly an interesting way to start the day but he certainly hoped it would never happen again.

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Kyungsoo (D.O)
Honestly, I don’t think Kyungsoo would sneak up to your room if you live with your parents so lets say it’s your room mate that walks in instead.

Kyungsoo was already up and ready to leave when the door opened. He froze, metres away, meeting the gaze of your room mate.

“Oh…” She spoke surprised. “I didn’t know Y/N had a guy over.”

“Uh yeah…” He replied not sure what else to say.

“That’s a first.” Kyungsoo couldn’t help but smile to himself, feeling extra special and loved as he was the first guy you had ever taken back to your place.
“Y/N must really like you.” Kyungsoo’s cheeks tinged pink and he couldn’t fight his smile that time. “Aw, you’re so cute, no wonder you’re the first allowed to enter this room.” She giggled. “Well, I won’t keep you, whoever you are.” She stepped aside. Kyungsoo thanked her politely and bid a short goodbye before rushing out, his stomach full of butterflies with what he just leanred about your feelings for him.

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Even though he acts like such a brat sometimes, he doesn’t want your parents to think badly of him for when you finally introduce him, or them to think badly of you either for that matter.
The second he hears footsteps approaching, he gathers his stuff and throws it under the bed, climbing under after it.
Straight up hides until your parents leave for work because your mum left your bedroom door wide open and he didn’t want to risk being caught.

As soon as he’s alone, he scrambles out and gets dressed, leaving using the spare key he knew you kept in your sock drawer because you had a habit of leaving yours at other peoples houses.

No doubt leaves you a whiney voicemail about how he’s never staying at yours again because he’s pretty sure he almost died of heart attack under your bed and he doesn’t want to die under there with your old school books and forgotten CDs from your various teenage stages. It makes you giggle when you listen to it on your break. You send him a text promising that next time you won’t leave him alone and he didn’t even need to negotiate. It was the perfect problem solver in his mind. He wouldn’t be in that stomach turning situation again but he wouldn’t have to sacrifice holding your body against his as he slept.

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Like Kyungsoo, he wouldn’t sneak around behind your parents backs like that. Even if you were a secret to the whole world, he’d want to make sure your parents approved of him and your relationship.

So, he’d think that your parents are aware that he spent the night but, you knew they wouldn’t approve of that quite yet so you neglected to tell them that little detail.

Suho would’ve been up and ready for a while, just needing to put his shoes on and leave but you had a book that grabbed his interest so he got distracted.
The next thing he knew, an hour had passed and your mum was stood at the foot of the bed, looking at him expectantly. He’d put down the book and apologise for not noticing her at first.

“Maybe you should explain what you’re doing here, Junmyeon.” She suggested firmly. His eyes would widen.

“I-I thought you knew.” He confessed. Your mother could see the genuine horror on his features upon learning his presence hadn’t been shared with her.
“I am so sorry.” He quickly gathers his shoes and puts hte book back. “I'l leave immediately and talk to Y/N when class is over. I was lead to beleive you knew I stayed the night.”

“I’m not entirely surprised she didn’t tell us, she knew we wouldn’t be happy about it.”

“Once again, I apologise-”

“No, don’t worry, I trust you’re telling me the truth.” She smiled lightly, calming him. “Also, I trust you with my child, Junmyeon. On the other hand, I do not turst Y/N to be honest with me and for that, if this happens again, I will not be happy.”

“I understand.”

“So next time, I expect you to ask for permission.” He looked at her confused and she smiled lightly. “Like I said, I trust you but my husband on the other hand, he might be a bit harder to convince.”

“I will do my best.”

“Wonderful, now return to your reading. Y/N’s father will be leaving shortly, you can come downstairs then.” She turned and left. Suho took her advice and returned to the book.

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Honestly, Xiumin probably woke when you climbed out of the bed. He’d tidy up whatever mess you two may’ve cause, legit probs none, and then wait for you to finish getting ready.
Once you were ready, you’d go down to talk to your parents and distract them so Xiumin could sneak out without them noticing.
He’d run around the corner to collect his car then pick you up in front of your house and drive you to class, after stopping at the coffee shop first of course.

But if for some reason, he didn’t wake up and was still in bed when your mum entered, all he’d need to do is smile that adorable smile at her and everything would be a-okay. Or ya know , let her see that he doesn’t sleep with a shirt on so she can appreciate dat bod

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Yixing (Lay)
Also one that wouldn’t sneak around with your parents involved so let’s go back to the room mate scenario.

But honestly though, he’d probably sleep through the whole ordeal. We all know Yixing is a sleepy pup so he’d be zonked when your room opens and your room mate walks in. They might not even notice it’s not you at first because he doesn’t move and caries on sleeping.

“Hey, Y/N, I’m just going to borrow your jacket.” They announce. No answer. “Y/N.” They sigh in annoyance when there is still no answer. They finally turn and look at your bed. “Who the hell are you?!” They yell, startling Yixing away with a yelp.

“I’m Lay!” He answers automatically.

“Wait, Lay? As in, the singer?” Yixing nods sleepily. “Holy shit. Okay, I thought Y/N was joking about being close with you. A lot closer than I realised. Damn son, okay.” They nod and hold up your jacket. “Uh, I’m going to borrow this, if you’re still here when Y/N gets back, let ‘em know.”

“Uh, okay.” Yixing simply nods and watches your room mate leave. The second the door shuts, Yixing flops back down and pulls your pillow close to him so he can inhale your scent and he drifts back to sleep.

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Thank you for the request anon! 

Hope you guys like it

Also just want to quickly say I’m shook at the fact so many of you liked my Jungkook birthday smut like I didn’t expect that hella thanks my loves

I’m thinking of writing a smut for every idol birthday??? but I’m really bad at birthdays so chances are I won’t remember/be aware of most idol birthdays. I know Namjoon’s is soon tho and I have an idea for that if you guys are interested in Rap Monster smut, stay tuned, it may be a 2 part dealio, both smut yes

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Companions react to Sole saying "Can you hold this?" And putting their hand in the companion's? Thank you!!

Okay, I actually tried this on my classmate and she looked at my hand, then back at me and said: “That was freaking adorable, okay…”

Cait - She stared at their hand with a fown, before she looked up at them again and smiled. “God, you’re such a sappy dork.”

Codsworth - “Very smooth, sir/mum!” he says with amusement in his voice.

Curie - She doesn’t really understand; she brings their hands closer to her face and observes their hand, trying to find what they were giving her. She then asks them to explain.

Danse - “Soldier, we don’t have time for this.” he says, but cannot stop the blush creeping into his cheeks.

Deacon - Deacon simply chuckes. “Not bad, boss, but how about… Hey, you’ve something on your cheeek”, he kisses their cheek quickly: “My lips!” It turns out to be a pick up line battle.

Dogmeat - He doesn’t really understand what they’re saying, but he licks their face in response, anyway.

Hancock - He grins like a mad man for a second. “You’re making me blush! And that’s not even physically possible anymore!!”

MacCready - Chuckles softly “Nice one, boss!” he says as he retreats his hand again. He has a smile lingering on his face for a while now.

Nick Valentine - He squeezes their hand and smiles. “Oh I certainly can,” he says holding their hand for a little while, before going back to his work.

Piper - She starts giggling and brings hers free hand to theirs, holding their hand between her own for a while. When she realises how long she’d been holding them, she goes red a quickly lets them go, chuckling awkwardly.

Preston - He looks at them with a frown for a while, but then he gets it, with several soft ‘oh’s that turn into a few chuckles. “You are such a card, general,” he says, squeezing their hand, before letting go off them, with a smile on his face.

Strong - “Strong confused, what is human giving Strong?!” Poor strong, he was so happy ouny human would give him the milk of human kindess. Sigh.

X6-88 - Expressionless, he looks at their hand, then their face, before walking away from them. 

Shoutout to my Mum for listening to me ranting and rambling about Animes and Mangas even though she has literally no idea what I’m talking about.

I just showed her the GIF where All Might somersaults merrily and talked to her about how extra and amazing and loveable he is.  She doesn’t know BNHA at all, but she listens and nods along and goes “10 out of 10 for that smooth landing”.

Love you Mum. Especially for your patience with your nerdy daughter.

Someone You’d Admire

A/n: when in doubt, use a song by fleet foxes for your title

Summary: Phil’s family is invited to a prestigious banquet, and he asks a pretty boy for a dance. Of course only he would do such a thing, to then realize that said boy is in a wheelchair. 

Words:  2839

Genre: fluff as fuck

Warnings: food mention, anxiety mention, swearing

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