smooth kirk

Pavel Chekov Having a Crush on You Would Include:

- him being a complete fool around you

- a cute nervous fool

- everytime he sees you he walks in a wall or trips over a plant or something

- whenever you two talk his face is literally red

- somehow you were completely oblivious to this crush though

- the crew not being so oblivious

- constant teasing from them

- like literally you walk into a room with him and someone says “I HOPE YOU GUYS WERE USING PROTECTION”

- Kirk giving him advice

- yea… he used the advice

- ‘be smooth’ Kirk said ‘don’t trip or crash into something, just be smooth’

- and of course that didn’t work out

- he would give you compliments in Russian

- “ваш так красиво” (your so beautiful)

- when kirk finally has had enough, he asks you on a date for Pavel

- of course you said yes

- ××

Yea I know it sucks but this was something I wrote for wattpad so I decided to put it on here :)

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