smooth guitar

signs as musical instruments

aries: trumpet / triumphant, youthful, wild sound like a battlecry

taurus: cello / sound mimics the human voice, resonating like a low, warm hum in the chest

gemini: guitar / gemini rules the hands and guitars have such a diverse sound, able to be tuned in many different ways and able to blend into any genre of music

cancer: drumset / instinctual and improvisational, music in its most basic form calls back to the origin of music, rhythm

leo: alto saxophone / colorful, theatrical, and expressive sound like a breath of fire, demands a solo

virgo: violin / sounds of weeping, emotionality expressed by meticulous technique and training

libra: harp / sound has a lawful quality, like a chorus of angels reciting your sins to you 

scorpio: bass guitar / sexy, smooth sound evoking the mystery and allure of the deep sea 

sagittarius: flute / agile, clear, sounds of flight, playful but knowing

capricorn: double bass / supports the whole band with rhythm and a strong, mature, vocal sound

aquarius: piano / the accompanist, ties the different sounds and musicalities of an ensemble together, but has a unique, rebellious voice of its own 

pisces: theremin / otherworldly sound, quite literally untouchable, like a psychic instrument

the rule of cool (part 1)

[peter parker x reader]

author’s note: yaaaay this is finally done! spent the last week or so writing it. this idea came out of nowhere but it’s probably the most fun story i’ve written. big ups to my cousin (i know you’re reading this lol) for helping me develop the plot because holy hell it went everywhere. hahaha hope you all enjoy

also tried to post this as one giant post, and while chrome and my phone’s browsing app (safari) handled it just fine, the app kept crashing, so i’m posting this in 2 parts. so sorry if you saw this before 

word count: 10,167


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Song: Enjoy The Silence
Artist: Depeche Mode
Year: 1990
Why it’s Dope: Beautiful synth textures that are strong, analog, and vivid, slithering vocals from Dave Gahan that fit perfectly with the track’s ambiance, a smooth, well-placed guitar line that re-appears throughout the tune, and a killer chorus that is sneakily catchy.

High on You

Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

Pairing: Yuta x reader
Genre: fluff, smut
Warnings: drug abuse
Word count: 3,714

Sighing, you put your phone inside your bag, ready to head home for the night. Bidding the last remaining people at the office goodbye, you headed off towards the elevator. Heaving a sigh, your back slouched as you waited for it to come up, the tiredness of a very long day evident on every inch of your body. You had told yourself that this internship would be a fun and an educational experience, a sample of what your dream job would be like. 

However, it seemed that things didn’t really run so smoothly. Today, had marked one of the worst days here, yet. Mostly because your supervisor had made it their goal to make your experience here a living hell. 

Two more months, you thought to yourself. 

The elevator doors slid open, breaking your train of thought. Clicking the 0 button, you rested your back against the mirror, your bag resting against your thighs. A nice relaxing bath sounded great at that moment, maybe a nice massage too. You definitely knew where you could get the latter one, a smile inevitably creeping onto your lips at the thought of Yuta’s hands on you. 

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Break (Shawn Mendes Imagine)

requested: can you do an imagine where Shawn and the reader get into a heated argument and it leads them taking a break?

pairing: reader x Shawn

a/n: let me know what you think! requests are currently open, feel free to come and request things! :)

“I just don’t understand why you hang out with her all the time, Shawn. She sees you more than I do,” you say firmly, throwing your purse on the couch. You and Shawn just came back from a party that his label was throwing to celebrate the end of his next album production, and you had been giving him the cold shoulder for the past hour. 

“All the time? I’m fucking sorry, y/n,” Shawn strains out the word sorry sarcastically, loosening up the top few buttons on his button up. “But that’s ridiculous. There’s not a ton of people I can trust in this industry and you go around and critique the ones I do hang out with?”

“I’m not critiquing her, I just don’t trust her intentions around you. She’s always touching your chest and calling you ‘Shawnie’. People think you’re dating her!” 

Shawn chuckles out in frustration, sucking in his cheek a bit before responding. “So you don’t trust me? Is that what this is about?” 

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The Asano Graduation Album Info-Dump

It seems like there’s bits of information from the Graduation Album floating around on Tumblr and elsewhere. It’s hard to tell which pieces have been mentioned already, so I figured I’d translate all the pages related to the Asanos and stick it in one post. Compared to the first data book, there’s much less regurgitation of info from the manga, plus I thought Matsui’s word choices in his descriptions of them were pretty interesting (“He shines like a star”… really Matsui?), so it seems reasonable just to give you all the whole text! It’s still a sizable amount of text though, so it’s entirely possible that there could be a few errors .w.

I numbered the sections so that you can see which part from each page I’m translating since there’s pictures that go along with some of the text. 

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Good Vibrations

Summary: Phil’s band gets a shot at impressing a talent scout, but their drummer drops out just three days before the big gig. Their only shot at a replacement comes in the form of the lead singer’s younger brother, the lead singer’s deaf brother with a fondness for soft pastel colours.

AO3 Link

Genre: Fluff, AU

Warnings: Deafness

POV: Third

Words: 3247

Beta: gatsbys-old-sport

A/n: Wow, it’s been a while since I wrote a deaf!Dan story. Also I love the punk!Phil, pastel!Dan AU and couldn’t resist combining them :D

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Request: Juice imagine where he’s married with children and they spend a weekend at the seaside with the club.

You woke to the sound of laughter and you sat up, wiping the sleep from your eyes.
The windows were open and the warm ocean breeze left goosebumps on your skin.
You could hear Juice’s laughter and you smiled, tossing the sheets back and slipping out of bed.
He didn’t hear you come into the room and you leant against the door frame, a smile on your face as you watched him feed your daughter.
Luciana giggled as Juice waved the spoon in front of her, making aeroplane noises so she would open her mouth.
She opened her mouth and he slipped the spoon in and when he looked away to get another spoonful she spat the food down her chin, giggling again.
Juice looked up and sighed.
“Lucy,” He said quietly and shook his head.
You laughed and he turned towards you, a smile breaking across his face once he saw you.
“Hey sleepy head.” He said.
You smiled and walked across the room and pressed a kiss to his lips.
You kissed your daughters head too.
She giggled at you and you smiled.
“She prefers trains.” You winked to Juice.
“Of course.” He whispered to himself and you laughed loudly.
“Max still in bed?” You asked and he nodded.
“I’ll get him up, Gem wants us to meet at the beach at 10.” You said and Juice nodded.
You walked into the second bedroom where your kids had spent the night and walked lightly to your sons bed, where he slept soundly.
You ran your hand gently through his curly black hair, and his eyes fluttered open.
He rolled over and looked at you and you smiled, reminded again of how much your son looked like his father.
“Time to get up Máximo.” You said softly.
He reached his arms up and you pressed a kiss to his forehead.
“Cmon, daddys making breakfast.”
Max pushed back the covers and got out of bed, holding your hand as you walked back to the table, where Juice was now making train noises while feeding his daughter.
The motel wasn’t flash, but it was nice to be away from Charming for a bit. And despite being with the club, everyone had agreed there would be no club business this weekend.
Initially, you had planed for a quiet weekend away. Just you, your husband, and your kids, spending a much needed weekend at the beach. But once Gemma found outside had had other ideas and before you knew it the entire club was on their way to the seaside.
You didn’t mind, not really. You loved the club and every part that came with being an old lady, and you still got to spend alone time with your family.
The kids sat at the table while you and Juice made breakfast, Lucy giggling from her high chair the whole time.

“Finally!” Wendy teased as you walked across the soft sand.
You laughed loudly.
Lucy rested on your hip and you held Juices free hand, his other one carrying large bags of snacks, towels, and beach toys. Max ran ahead and he went straight to Wendy, hugging your best friend tightly.
The whole club was already there, and your mouth almost dropped open when you saw them.
“Jesus.” You and Juice whispered in sync.
Never in your life had you ever expected to see the Sons of Anarchy like.. this.
Bobby stood proudly, his long curly hair tied into a ponytail, shorts on and no top, his pale skin almost reflecting the sun.
Chibs stood next to him, dragging on a cigarette, and wearing the shortest shorts you had ever seen. His white singlet was tucked into his shorts and he waved to you and Juice happily.
Jax sat on a towel, next to Abel and Thomas, wearing nothing but beach shorts. Opie had the same and Happy wore jeans (of course) and no shirt. Nero wore a large baggy t-shirt and beach shorts and he wrapped his arms around Gemma, who stood in a black one piece and a black wrap wrapped around her.
Halfsack was already splashing in the waves, wearing similar items to Jax and Ope.
But then, there was Tig.
He stood to the side, his curly hair blowing in the breeze, his chest stuck out and wearing nothing but.. leather speedos.
You and Juice looked at each other with wide eyes and tried hard to fight the laughter.
But when Tig shook his hair in the wind neither of you could hold it in and you both erupted in laughter.
“What?” Tig asked, resting his hands on his hips, which only made you both laugh harder.
You covered Lucys eyes as Tig began to stretch and you sat on a towel next to Wendy and Jax.
“You know, maybe this trip was a bad idea after all.” You said.
Jax looked at you questioningly.
“Well I mean, if anyone saw you guys like this I doubt you’d have any power left.”
Jax laughed and so did Ope and Wendy.
Max ran with Abel to join Kenny and Ellie who were playing in the sand.
You placed Lucy on the towel in front of you and pulled out the sunscreen.
Halfsack ran up the sand towards you and you offered him the sunscreen.
“No thanks. Im working on my tan.” You and Wendy both laughed as you rubbed the cream into Thomas and Lucy, and yourselves.

You had been at the beach for four hours now, and Nero was setting up the beach grill, ready for a barbecue. You had played in the waves for a while, splashing Juice and Max. But now you lay on the sand, your black bikini showing off your body as you tried to soak in the rays, Wendy next to you.
Thomas and Lucy were napping in a tent that Gemma had bought and you were thankful to have some shade for them.
Gemma lay on a towel next to Wendy and you were enjoying the peace, the sound of laughter and waves a comfort to you.
Juice was kicking a ball around with Jax, Opie, Halfsack and the kids and Chibs and Bobby were helping Nero with lunch.
You felt  shadow fall over your body and you leant against your elbows.
Tig stood over you, and from this angle, it was definitely not a pleasant view.
“Move over, ladies, Tiggy needs to tan too.” He said.
You and Wedny laughed loudly but shifted over, allowing space for Tig to lay out a towel and he spread out next to you, his bare body soaking up the sun.
After a while the smell of food drifted through the air and Nero called out that lunch was ready.
Everyone crowded around, getting plastic plates full of sausages, chicken sticks and summer salads.
You all sat in a circle, eating happily and talking amongst yourselves.
Everyone was enjoying the trip. It was exactly what you all needed after a long and stressful year. But finally the club was in a good place and you hoped everything would stay the same, at least for a while.

The sun was beginning to set and Gemma and Nero had offered to take all the kids back.
You were grateful, and you sat on a log next to Juice, a blanket wrapped around you both as Opie stoked the fire in the centre.
The rest of the club sat around, toasting marshmallows while Bobby strummed at his guitar, his smooth voice setting the scene.
It had been a lovely day, spent with your SAMCRO family, and you were glad that they had come on the trip after all. You really did love each and every one of them and spending time together with out any worries was something you rarely got to do.
Wendy was tucked under Jax’s arm and he pressed a kiss to her head.
Tig had finally covered up and had a blanket wrapped around himself too.
Everyone was smiling, and everyone was happy.
You met Juices eye and kissed him deeply.
“I love you.” You whispered.
He smiled against your lips and kissed your nose softly.
“I love you too, wife.” He said and you both smiled.
“Jesus Christ.” Chibs said loudly and you all turned.
Halfsack walked slowly through the sand, his skin almost glowing red, except for the white skin around his eyes from where his sunglasses had sat.
The club erupted in laughter as you all looked at the young prospect, ashamed of his mistake.
He moved forwards and sat down next to Happy and Tig, who both smirked at him.
“Yeah, okay, I’m an idiot.” He called and you all laughed again.
Happy and Tig smirked at each other.
“Naww, its okay prospect.” Tig said and slapped Halfsacks shoulder, making him yelp in pain.
The sound of laughter mixed with the crashing waves and the crackling fire and the Sons of Anarchy family laughed long into the night.

kanifa  asked:

Another prompt, dear. :) Simon's playing guitar, Raphael comes by and is fascinated by it. Simon pulls him into his lap, wraps his arms around him and they try to play something together with Simon whispering in Raphael's ear. Ends in a kiss. :3

It was their usual night- well morning- routine since Simon started to live at the Hotel DuMort again. Simon would disappear to his room sometime before sunrise and Raphael would follow. Every morning started the same but always ended differently, sometimes they’d talk for hour and sometimes they didn’t talk at all, only holding onto each other.

Raphael walked to Simon’s room with a glass of blood in hand and ready to knock when he heard the light strum of a guitar.

Raphael quietly shoved the door to Simon’s room open, he’d spent so much time in that room lately it ached not to call it theirs.

Raphael tilted his head and watched in awe as Simon shut his eyes and continued to play.

It took several minutes for Simon to notice Raphael. “Hey” he smiled and shoved the guitar case off the bed.

“Hi” Raphael said and extended his hand to offer Simon the blood.

“You know I fed earlier right?”

“I do, but you’re still a baby, you need this”

Simon took a sip of the blood “o neg, my favorite”

Raphael sat beside Simon and trailed his fingers over the smooth surface of Simon’s guitar “what were you playing?”

“Nothing, just strumming” Simon shrugged.

“Just strumming” Raphael hummed “can teach me?”

Simon’s face lit up and set the guitar in Raphael’s lap “give it a try”

Raphael took an unnecessary breath and strum the guitar. He grimaced at the terrible sound that came and looked up at Simon.

Simon took the guitar from Raphael and patted his lap “come here, I’ll show you”

Raphael quickly got up and slid into Simon’s lap. Not too long ago it would have been something they’d be hesitant to do, now it just came naturally.

Simon then placed the guitar on Raphael’s lap and guided his hand “see you’re doing great” Simon rest his chin on Raphael’s shoulder and whispered.

“Really?” Raphael asked and turned his head to meet Simon’s gaze.

“Yeah” Simon whispered and slowly leaned forward to brush his lips against Raphael’s.

[Image description: Three different guitar teether clips. One is pink, one purple, and one green. The guitar is heavily textured and has a music note on it. A cord attaches it to a line of smooth, circular beads.]

Guitar teething clips for 15.95 USD by Etsy shop BenjaminsBandB, which is based in Canada and ships to Canada, the USA, and the European Union. Directed at parents of babies, but the texture looks fun.

Literally every time I show an electronic musician my music they just tell me to make electronic music instead like lol sure great advice I’m sure some sick beats and drops will sound awesome coupled with my smooth and gentle acoustic guitar stylings and quiet, personal lyrics


This is still one of the absolute raddest things I’ve seen in my life.

A handful of undeniable musical legends playing one of the best pop/rock songs ever written and Mr. Rogers Nelson emerges with less than three minutes left and sandblasts the faces of the whole room down to buffed ivory with one of the most explosively smooth guitar solos in human history—"explosively smooth" being the kind of internally opposed descriptor that could only be applied to Prince.

I’ve seen it a hundred times and I never get tired of seeing the delight and disbelief on everyone’s faces. Coupled with how much fun you can see Prince having and the fact that at the end he throws one of the prettiest Telecasters anyone’s ever laid eyes on into the air and it DISAPPEARS into thin air. Fucking tucked into a cooler dimension in front of everyone’s eyes.

I read a comment a long time ago that referred to that act of sorcery as “disposing of the murder weapon” and my definition of cool has been indelibly altered ever since.

Such is the power of Prince that I harbor a fond memory of a comment on the internet.

Scar Tissue
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Scar Tissue

The RTTP 90s Throwback

This one just scrapes in, being released in 1999. Off the RHCP’s seventh studio album Californication, ‘Scar Tissue’ represented the band’s move towards more moody and melodic songwriting.

The song is about lead singer Anthony Kiedis’ long addiction to drugs of varying nature, though mainly heroin. In his autobiography of the same name he even discusses his introduction to weed at the age of 12, and his first 'high experience’ at the age of 4 when his dad blew pot smoke in his face.

Beyond this, RTTP remembers putting this on for those chill, reflective times as the perfect balance of smooth guitar riffs and melancholia surrounded us. Enjoy.

All the Young Dudes

Author: castielohcastiel

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1034

Warning: fluff 

A/N: Request by @feelmyroarrrr : Record store day and unsurprisingly Dean. Sorry it took a while! You also asked for a Cas one, that will be posted soon.

Also, thanks to my girl @netflixandcastiellll for beta-ing my mess. <3

Castiel Record Store Version

Mott the Hoople: All the Young Dudes

The Impala roared into the small parking lot of Resistor Records. A giddy feeling rushes over you as Dean parks the car. The hunter, whose idea of a Thursday morning does not consist of waking up at seven in the morning to wait in line for some records, is grumbling subtly. But this is all for you. That’s all the motivation Dean needs to get up at the ass crack of dawn, if it meant spending any amount of time with you alone. The hunter has harbored deep feelings for you since the moment Ellen had introduced you to Sam and him. You still remember him flashing a brilliant smile and his charming yet caring demeanor. This is why Dean found himself standing beside you in the cold, fourth in line.

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