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so much of 1039 smoothed out slappy hours is about running out of time and worrying that you haven’t done enough with your life and comparing yourself to other people. they were literally kids when they wrote that and it’s like, when i see you guys, late teens or possibly even younger worrying that you haven’t travelled the world or gone to college or whatever it just makes me wanna shake you and be like !!!!!!!! look! !!!! at them !!!!!!!!!! !!! it’s okay !!! because anything can happen and green day are living proof of the fact that those thoughts are bullshit, you’re gonna be amazing


Green Day:
*Writes songs about not blindly following the government*
*Writes songs about coping with death and loss*
*Writes songs about coming out as a bisexual to family*
*Writes songs about teenage insecurities and drug addiction*

“Green Day aren’t known for having meaningful lyrics but they sure are catchy!”

ok but like.. billie joe wrote his first song at 5 years old and he did a little interview at the time in which he said that he loved singing because it made people happy and that he wanted to sing his songs to people all over the world.. and now he goes and plays in arenas with his best friends and thousands of people singing songs he wrote in his basement when he was 16.. it just makes me tear up a little bit and makes my heart fill with joy every time i think about it


lovely metallic blue/green 💎 💦 

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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - Chapter Nineteen: The Hungarian Horntail


Four fully grown, enormous, vicious-looking dragons were rearing onto their hind legs inside an enclosure fenced with thick planks of wood, roaring and snorting — torrents of fire were shooting into the dark sky from their open, fanged mouths, fifty feet above the ground on their outstretched necks. There was a silvery-blue one with long, pointed horns, snapping and snarling at the wizards on the ground; a smooth-scaled green one, which was writhing and stamping with all its might; a red one with an odd fringe of fine gold spikes around its face, which was shooting mushroom-shaped fire clouds into the air; and a gigantic black one, more lizard-like than the others, which was nearest to them.

I went to the zoo again today!! 🐪🐒🐂🦃🐊🐞 brought my new rhino along with me. Haven’t named him yet (can’t think of a CNNW character) but if anyone had tagged me recently you are now apart of this christening ceremony. And i thought it only right to do it behid the Rhino exibit. To show him off to his fam. Tagging: @jaivturkey @latibules @paradisiak @godshideouscreation @veraisastoner @lexicallylimited @chronica-lewinskief @everystonerhasafuture @stonerjpeg @blackhighandbi @black-stoners @supremedickwizard @bitter-old-cat-lady toke! toke! toke! toke!