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Number One (Minghao)

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The first time you saw Xu Minghao, he was dancing. It was February, and you had gone to see a dance competition your friend was taking part in, and while cheering for your friend, the blond boy caught your attention with his smooth moves, complex dance and determined expressions.

He ended up coming first in the competition, while your friend came third, and you were one of the first ones to go see the top three after the announcement. While you were on your way to your friend, Minghao walked past you, and overwhelmed by the excitement of the event, you managed to somehow dig up enough courage to talk to him.

“Hey, Minghao, right? You were amazing up there,” you said, probably looking as happy and excited as you felt, and the boy rubbed his nose lightly while laughing. His laughter was practically music to your ears, and you found yourself smiling even more because of it.

“Thanks, I practiced for quite a while,” he admitted a bit shyly, far from the confident, almost cheeky boy you had seen on the stage. 

“Oh, I bet. Congratulations on first place!” From the corner of your eye, you could see your friend approaching you, so you smiled at Minghao. “But I need to go congratulate my friend. See you sometime, Minghao!”

“Sure,” he said, a bit confused, and watched you run off to your friend with open arms. When you both laughed together out of joy, he chuckled to himself. He was about to leave and find his own friends, but felt something bugging him, which was why he turned back around. “Wait! What’s your name?”

Still hugging your friend, you grinned at Minghao. “Y/N!”

“Y/N,” Minghao said to himself, as if to see how your name sounded on his tongue, and smiled brightly while raising a hand to a wave. “See you around, Y/N!”

Your cheeks were heated for more reasons than one, and your cheeks were hurting from all the smiling, but it didn’t matter to you.

The second time you saw Minghao was a few months after the dance competition, at another one of those. He was just as cool as he was then, with a new choreography that he performed flawlessly, and you were just as mesmerized as you were the first time.

That time, too, you saw him after he had, which was honestly rather unsurprising to you, won the first place again. He had dyed his hair brown, but he was just as cheerful yet on the shyer side when he was off stage. Upon seeing you, his expression brightened even more than it already had.

“Y/N, you’re here again,” he stated the obvious, and you shrugged as you walked up to him. It was amazing that he still remembered you, but for the sake of acting normal, you tried not to think about it.

“I was watching and cheering for my friend again, but she didn’t place in the top 3, so I kinda–”

“Ditched her and came to congratulate me instead?” Minghao snickered, fiddling with the small trophy he had gotten. You tugged at the hem of your shirt.

“Basically, yeah,” you admitted, and Minghao laughed some more, which also made you laugh. It might’ve been only two months between your previous meeting and that day, but to you it felt like he had grown a lot - and oddly enough, it felt like you had grown fond of him despite not knowing him.

You might have stalked his Instagram an almost unhealthy amount, but it wasn’t the point!

Minghao was quiet for a while, but when you were almost ready to excuse yourself because the situation felt a lot more awkward than you had imagined it, he spoke up.

“Would you like to give me your number or something? We could hang out sometime, and… yeah,” he said, his cheeks gaining a soft tint of pink to them. You were a bit startled, so you just blinked a couple of times before digging your phone from your pocket in such a rush that it made Minghao laugh heartily.

“A-and if you’d like to give me yours, too..!” you stammered a little and nearly dropped your phone when you gave it to the boy. He shook his head in amusement and patted your shoulder lightly, laughing while saying that you should calm down.

Minghao’s test text message to you was simple, yet it had your ears burning and your heart beating fast.

You’re cute when you get nervous :p

Ever since you got each other’s numbers, the two of you spent a considerable amount of time texting and speaking on the phone with each other, getting to know each other. You were giddy about the fact that he seemed just as interested in you as you were in him, and within only a week or two you had practically shared your life stories with each other, with the most personal bits cut out.

Then you started going out. At first it was just you and him simply going out with nothing more implicated: you’d go watch a funny movie, see a street dancer, go shopping and so on, and you quickly figured that you were never bored with him. He was funny and sweet, and those added to his warm hugs and smiles, you were feeling quite a few things towards him.

One evening in early summer, you were sitting on a bench in a park that was by a river, and the Sun was about to set. You were eating ice cream, both of you laughing when yours kept melting so that your fingers were covered in it.

“You’ll need some paper,” Minghao laughed and gave you some, which you thanked him for while giggling. He shook his head and watched you wipe your fingers before wrapping the paper around your ice cream cone. When you could still feel his gaze on you when you continued eating your ice cream, you turned to look at him with raised eyebrows. “Is there something on my face?”

“No, I was just wondering…” he started and scooted closer to you on the bench. You nodded slowly, hoping that it wasn’t showing just how excited yet nervous and even terrified you were about such a sentence starter. “…if you’d like to go out with me? You know, like… date me.”

Your ice cream fell to the ground with the shock brought by his words, but you didn’t care. For a while Minghao looked worried, but when you broke into a wide smile and nodded, his facial muscles relaxed, too. He covered your cleaner hand, which was on the bench between your legs, with his, and squeezed it lightly. 

“This isn’t too bad of a first date, then.”

On your first New Year’s together, you and Minghao were sitting by the window in his apartment, glasses of cheap champagne in your hands and candles giving you light in the otherwise rather dark night.

He looked at you softly, adoring every little detail of your face. Whenever you got excited about fireworks, he took in the way your eyes lighted up and how you rose in your seat, and smiled to himself.

Slowly, Minghao moved his gaze from you to the fireworks in the sky and took a sip from his champagne. 

“I’m going to marry you one day.”

It was precisely at that moment that the sky lit up with fireworks, and from your confusion you barely realized that Minghao had cupped your cheek and pressed his lips to yours gently. You replied to it with your eyes fluttering shut, and after a moment that was absolutely perfect, he pulled away slowly.

“Happy new year, Y/N,” he smiled widely and rubbed his nose into yours a little. You bit your lower lip lightly while smiling widely, too. Minghao could’ve sworn that your eyes sparkled when you looked into his and wished him a happy new year.

You sat in silence for a moment, you resting your head on Minghao’s shoulder and him holding you close to him with his head on top of yours, both of you looking out of the window.

“What you said earlier… Good luck, because I can be a handful,” you laughed with flushed cheeks, your heart beating fast inside of your chest. Minghao shrugged, a wide smile still present on his lips.

“Oh, I know, but honestly, I don’t really care. I’ve got two hands, you know,” he snickered and intertwined your fingers while slowly moving his gaze back to the sky to admire all the colors. You snorted at his words and shook your head as you cuddled better into him. “But don’t worry, that wasn’t a proposal. I just wanted to let you know that it’s highly likely that one day, there will be.”

Your heart skipped a beat.

“That sounds like a good day,” you whispered, your eyes locked on him, looking about as serene yet determined as he did when you had first seen him at the dance competition and he had snatched himself the first prize. 

Only, now he had snatched your heart - not that that would’ve been a new thing.

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The squeaking of shoes against the well polished parquet floor of the YG practice room could be heard as the boys flaunted swift footwork and smooth gliding in their dance moves. You and Bobby had arranged to meet at the YG building on your way home from an entire day of studying in the library before heading home together.

“Alright let’s take five, run it through once more then call it a night!” Hanbin exclaimed and the guys dispersed to take a sip of water.

Bobby having spotted you halfway into the previous song didn’t hesitate to approach you with a smile, taking a seat beside you in the corner of the room, “Hey sunshine.”

“You looked really cool,” You giggled, wiping the sweat on his forehead with a towel.

“Yeah?” He chuckled, tucking lose strands of your hair behind your ear. “Man I swear I would be hugging you right now if I weren’t so sweaty.”

You laughed, giving him a peck on the cheek as you heard Hanbin calling for the boys again, “Later, then.”

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I hope GDragon Kwon Jiyong knows how much he means to people. It’s not the flashy attire, smooth vocals, or practiced dance moves, but his determination, leadership, and humility. He cares about each and every one of his members, taking special care to give them their own unique parts in songs, showcasing them to their audience, always making them look good. Whatever it took to get them to the top, Jiyong made it happen, not caring about what it did to him physically or mentally. He slaved away for hours in the studio, writing and rewriting and recording and rerecording, searching for the perfect blend of vocals and lyrics. He’s not in it for them money or the fame, but for the music. You can feel it in every song he produces; each one of them is his special creation, a piece of him he’s sharing with the world. I just hope he knows it’s appreciated, that we notice, that we care. I see you, Kwon Jiyong, the dreamer, the adventurer, the genius.


London, 2/10/2014

Taylor attented a after-show party from a award show, after she was on stage by herself for the RED tour in London.

Taylor nodded her head to the beat of the music which pulsated through the whole room while she stood at the bar and drank a few drinks. Feeling already tipsy, she made her way through the crowd to the dancefloor. Slowly she started moving her body to the beat as the music coursed through her veins. She threw her hands in the air and closed her eyes, enjoying the moment not caring about what people thought about her dance moves. The longer she danced, the more free she felt and started to forget the people around her.

While she was twirling her arms and shaking her head to make her long hair fly around, she could feel somebody placing hands on her hips and pulling her close so her backside was touching him and together they danced in smooth moves side-to-side. During their dance, their hips moved in the same direction to the beat of the music and Taylor began to brush her bottom against his body and the stranger started to drive his hands up and down on her waist.

After a while, she could feel his erection through his pants as she grinded on him and stopped to turn around. Without even looking at his face, she pressed her lips against his to kiss him. The stranger kissed her back and pulled her even closer. Taylor wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him over and over again. He placed his hands back on her hips and drove them up and down while kissing her back. Slowly she drew her lips away from his and looked at him for the very first time. The first thing she noticed was his sparkling green eyes. The stranger smirked at her and leaned in to continue the making out but before he could kiss her, she pushed him softly away. “I’m Taylor.” she mumbled.
“I’m Adam.” he said and just kissed her. Not thinking that anyone could watch her, she kissed him back. “Come with me.” he whispered as he pulled away and grabbed her hand.

Taylor followed him as he lead her to the men’s restroom and lifted her onto the counter. No seconds later their lips were locked into each other again. Adam rubbed his hands on her thighs while kissing her passionately and lifted up her dress. Slowly he trailed his finger up on her thigh and started to take off her panties, without interrupting their kisses.

After he unfastened his belt, he pulled his pants and boxers down. Taylor wrapped her legs around his torso and pulled him close enough to let him penetrate into her. Taylor tilted her head and moaned softly as he just entered her and began to pump into her with slow but hard moves. Every single thrust into her made her moan in pleasure. The feeling of knowing that they could get catched, made it even more exciting.

It didn’t take a long time to reach their climax and he ejaculated into her. Taylor breathed heavily and her pulse raced as he pulled out, leaving an empty feeling and a strong desire for more.

Adam got dressed and fastened his belt while smirking at Taylor “It was…”

“…amazing.” she finished his sentence, jumping off the counter and fixed her long hair. “I hope to see you again.” he said then and caressed her face. “You don’t have to go, stay with me.” she whispered in a clingy way, “We could do this all night and…”

Adam just smiled softly, pecked a kiss on Taylor’s forehead and left her alone in the restroom.

On the following day, Taylor opened her eyes and groaned as she felt a sharp pain going through her head. But ignored the pain as she remembered what happened last night and smiled immediately.
Slowly she traced her finger along her chest to her stomach until she reached the end of the dress she was still wearing from last night and lifted it up. She felt that she wasn’t wearing her panties, which she forgot in the men’s restroom.
Carefully she touched her sensitive area and felt that she was already wet just from thinking about last night. She rubbed her clitoris in a gentle way and closed her eyes to enjoy this moment. As she thought of the stranger, penetrating into her, she slid her finger into herself and started to pump it in and out. She tried to remember his face but she couldn’t forget his green eyes and the desire he left inside of her.

Later that day, before she had her next concert in London, she cut her hair backstage. Taylor knew that it was the best and worst night she has ever experienced and doesn’t regret what happened. That one night has changed everything and she felt like a total different person. That’s the reason why she chose to cut her hair, to make changes in her life to think of a way to find herself.

1 year later at the Elle Style Awards (2/24/2015)

Ellie just found Taylor talking to someone and grabbed her hand to free her from the conversation. “I want to introduce you someone, it’s a friend of mine.” Ellie said then. Taylor apologized to the man she was talking and followed Ellie. “Who is it? she asked. “It’s him.” she whispered and pointed on a man who’s talking to Sam Smith, “I’ve told you about him and I thought it’s finally time to meet him.”

“Then let’s say hello.” Taylor suggested. Ellie smirked and walked over with Taylor.
“His name is Calvin Harris, but he also goes along with Adam, he actually doesn’t care if it’s Calvin or Adam.” Ellie told her then.

“Hey Cal!” Ellie greeted Adam. He turned around to face her and smiled as he saw Ellie. “Hey! It’s great to see you.” he said.

Taylor just stared at him and recognized the green eyes she has seen before and no moment later, she knew who it was. It’s the man she has been looking for. The man who changed her life.

“This is Taylor Swift.” Ellie introduced her friend to Adam and he smiled. Taylor could feel her heart racing and kept staring at his eyes. She couldn’t believe that he was actually standing right infront of her, all this time she thought she’ll never ever find him again.

“I’ll go and meet some other people, you both could talk or something, I’m sure you’ll get along. I’ll be right back!” Ellie said in excitement, “You’re coming with me, Sam.”

Right after Ellie and Sam left, Adam looked at Taylor and smirked. “Nice to see you again.”


Citizens | True Romance

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Tom Hiddleston’s Smooth Dance Moves In Crimson Peak

“I was mostly in the background doing some facial expressions,” Shum noted. “ It wasn’t until I came on the tour and had this crazy reaction from the audience, and the producers were like, ’Wow, how do they know him?’“


“In the episode a Night of Neglect when Mike performs the show’s first solo dance routine—to the song Bubble Toes—he garnered rave reviews, including from Sandra Gonzalez of Entertainment Weekly, who gave it an “A” and called it “one of the best performances of the season.”

“In the season three episode “Asian F”, Mike Chang has his first major storyline which became the most widely praised storyline of the episode. Abby West of Entertainment Weekly said Shum “really showed his acting chops”.”

“In the third season, Mike sings his first solo in the episode- Cool. Erica Futterman wrote, “He’s got the smooth dance moves down … but, most impressively, his slick vocals are on point, hitting nice rises and falls at certain moments but mostly staying ‘real cool’, as the song calls for”, and Berk gave the performance five of five stars.

@ glee producers: FIGHT ME

Guess the song...

“In the crib, in the club, to the block, it don’t matter, i spit 7, 4 5 6, a doo doo dadda,
How she do do do do that like that,
Got the hood on the back, and the pockets are stacked!
Still rolling, rolling left right,
Shot calling calling that’s right,
With my team on the mic, to make it
Bout to pop it, stop drop and roll like a hip-hop rock show,
You never know where my mind gonna go,
Not puerto rican but I like mango,
So smooth on the dance floor
Move on the dance floor
When you see me coming
I’m running it like a game show
You ain’t no little mama go
She be burning and pumping and hit you with the Bus flow
She’s hoooooooooot then get loose on the floor when I cannot stop!”