smooth criminal lean

Harry Potter headcanons

We all seen the head canon where Muggleborns played Muggle records at the Yule Ball. But you cannot tell me you didnt think about it during the books time line. Harry was born in 1980 meaning he grew up with 80’s and early 90’s music. The older Muggleborns who would have been 70’s and 80’s fans would have played Thriller, and did the choreography in perfectly in sync, while everyone else watched in awe, or do the Smooth Criminal lean while people wonder how they did that without magic. Then belt out “How Will I Know” with Whitney Houston. Then loose their minds when “Bohemian Rhapsody” or “We are the Champions” by Queen plays. Thriller was (and still is) so iconic there was bound to be a decent amount of people breaking it down leaving purebloods confused. It’s just fun to think about.