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A Legend Returns: Chap 10

With the Time master and bounty hunters safely locked away Leonard and Sara finally get that date.

The question is, do either of them know what to do when they don’t have to save the world?

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Cards, Cocoa & Confessions

               The trip back to Central is smooth, and they land near S.T.A.R. labs roughly a month from their last visit. After several tranquilizers and lots of maneuvering, the bounty hunters and Maestro are safely locked away and both teams are gathered in the main room. Catching up and chattering about anything they can think of. Len watches from the wall, waiting until they are all busy to make his move.

               One Sara is immersed in discussion with his sister he grabs the plain white box and makes his way to where Iris and Barry are standing. “Leonard, hey.” Barry looks at him, “I was about to come talk to you. We were wondering if your team would like to join us for drinks, you know, celebrate a mission gone well and such?”

               Len smirks, “As lovely as that sounds, I happen to have other engagements for the evening.”

               Barry offers an exasperated look, “You haven’t even been back for six hours, how could you possibly have made plans already?”

               “That,” he offers a mock glare in the younger man’s direction. “Is none of your business.” He turns his attention to Iris, “But I do require your assistance for this particular task.”

               She watches him suspiciously, “I’m not helping you steal something Snart.”

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Travelling with the companions / Dynamic between Sole and each of the companions when wandering around the Commonwealth

(Cause I really wanna get this one out of queue cause it’s a personal fave, also the next request is taking a while.)

Preston: Very protective, to the extent it gets on Sole’s nerves. Seemingly willing to sacrifice himself for Sole all the time.

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Also they end up in ‘settlements in need of help’ suspiciously often…

Maxson: Intimidating to the core. Crowds on the Prydwin part like the red sea when Maxson and his second-in-command pass by. The words ‘insubordinate’ and ‘SENTINEL!” get shouted way more often though. Still, they stick together whenever it counts.

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X6-88: Lone wolves, but always ready for a fight. Scrutinize everyone, logical thinking prevails. End justifies the means.

Nick: Morals prevail. Show mercy when deserved. A lot of missing person cases and recon missions. Best detectives and confidantes in town.

Deacon: Diguises and taking names in trademark shades. Apart from that sarcastic comments and quips fly around even more often than bullets.

Also, disguises, disguises everywhere.

Piper: Always out for a good story. Go-to people for advice on how to communicate with who. Merciful but will call you out on your bullshit.

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But alongside writing, piper learnt a great deal of battle skills from Sole and can hold her own. 

Cait: Sole knows that Cait can hold her own and vice versa.Apart from agreeing who takes out who they don’t fight ‘together’ much. Nevertheless they have fun and Cait reminds Sole who they should be looking out for first and foremost; themselves. Best people to go on a drunken night with if you don’t mind some cursing.

Hancock:Walk around like they own the place, and usually do. Leave quite the impression. Foul-mouthed smooth-talkers and innuendo central. Hancock compliments sole on a regular basis, making them just a little bit more confident in whatever they do.

Danse: Both very physical people. Create armor and weapons together. Tactical, often in power armor. Extremely efficient but always have each other’s back. Refuse to leave each other behind, would die to save the other.

Glory: Trains with Sole on a regular basis. Calls em out on the bullshit.  Badass, no nonsense both in the training sessions and out. 

Strong: There are moments Sole just stears clear…

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But he’s still looking for that milk of human kindness and sometimes he actually gets close to it though he doesn’t really get it. 

MacCready: Both lethal with a gun and impressed at each other’s skills. Have their own agenda to further.

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But will do literally anything to protect each other:

Curie: Always busy exploring absolutely everything, wanting to do experiments with it and create scientific files, Sole often has to grab her by the hand and drag her along. 

In return, Curie stops Sole from a couple of unnecessary fights.

One thing I genuinely love about the flirting between Len and Sara, even in the deleted scene from the pilot, but also in tonight’s episode, is that it actually pulls from Leonard Snart’s comics characterization so that if you know him in the comics, it’s kind of hilarious.

In the comics, he has lines like:

Basically, he’s generally understood as the least-smooth guy in Central and can’t get a date. 

So to see them transfer some of that over to Len in Legends made me laugh, because they make it work for a character as suave as CW-Len by making it cold and off the cuff and a little tongue in cheek, timed in the middle of Sara lecturing him so she has zero patience for it.