smooth but not a criminal

  • <p> <b>Cruz Ramirez:</b> Jackie, are you okay? Jackie, are you okay? Are you okay, Jackie?<p/><b>Jackson Storm:</b> Of course, I'm okay! Stop bothering me!<p/><b>Cruz Ramirez:</b> No, you're not.<p/><b>Jackson Storm:</b> What makes you think so?<p/><b>Cruz Ramirez:</b> 'Cuz you've been hit by A SMOOTH CRIMINAL!<p/><b>Jackson Storm:</b> Hey!<p/><b>Cruz Ramirez:</b> See you on 2nd place, King of Pop!<p/><b>Jackson Storm:</b> No, you're the one who's gonna get hit by a smooth criminal!<p/><b>Danny:</b> Nice comeback, Michael Jackson.<p/></p>

Let me tell y'all how my nigga Michael Jackson smooth af

First this nigga skips up the stairs like its a jolly day until he see this black fine ass woman who he caress. She then steal money out his pocket & he don’t give af cuz this nigga rich af. He spins off like a real G, goes upstairs & see a girl get slapped. He let’s the dude get away cuz Michael know he ain’t going nowhere in this little ass club. Then these two dudes try Michael, and Michael hit one dude with an elbow (yes an elbow), & some girl who want the d hit the other guy for Mike. 

Michael turns around and tries to holla at these girls and give them a chance before he blow this nigga behind him up out the club, but these women are too scared and obviously don’t know nothing about MJ. THEN THIS NIGGA PULLS OUT HIS GUN SHOOTS THE DUDE BEHIND HIM WHILE STILL LOOKING AT THE GIRLS….(like I already know the man was behind me but y'all missed the chance to get this d) 

WAIT THIS IS THE BEST PART…. Michael walks up to the man outline in the wall and does a hand gesture like “didn’t they tell you I was a savage, ” .He walks off and says “YOU'VE BEEN HIT BY A SMOOTH CRIMINAL” and got the whole club in sync. Tell me that ain’t smooth 👏👏👏👏


Annie! At The Disco

Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson vs. Victorious by Panic! At The Disco.

I’ve recently crossed the 1k followers line so, since I can’t write anything as a way of saying ‘thank you’, because hiatus, I decided to draw ‘Smooth Criminal’ Yuri instead. (And yes it seems like I’ve somehow decided on the side cut for him.) And yes, I couldn’t get the word ‘Thank’ to look nice so I got mad and decided to write it in Russian instead. I’m still not quite happy with that ‘i’ but whatever, I wrote it about 15 times and this was the best version.

Thank you so much to all of you for following me, reading my fics, enjoying my art and reading my shitty posts. Cheers! :3