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Teaser For Upcoming Doomcio Fic

Lucio blushed furiously, struggling to keep his breathing steady. Akande was enormous.

He was enormous, and kneeling between Lucio’s legs, which meant Lucio had to spread his thighs to accommodate the literal mountain of a man that was currently cradling one of his prosthetics like it was made of porcelain. Like it–like Lucio–was something precious and breakable.

Lucio tried to recall the last time anyone had ever made him feel this vulnerable. His mind came up blank, a static of white noise interrupted by a single, clear, bright note of a thought: This man could literally snap me in half. Climbing him would be like climbing a literal tree. His thigh is thicker than my waist.

That probably shouldn’t be getting me hard.

As it was Lucio resisted the urge to squirm, his hardening dick pressing insitently against the tight fabric of his slacks. He began to sweat. Akande was right there. If Lucio got hard, there’s no way the intimidating man wouldn’t notice.

Though, judging by the way he was now carefully tracing the smooth curve of Lucio’s ceramic calf, that might actually be the intent behind the other man’s handling of him. Now Lucio just had to figure if this seduction was to win him over, blackmail him, or because for some reason this breathtakingly handsome, charming, genius millionaire Nigerian tech mogul was interested in a 5’3’’ DJ from the favelas of Rio de Janeiro.

The urge to squirm only increased when Akande looked up, piercing eyes keen and dangerous as he regarded Lucio. “Your prosthetics are rudimentary at best,” he rumbled, sliding one large hand up to thumb at the line where Lucio’s flesh met the metal socket. Lucio twitched, unable to suppress a small gasp. Akande seemed content to ignore it, though if Lucio had been focusing on the man’s face rather than the wall two inches over his holy-fuck-huge shoulder, he would have noticed the flash of covetous heat in those brown eyes, or the challenging turn Akande’s small smile took.

“They’ve done okay so far,” Lucio choked out.

Akande shook his head, swiping his thumb once more over the smooth brown skin connecting flesh to metal. “For a man of your stature such poor prosthetics are unacceptable. I will make you new ones.”

And here was the thing. Akande wasn’t asking here, not really. He’d decided Lucio needed new prosthetics, better prosthetics, and that he’d have them. Built by Akande’s own hands, if possible.

He met the small musician  two hours ago and Akande already felt the same sense of proprietary affection for him that he did for his more eccentric members of Talon.

Lucio snorted. “Was that a short joke?”

Akande raised a brow, then leaned up and in. Even kneeling, he towered over Lucio, looking down at him with half lidded eyes. His fingers still lightly caressed Lucio’s legs, large hands having inched further and further up Lucio’s clothed thighs. He smiled, slow and satisfied like a cat with a mouse. “You think I would stoop so low?”

Holy crap, Lucio realized, and his dick was becoming a real problem, here. He makes puns. I hate him. 

He’s perfect.

A/N: more to come in a week or so when my work lets me near a laptop again, but this pairing has been eating my brain and I had to get something out there. Size difference, ideological spats, and fighter/healer dynamic oh my!

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Camping with Haechan au? (is this even considered an AU?? who knows but I mean I think I'd be cute nonetheless since the best writer out there is writing it (if you do decide to do so 😂)) Thank you so much! 💘

omg this would actually make such a good enemies-to-lover au too!!!
here’s some rivalry!campers au

  • you and haechan have been going to the SAME summer camp since you were tiny tiny children
  • and the first year you got to know each other, it was like all hell broke loose
  • because you were two of the most sarcastic, headstrong, competitive children in your troops,,,,,like even the counselors couldn’t keep you two from going at each others necks
  • and you were both like seVEN ?????
  • but you swear - haechan started it 
  • and haechan swears you started it
  • all because you accused him of cheating on the swim relay race because you SAW him use free style and not butterfly
  • and haechan had stuck his tongue out when you accused him and,,,,it’s just a mess
  • every year counselors changmin and yunho make bets to see whose going to be stuck with you two LOL 
  • but yes this year,,,,,the camping trip is going to be an overnight outdoors survival game thing
  • and the minute you guys arrive in the forest haechan walks past you, the smuggest look on his face, going “the entire winter - i built tents in my room to prepare for the moment. i can pitch a tent in under fifteen minutes.”
  • you roll your eyes going “i bet you’ll burn all your food like you did last year too.”
  • haehcan throws a glare over his shoulder and you just wave, going over to your side of the campground
  • later into the evening,,,both your tents are pitched and you’re sitting at the campfire making what the counselors called an ‘emergency meal’ which just consists of starting a fire and grilling sardines over it
  • when you notice haechan is struggling,,,,,,,,which of course makes you grin happily to yourself
  • until,,,you’re done with your fire and food and haechan still,,,,,,,doesn’t even have a flame
  • and you’re not going to help him - oh god no - not after you’ve banked all your summers on destroying each other in every camp activity possible
  • but also,,,even when you go into your tent,,,,the idea of leaving him out there - hungry - for some reason hurts 
  • so you try to talk to yourself about all the things you /hate/ about haechan,,,,but it doesn’t work
  • and with a grumble you get up and march out of the tent over to haechan
  • and he looks up,,,,opening his mouth and you’re like “save it. hand me the sticks, ill make the fire.”
  • haechan protests,,,,,,,he protests aLOT
  • but you don’t listen because your dumb rivalry doesn’t mean anything when it comes down to basic needs like eating
  • “i already won, i started the fire first. now im just helping you eat, don’t think it means anything.”
  • haechan clicks his tongue “i didnt think it meant /anything/ i just dont want you to hold this over my head.”
  • “i wont”
  • “fine.”
  • “fine.”
  • silently you watch the sparks,,,,and then the flames that burst over the sticks. getting up you look at haechan triumphantly and turn to head back to your tent,,,,,,but the minute you open the flap
  • the whole thing topples,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • “looks like someone didn’t secure their tent. rookie mistake.”
  • haechan’s voice comes from behind and you clench your teeth, turning around you point to his fire
  • “i made that for you, so come over here and repay me.”
  • “are you asking for my help?”
  • “in your dreams, im asking for compensation.”
  • haechan strolls over, grinning as he helps set your tent back up and you watch with your hands crossed to help settle your embarrassment 
  • done, haechan opens the flap and goes “after you, rookie” and you push him playfully
  • but also before you go in you stand there and look at haechan and he looks at you
  • and for some odd reason,,,,you don’t hate it
  • you actually notice,,,,,,,,for the first time,,,,,,,,that he’s pretty cute
  • and his smooth skin and brown eyes aren’t,,,,the worst,,,,
  • but you’re convinced in must be the air up here in the forest or something making you think your biggest enemy is cute
  • but then you hear haechan go
  • “thank you,,,,,,,,,,,”
  • it’s quiet but you look back at him and stutter because “w-what?”
  • “thank you, for helping me. im not saying it again.”
  • you blink and see haechan avert his eyes,,,for the first time - you see clear as day
  • he’s shy
  • and you can’t help but feel your own cheeks flush because,,,,,oh,,,,he,,,,didn’t have to say that but it’s still nice to hear
  • and you nod,,,,not sure what to make of this
  • and then haechan goes “,,,,,,,,,,,ive never said it but you’re ,,,,,,ok,,,,,,,well more than ok you’re p-p-p-,,,,,,”
  • “p?”
  • “,,,,,,,,,,,you’re nice to look at anyway i have to go bye.”
  • and with that haechan storms right across the campground to his tent
  • so fast that you don’t even process his words
  • until you’re laying in your sleeping bag and thinking,,,,,,,,,,,,,,was he going to say pretty?
  • the next morning everyone is happily chattering around breakfast and you walk past haechan who looks over at you,,,,and much to the shock of everyone (counselor changmin drops his plate of waffles)
  • you sit beside him
  • and neither of you say anything,,,,but you eat in peace,,,not bickering or name calling,,,,,,,and it’s,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,enjoyable
  • being with haechan is,,,,,,,,,,enjoyable 
I Forgot Who I Once Was

           The ceiling was black with glowing shades of purple as he peeled open his eyes. The room was dim and somehow that made everything feel that much clearer. More sensitive. The feeling of soft sheets beneath his body, the stiff contrast of the clothing covering his body. The smell of clean metal invading his nose, foreign and strong. The taste of stale air on his tongue. And the sound of whirling, like a simulator in flight, with banging pipes and the murmur of voices echoed with footsteps in his half-conscious mind.

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hello can you do a JB x JUNGKOOK x AMBW can the plot be that Jungkook has had a crush on the ambw whose his best friend and roommate but shes dating Jaebum and jaebum knows jungkook has a major crush on ambw and when jaebum walks out of ambw's bedroom and spots jungkook he mentions how he knows and says that he can join in. smut. sorry kinda confuting

Two in One(AMBW):

“Hey Jungkook.” You greeted smiling at your roommate once you were inside of your shared apartment. Your hand reached out to ruffle his hair and he smiled sheepishly up at you with chopsticks buried in his mouth as he sucked up his ramen.

“Hey noona.” He greeted you as his cheeks darkened ever so slightly before he spotted your boyfriend Jaebum. Jungkook cleared his throat bowing his head before he went back to eating on his noodles.

“Did you have a good day?” You asked the male kissing the top of his forehead making him blush more.

“Mm, it was good! Work let out early so I was hanging out with Yugyeom and then I came back home.” He admitted letting his eyes look back between you and Jaebum.

After a few more minutes of talking with him back and forth you went towards your room holding onto Jaebum’s hand leading him towards your bed. Jaebum rolled you onto your back helping you undress out of your work clothes slowly. Once you were undressed in just your panties you shuffled around your dresser until you found a loose fitting black shirt to place on your body combing your hair from your face. Jaebum pulled you onto the bed to pepper kisses along your lips and jaw biting softly onto your skin. He smirked sliding his hands up under your shirt running his fingers along your nipple piercings causing you to groan and grab at his shirt. You pressed yourself against him kissing his lips with needy tilting your head slightly to deepen the kiss. Jaebum slapped at your ass cheeks groping them licking on your lips.

“Let me go get the whip cream baby.” He mumbled slightly moving to push you down on your back and with a whine you let him go as you rested in the bed looking around your room stretching out on your back. Jaebum walked from your room with a smirk and he made his way towards the kitchen stopping when he saw Jungkook rummaging through the fridge. Jungkook didn’t say anything to him because he was afraid his voice would betray his jealously if he did.

“Hey what’s the matter? Or do you always look so tense and I just don’t notice?” Jaebum asked in a teasing tone bending down to get the whip cream catching Jungkook staring at it.

“I’m fine! I’m sorry if I seem off. I’m just a bit tired.” Jungkook muttered stretching out his limbs.

“Dammit.” Jaebum said snapping his fingers dramatically. “I was going to ask if you wanted to join me and baby girl in the other room.” He turned on his heels to walk off.

“W-what?” Jungkook asked or rather blurted out looking at Jaebum with reddened cheeks. Chuckling Jaebum looked back at him with a wink.

“I knew that would wake you up. Look, I know how you’ve checked her out. She’s fine and I know being best friends with someone can give you feelings and urges when you live with them. That’s how me and her got to fucking so much. And I wanted to let you in on that but if you’re too tired then..” Jaebum shrugged jutting out his lower lip.

“I’m sure I can manage it. If it’s really ok?” Jungkook asked not wanting this to be a joke. He was way too excited to question it or wait so he needed to know this was really happening.

“Yeah. I mean I would rather it be you that fucks her if I can’t or when I’m away. Just don’t steal my girl because then I’ll kick your ass for real.” Jaebum playfully ruffled the male’s hair leading him back to the bedroom where you lay with your legs spread wide open.

Seeing both of them walk back into the room, your pussy clenched and excitement was alive in your bones. Biting on your bottom lip you looked over at Jaebum smirking. “Baby, you’re finally going to let me play with him?” You asked sweetly batting your eyelashes.

“Of course, it seems you were right that Jungkook wanted you just as much as you wanted him. And like I’ve told him I will share but the moment feelings get involved that’s it. Got it?” Both of you nodding your head Jaebum smiled walking over to you once again. Lifting your shirt up he pulled it off your body tossing it somewhere before he did the same to your panties. Jungkook had managed to undress himself fully dick already erect and pressing against his lower stomach as he watched you. Jaebum sprayed your pierced breast with the white substance pushing Jungkook forward towards your body. Jungkook eyed your smooth brown skin and plump perky nipples leaning down to lap at them. His hungry gaze was enough to have you squirming but feeling the flattening of his wet tongue lick up and down the expanse of your sensitive nipples had you crying out for him. Fingers buried in his hair you pressed him closer to your body watching as his hands went to work groping and kneading your breast as he sucked and played with them. Pulling gently on the piercings and licking over the designs of the jewels he was causing you to pool in your panties. Jungkook pulled back with a pop licking over both your breast together before he kissed down your stomach. Jaebum reached his hand around Jungkook to spray a trail from your stomach towards your gleaming pink pussy and Jungkook let his tongue follow the trail twice not leaving any of the whip cream behind. Pressing your legs down against the bed, Jungkook grazed his thumb across your clit earning a moan of approval from you. He leaned his head forward running his tongue up and down your slit. Jaebum crawled on the bed spraying your breast again kissing your lips.

“Do you like that baby? Do you like having your pussy touched by Jungkook?” Once you nodded your head yeah, he smirked lazily biting on your bottom lip. “Tell Jungkook. Tell him how it feels.” Looking down at Jungkook with your hooded eyes you parted your lips to speak out and encourage him.

“I’ve wanted this for a long time. Many nights I’ve thought about having your tongue deep inside of my pussy or your dick and now that you’re finally touching me I don’t ever want you to stop. Please keep going and make me cum.”

Jungkook didn’t need any more words of motivation. Leaning down he pushed his tongue into your dripping warm pussy moaning at the taste the vibrations causing your back to arch. Slowly he tongue fucked you and Jaebum added to it leaning down to take your nipples in his mouth. Both males made you feel like you were on cloud nine. Hips rutting up and back arching your body was heated and on a wave of pleasure. Your hips circled as your hands reached down to tangle in Jungkook’s hair pushing him closer to your pussy. Jaebum didn’t need to be told what to do marking your breast with more hickeys you went back and forth calling out both names. Jaebum reached down to rub your clit in a circular motion with his index and middle fingers causing your pussy to leak more the juices getting onto Jungkook’s face who let his lips cover your wet center he didn’t care about the juices getting on his chin as long as he could please you. But after some time Jaebum was pulling back and taking Jungkook with him.

“On your knees baby. It’s our turn.” Jaebum smirked as he undressed in nothing leaving both males naked and hard before your eyes. You groaned looking at their toned bodies and how big each male was. Getting on your knees you looked up at Jaebum and he petted your head biting his lip. “Suck us both off. I know you can use that pretty mouth and those pretty little hands. Get us nice and wet for you. I have plans and you don’t want it to hurt.” Jaebum said that and you knew instantly what he meant. Whimpering in approval you gripped both shafts stroking them slowly watching as each male made a different reaction. Jaebum rolled his head back moaning into the air and Jungkook bit his lip watching you. Pure seduction on his face you couldn’t help but lick up and down the expanse of his slit, digging your tongue into the sensitive opening your hands moved faster stroking them off. You pulled back spitting on each dick rubbing your spit on their shaft to make them wetter so that it would be easier to stroke them off. You tapped both dicks on your face and then on your tongue wrapping your mouth around Jaebum’s head you slid your mouth all the way down to the base sucking harshly on it. Your mouth moved back and forward as you took him in moaning at the burn but being able to deepthroat him after practicing it for a while. Your hand moved quickly on Jungkook’s shaft earning you a soft moan of your name and you looked up at Jungkook to see him with hooded eyes and a clenching abdomen as he tried to be patient and wait his turn. When you felt Jaebum was wet enough you switched out letting your tongue swirl around Jungkook’s dick teasing him because it was your first time tasting him. His precum oozed out and you lapped at that as well the bitter sweet substance on your tongue wasn’t anything less of welcoming. Your warm mouth engulfed his shaft, sucking harshly on his skin you let your hand pick up the pace on Jaebum’s shaft. The wet noise of you jerking him off could be heard mixed in with their grunts and cries of pleasure. Jaebum was fucking your hand and Jungkook slowly fucked your mouth though he let you take on the rest by yourself.

Jaebum looked down at you seeing how well you took Jungkook, he patted your hand and when you looked up at him he bit his bottom lip. “Go ride Jungkook baby.” He motioned to the bed and you wanting to please them both slowly let your mouth come to a halting motion before you pulled back with a loud pop wiping your chin. You grabbed at Jungkook’s hand leading him to the bed you pushed him down on it gently and crawled over his body. Gripping at his shaft and placing one hand on his chest you rubbed his hardened dick up and down your slit. Pressing it at your entrance you slowly slid down onto him causing you both to moan. Your hands braced on his chest as he was buried inside of you and once you adjusted to him you slowly started to rock your hips up and down riding him. Your head rolled forward, his hands gripping on your thick hips to keep you on top of him. He thrusted up to match your movements, moans slipping past both of your lips. You got a bit faster, starting to slam yourself down on Jungkook who pounded up into you. Jaebum came up behind you pushing you forward by your back. Getting the hint, you leaned down to kiss Jungkook sliding your tongue into his mouth creating a heated make-out session between the two of you. Jaebum stroked his dick a bit more watching as Jungkook disappeared inside of you each time your hips met. He got on the bed on his knees straddling Jungkook’s knees he pushed himself inside of your tight asshole without any preparation. Whimpering into Jungkook’s mouth your back arched and you felt the painful burn creep up your spine, you loved every moment of it. Jungkook held still rubbing soothing circles into your hips letting his tongue glide against yours to distract you from the pain.

Jaebum waited for you to adjust before he started to create a slow lazy thrust in and out of you. Jungkook followed suit and together they created a rhythm that had you scratching down Jungkook’s chest and seeing starts. Your hips were still as each fucked into you stretching out your holes. Jaebum started to slam harder into your tight asshole his thick dick filling you up and pressing against your walls. You felt Jungkook throbbing inside of your pussy, rotating his hips to land against your spot. Jaebum pulled at your hair making you arch your back slightly so that they could both hear your cries of pleasure. Jungkook leaned up to suck on your breast again and with Jaebum’s free hand he rubbed your wet throbbing clit adding to your pleasure. Your body shook and you trembled trying to hold out but you couldn’t. A few more powerful snaps of both hips inside of you had you spilling your essence onto Jungkook’s dick. Jaebum praised you for cumming biting on your shoulder he filled up your asshole next. Snapping his hips harshly against yours causing your skin to redden his emptied his load into your ass causing you to whine and clench around him and Jungkook who forced himself to hold out so that he could enjoy this. Seeing you spent and sweaty and thoroughly fucked for him was the breaking point. And before he knew it he was releasing his own cum inside of your pussy pressing your hips down against his so that you could take every ounce of cum he had to give you. Leaning over him you tried to catch your breath playing in Jungkook’s sweaty hair. Laying against him Jaebum pulled out of you stroking your back leaning down to kiss across your ass cheeks before he laid on the bed beside Jungkook.

“Can we go again?” Jungkook asked softly causing you to give a tired laugh as Jaebum slapped your ass.

“Of course, we can. Maybe this time you ride me?” You teased kissing his lips repeatedly.

Cuddles (Mute!Calum)

Summary: Basically cute mute!calum showering you w love (I cri I cri)

Word Count: 2.1k

Requested? Yes!!

A/N: The beginning is a tad weak (and the tensing is a lil weird) so please keep reading until after the flashback because that’s when the cuddly cuteness happens :-))

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Masterlist | Request

When you’d first filled out the application for a room in an apartment with a boy called Calum you’d thought nothing of it; judging by the brief description he gave of himself he sounded very nice. He’d been away when you’d moved in, gone away for a visit home, so you’d settled yourself in. He- or rather, you, had a lovely apartment; large glass panes overlooking the city, polished countertops and a furry carpet spread across the floor. It was all you could’ve asked for and more.

The first time you met him you weren’t prepared for visitors. It’d been a long day at uni consisting of a few tests and the moment you got back home you’d hit the showers and changed into some baggy clothes. When the door swung open you’d been watching a rom-com, a spoon full of ice cream halfway to your mouth.

“Hello?” At the words of an unknown stranger you’d turned around, the tub of ice cream clutched between your fingers as a numbing fear filled you. 

“Um..hey?” You’d peered around to see two silhouettes, dark shadows contrasting against the light streaming from the doorway. One came forward first, your eyes instantly being drawn towards his brightly coloured hair.

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Press Play

FINALLY! The next one-shot in the klance YouTuber AU! The next thing I post probably won’t be a part of this AU since I work on a ton of stuff and I still need to finish a lot of it, but I wanted to post this today as a thank you!

I’m not going to link the other one-shots, just know that from now on these one-shots will be tagged with ‘klance youtuber au’ on my tumblr. The series can be found on my AO3 here.

This one is how Lance and Keith first met!! Most of the one-shots in this AU are gonna be entirely fluff, unlike the last one, but who knows? I’ll probably find a way to incorporate more angst at some point. I hope you guys like it!

Keith hated crowds, and he knew he always would. The feeling of being in a space that wasn’t quite big enough for all the people in it made him extremely uncomfortable, especially since he always felt everyone was staring at him, for some reason. Talking to one person he didn’t know was bad enough, but being surrounded by them? A nightmare, as far as he was concerned.

Stupid VidCon. Stupid Shiro and his stupid, stupid YouTube channel. Why would anyone want to document their life on video for an audience, anyway? Sometimes Keith wondered how they were even friends.

And it didn’t help that he was completely, hopelessly, lost. The directions Shiro had given him made absolutely no sense! Apparently he was supposed to ‘look for where Allura’s selling makeup’, but Keith didn’t know who Allura was, much less where she sold her line of 'limited-addition lipsticks.’ The only thing he knew about Allura was that at some point she’d taught Shiro how to successfully do winged eye-liner, and now he wore it all the time.

Keith sighed, and looked back down at the notepad in his hand, with the list of Shiro’s instructions for where to go. They still didn’t help. And, to make matters worse, Keith forgot to look where he was going, and bumped straight into someone else.

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Jackpot (Nakamoto Yuta)

Rated: M
For Sexual Situations, and Language

Word Count: 4,600+

Reading Time: 24-30 minutes

(A/n: Hello! So, this isn’t my first story (it is my first for tumblr), but it has been awhile since I’ve written anything and actually posted it. I originally wrote this for a friend and revised it so I could share it here. I hope you enjoy it. Hopefully this won’t be the first and last story I share here, but who knows with my lazy butt. Happy Reading!) - Suhspectacles 0-0


A cool summer’s night breeze drifted over her bare skin of her arms and back as she was escorted from the black limo. She had now set foot in unfamiliar territory for quite possibly one of the best excuses her fiancé had ever giving her; gambling. You see, on every other occasion, ________ loathed being asked to attend some fancy pants event as his arm candy. People were usually very stuck up and snobbish, lacking the fun or entertainment that she much desired. Being the fiancée of a high-powered attorney had its downfalls, like; being dragged around and shown off like a trophy.

 You see, before ________ met her fiancé, she had high hopes of becoming one New York’s greatest reporters. She was in her second year of college, journalism as her major, when she met him. Now usually when it came to overly attractive men, she made sure to look, but keep her hands to herself. She knew no good could come from a pretty face. But this man, one year older than her, was relentless in his pursuits. Flowers, gifts, candy, the works, he gave her everything she could have ever asked for.

 But ________ didn’t have an eye for the gifts he threw her way, no, she took the bait for other reasons. You see, after this young man told his mother just how much he longed for the companionship of this female, she sought to buy ________. So, the young lady struck a deal with his mother. She’d go out with the lady’s son, if she in return helped with her career. Now a few years later, she’s engaged to the dull, spoiled, momma’s boy. And though they met in the states, he had on intentions of keeping here there when his businesses all resided in Seoul. So now she was truly stuck with him, living halfway across the world.

 "A.D.A. Kim and my plus one.“ His voice was cold and emotionless as he spoke to the suit clad guard in front of the large, ornate, gold, and white doors. His hand lay flat and possessively on ________’s lower back, he wanted the people around them to know just who this beautiful woman belonged to. Him.

 Without hesitation, the guard nodded, moving his large frame to the side so the young couple could enter. It was spectacular.  Bulbs of silver and gold hung from the illuminated cutouts far above their heads, rich Italian marble stretched from floor to ceilings, and a royal red carpet led the way past the giant golden water fountain in the middle of the room. Extravagant, was one way to describe this elaborately decorated casino lobby.

 ________ was carted around, greeting a few people she was familiar with, like the governor of Macau, as well as his advising council members. Even his assistant and personal guards were there. She recognized a few elite from passing, like the mayors of Seoul, Osaka, and, Tokyo. But the host of this event, Osaka’s very own Nakamoto Yuta, seemed to be an elusive one. She had kept an eye out and her ears in tune to the conversations around her, just so she could finally catch a glimpse of the young mogul. Unlike her dull fiancé, Yuta had built up his company from scratch and succeeded in conquering the international market in architecture and real estate.

 This casino was supposed to be Yuta’s latest conquest. He was now beginning to sink his teeth into more international properties for more than just his wealthy clientele, this was his own multi-million-dollar baby. Yuta who use to be a delinquent, cleaned up his ways and followed his own path, making major moves that only seasoned professionals could make and landing his first million-dollar deal at the young age of twenty. Impressive to say the least. And as a journalist. This intrigued her. No one had ever gotten a face to face interview and only a handful of people actually knew what he looked like. Of course, there had been rumors surrounding the secretive man, but no one could confirm if any of them were true.

 But nevertheless, ________ had and objective, a mission of sorts, that had nothing to do with the man of the hour. Things were on such a grand scale that she had looked past the reason she was here; gambling. After successfully breaking away from the clutches of her fiancé, ________ wandered away, grabbing a glass of wine as she headed towards the roulette table. She relaxed on the burgundy suede stool that had minor gold accents, it felt like butter under her bottom. Her eyes scanned the table, it seemed she’d be alone for a while.

 There was the croupier there, his smooth skin, dark hair and beautifully soft features suit him well. Si Cheng. She noted as his glimmering nametag caught her eye.  She’d be getting to know him well tonight since she was planning on playing to her heart’s content. “Place your bets.”


________ sat at the table with more chips than she had sat down with. She was on a winning spree. Her cool side suddenly became warm when a figure sat next to her. “What’s your strategy?” His voice wasn’t too deep, but very alluring in a way. Her eyes flicked over his appearance, Armani suit, white gold ‘Y and N’ shaped cufflinks, Italian leather, hand stitched, lace-up, shoes, and a fine burgundy tie and matching pocket square.

 Though he was much shorter than her fiancé, by comparison that was all he seemed to pale in. Her fiancé by all means, dressed like a lawyer, and was undoubtedly a very handsome man, but none of his attire was near as stylish as this man’s. His brown eyes bore into hers, nearly taking her breath away as he waited for her reply. His hair was parted at the side and swept off, making him look put together yet effortless. With his hair like that it was easy to take in all of his beautiful features, like his wide, mischievous looking eyes or his beautifully defined nose. But when he eyes got down to his lips that were grace by a playfully, sexy smirk, she almost fainted. He had a killer smile. One that would easily get you to do whatever he wanted without him ever uttering a word past those perfectly plump lips.  He was sexy, mysterious, and alluring. Everything she could have ever wanted in a man she wasn’t looking for.

 After analyzing every inch of the man, she finally took the time to answer. “Strategy? It’s just pure and simple luck.” Like having you sit next to me. She finished the last bit in her head, it’d be wrong for a spoken for woman to shamelessly flirt with a stranger. He nodded, not uttering another word. She just guessed he was the strong silent type. That left her guessing and she liked that.

 "So, what brings you to Macau, besides the opening of this casino?“ He finally spoke after a few brief moments of silence.  "You can say I was forced to come, but I’m staying to gamble. ” A waiter came, placing a small glass of whiskey on the table for the man.  His long, slim fingers wrapped around the glass before he put it to his lips, taking a sip. Even the way he drinks was attractive! She watched the way his Adam’s apple bobbed as he took down the smooth brown liquid. The exposed skin of his neck almost made her want to undo a few more of his buttons just so she could see if his chest was just as beautiful as everything else she had seen. Her heart beat wildly in her chest as she analyzed every bit of the insanely attractive man.

The small clink of the glass being set back on the table made her snap out of her endless sexualization of the brunette next to her. “I’d understand if you said no, but would you like to go somewhere quieter?” Without hesitation, she squeaked out a yes. The gentleman helped her from her stool and led her to a small unoccupied sitting area.

 "So, by guess alone, you’re not from here. “ He nodded, fixing to unbutton his jacket so he could sit. “Yes. I’m from Osaka, originally, but I currently go back and forth from Seoul to Tokyo for work. Where are you from, beautiful?” She chuckled lightly, her face heating up from his effortless compliment. “I lived in New York for school for a while, but moved to Seoul two or so years ago. That’s where I reside now.” With my fiancé. Another little detail she left out.

 He sat there quietly, eyes settled on her features.  Her hair was curled and pint high on her head, leaving a few curls that cascaded down. Her makeup was simple and tasteful, accentuating her already gorgeous face and beautiful  eyes. The cream-colored dress she wore seemed to sit perfectly on all her best curves, the cut out in the back stopped right above her butt, which probably got her more stares than usual and it complimented her skin tone. She was stunning.  

 When he first saw her, he couldn’t help but stare. He even eventually worked up the nerve to come and talk to her, which was unusual for the usually nonchalant Yuta.  He wanted to know her. “Oh- So you speak Korean? What’s your name?” He asked as a small smile played on his lips. He wasn’t the best in English, but tried his best for the sake of business. He switched the conversation to a more familiar tongue. She pulled him from his thoughts with her smooth voice. “I do. But I’m ________. Yours?” ________, it was a beautiful name for a beautiful woman, he thought. “Yuta.” His words were simple and to the point. As much as he didn’t want to be known, he was known simply by his name.

 "Y-Yuta? As is…..Nakamoto Yuta of Nakamoto Industries?“ Surprised was one way to describe her current feelings. Her eyes stretched as she realized just who she was sharing her company with. Her hand lifted as she summoned a waiter. "Apple martini, please.” It was almost as if she was pleading with the young waiter. Yuta’s hand raised, “Whiskey. ” The waiter quickly darted off to get their drinks.

 "You seem surprised. “ Though his face didn’t change, there was a hint of amusement in his voice. "Of course…you’re nothing like how I imagined. I thought you’d look a tad bit stuffier than you do. Plus, I heard.. that you were short and unattractive.. But.. that’s not the case at all.” Honestly, she wanted to say that he was fine as fuck and keep it moving, but she decided to keep it classy.

 Their conversation was filled with back stories and interesting facts about their lives. They had a lot in common to both of their surprise and the chemistry was apparent as well as the hint of sexual tension.


After they quaffed down another drink their innocent conversation took a turn for the worst. Their words were filled with lust and inquiries about the others past. It wasn’t too astonishing when Yuta asked ________ to come back to his room with him. They couldn’t keep their hands to themselves, her hands messing up his sleek hair, his hands resting on the curve of her bottom. 

 So, it came as no surprise that they were locking lips as they stumbled into the penthouse suite.  Though their kisses were rough and rushed, Yuta took his time undressing the beautiful woman in his arms. He wanted to savor the moment, to take in every inch of her body. After a few moments of struggling to get out of his shoes, they finally made it to his bedroom.  Taking a seat on the edge of the large bed, he pulled off his jacket and loosened his tie, pulling away from the steamy kiss.

 "Strip, slowly.“ ________ could be quite the submissive, especially when it came to her husband-to-be and his sadistic sexual tendencies. But somehow this was different, Yuta had a soft way of commanding her to do things. She started with the golden, chain straps of her dress, slipping it off one arm then the next. Catching her dress before it could fall to the floor, she gave the man the most seductive look she could muster. Her hands relaxed and the expensive cream dress dropped to the floor, pooling at her feet.  

 The fabric was no longer there to cover her breast, her nipples standing at attention as the cool air of his room danced across her skin. Her skin looked smooth and touchable, like it’d be hard to find an excuse not to touch her. No bra. He guessed the dress didn’t require one, whatever the reason, he was glad that was one less step. His fingers languidly undid the buttons on his shirt before he shrugged out of it, tossing it to the side. "Turn around, let me see that ass of yours.” Her smooth skin was making it hard for him to think of anything else but touching her as soon as he could.

 Her back turned to him, bending over to reveal the white lacy thong that she had been hiding under her dress. It clung to her curves, emphasizing her taut bottom. He groaned watching her slide the skimpy fabric down her legs, keeping them completely straight as she did so. He beckoned her with two fingers, and she sauntered over seductively. He could already tell that she was going to be amazing, just by the way she moved and the amount of confidence and sex appeal she had. When her figure stood in front of him, is hands snaked around her before he picked her up, throwing her on the bed. He couldn’t take it anymore, he pounced on her, pinning her hands above her head.  

 She moaned lightly as his lips came in contact with her neck, sucking and nipping on the sensitive skin. Her scent was intoxicating to him, like warm vanilla and honey. “Have you ever been tied up?” He asked between kisses to her lips, neck, and collarbones. “O-once or twice.” Who know why she felt nervous, but she did. “Let me..” She nodded, and he went into action. In one swift, smooth action, he picked her up and carried her nude body to the top part of the bed. Pushing her legs open, he settled in between them on his knees before reaching over to the nightstand. He pulled out two silk sashes from his bedside table and wrapped them firmly around her wrist, looping it through the ornate design on the headboard then tying the other wrist.

 He unbuckled his belt and slid it slowly from the loops of his pants. “You’re going to be my little pet for the night. Be a good girl, okay ________?” The look in his eyes and tone of voice had changed to one she was very familiar with. There was a sadistic side to the young millionaire, one ________ would get to experience herself.

 He pushed her legs towards her stomach and reached over and grabbed another much longer sash. He wrapped it around her ankle, looped it through the slat in the headboard that was connected to her hands, then wrapped it around the other ankle securely. His lips curled in a smirk as his gaze darkened even further. Though he didn’t say a word, the look on his face said it all. He was aroused by the sight of this beautiful girl tied up in his bed.

His fingers grasped the buckled end of his belt tightly, his hand rearing back before smacking her thighs and buttock harshly.  She whimpered, which made him grunt out as he hit her again and again. Her whimpers turned to moans, her face heating up, she was shocked by her own reaction. But, she clearly was getting just as much enjoyment from it as he did. Gently, he tapped the belt against her slightly swollen nether lips.

 Yuta was by no means a greedy man, but the way her slit glistened from his ministrations made him want to be. Not that ________ would mind, at the moment she was tied up and willing to take almost anything he could throw at her. With no hesitation whatsoever, he laid down and traced her swollen lips with his tongue before dipping it into her cunt. She tasted as sweet as she smelled. Delectable. Her body squirmed underneath him, moans and pants passing her pursed lips. “Yuta…” His tongue delved in and out of her luscious hole, until she was soaked and ready for him. “Good girl….look at how wet you are for me..”

 His words seemed drawn out as he admired his work, he was practically dripping. Now it was time to finish his masterpiece. He finally undid his pants, not caring for them to be kicked off. He pushed his boxers down just enough to reveal his now erect length. Reaching over, he pulled three items from the drawer; two condoms, and one red vibrator. Only the special girls got the treatment dear ________ was getting.

 The first condom slipped on the vibrator, the other on his hard length. “Are you ready for me, ________? Let’s see if you can take all of this dick” Her hands balled up into fists, she was getting prepared. “Yes, Yuta…..” He smirked.  Turning the end of the little gadget, he pressed it to her clit, watching her eyes roll back. While she was distracted, he pushed his member in as far in as her tight walls would let him, groaning at way it constricted around him. “Oh my…” Her brows furrowed, eyes close, mouth agape, as her wall stretched to accommodate for his member.

 His eyes closed, his hips pulling all the way back before slamming right back into her. She moaned so loud it snapped him out of his daze. “You like that dick don’t you, ________?” This was the most he had ever talked in a sexual situation.  He usually got the girl off, came, and then didn’t even bother to see the girl off. “Y-yes, I love it.” Her finance would never try to please her like this.  There was no doubt he was good in bed, but his stamina was limited.

 She could feel the familiar sensation pooling at her core, her legs starting to shake from just how good it all felt. “Please… Yuta…” Her eyes shut and she bit down on her bottom lip, trying her best not to scream too loud. His free hand reached up and grabbed her chin, “Scream. I want them to hear just how good you’re getting it downstairs.” He forcefully parted her lips and stuffed his fingers in her mouth and she obliged him by sucking on them, causing him to grunt. His fingers moved in and out of her mouth at almost the same pace as his hips moved in and out of her warmth. She was close to unwinding and he could feel it. He abruptly pulled away, a sadistic smile on his face. She whimpered at the loss of contact. He tossed the vibrator to the side, not having any use for it anymore.

 “Don’t worry, I’ll let you cum, but only when I want you to.” He untied her legs and adjusted the sashes on her wrists before quickly flipping her around on her knees. He was in awe of the sight, his hand rearing back to smack her butt that was now in the air, causing her to jolt. He smoothed his hand over the spot as a way to distract her. He pushed his member back into her warmth without warning, his hips snapping back and forth at a quick pace.

 His arm snaked around her waist as he leaned forward. Yuta grabbed a fistful of her while using his other hand to press his index and them to pinch her clit, he quickened his pace, knowing he wouldn’t last too long under such tight conditions.  “Fuck, you are so tight..” He spoke through gritted teeth. “Cum for me baby. Cum on this dick…” His words spilled out of his lips as harshly as he was plunging into her.  She obliged his request, her already tight walls suffocating his manhood. Her breath hitching as she let out a muffled scream. His quick pumps slowed as he found it hard to push through her orgasm, his nearing quickly.  His spastic thrust came to a complete halt as his hot seed filled the tip of the condom.

 With a breathy laugh and his member in hand he rolled over, leaving ________ tied up like country pig while he caught his breath. In all honesty, she was too tired to even mention it. He turned his head, eyes traveling over the exposed skin of her legs and ass. His member twitched at just how lovely she looked, just how fuckable she was. Without a second though, Yuta sat up on the edge of the bed and rolled the condom off. He got up and disposed of it in the bathroom that was connected to his bedroom. He grabbed a little oil and headed back to her side.

 He squirted it on her butt, watching the clear liquid roll down it. She yelped from the unfamiliar and cold sensation. “What is that?” She tried to look back, but it was hard with the way she was tied down. “It’s just a little lube, baby…. since I’m not done with you yet.” He got another condom and set it on the bedside table. He untied on wrist, so she could be a little bit freer, but he had no intentions of untying her completely. He tied her wrists together once she was free from his headboard. “Suck it.” Her eyes widened when his hands tangled into what use to be her up-do. He pushed her towards his crotch and she attempted to use her bound hands, only for them to be slapped away. “We know you don’t need your hands, you can take it. Stick your tongue out.” She did as she was told, pleasing Yuta greatly. He smacked her pink palate with the tip of his member before pushing it further in her mouth. “Don’t make me have to tell you suck it again.” She agreed, hallowing her cheeks, and sucking. He just wanted to feel her wet mouth wrapped around his member, he was already hard enough with the thought of sliding his member back into her.

 He grunted, his grip tightening on her hair. He moved his hand to the back of her head, pushing her down to the base of his cock, making her take him all. She tried her best to relax her throat and was thankful when he pulled away to let her catch her breath. She gasped for air as spit dribbled down her chin. He wiped it away and gave her that mesmerizing smile. “Come sit on daddy’s dick.” He took a seat on the bed and moved back against the headboard. He slid the condom on his member and waited for her to take to his lap.

 With her hand tied, it was a struggle to get to the center of the bed. Growing impatient, he grabbed her by her ankle and pulled her to him. She stared at him wide-eyed, not expecting that. “You were taking too long.” He stated simply, helping her to straddle his lap. He positioned his tip at her entrance and pushed her down by her hips. A loud moan passed her lips, she relished in the fact that a practical stranger filled her up better than the man she was set to marry. She rolled her hips and drug her nails down his chest. “You feel amazing..” She purred as her eyes fluttered closed.

 He didn’t know what it was about her words, but it made him go crazy. He pulled her body close and grabbed her by the back of her neck to keep her that way. He thrust his hips up into her, the sounds of their skin slapping resounded through the large, open room. She moaned loudly, not caring if they could hear her downstairs or even down the streets, he just felt too good. “You like the way daddy fucks you, don’t you?” She whimpered at his words, but that was nowhere near enough for him. He didn’t know what came over him, but he nipped at her shoulder and neck, leaving a little trail of ant bits up to the spot over her pulse. “Answer me.” He grunted in her ear. “Yes, daddy. I love it.” He admission nearly set her face on fire, even she couldn’t believe what she was saying and doing.

 A hand rested on her lower back, arching it towards his chest. He leaned back so he could get a better angle, keeping the fast pace, he was going at. Her eyes shut tight and she bit down on her bottom lip. It was like every thrust had the intent of sending her right over the edge. She buried her face in his neck as he continuously buried his member deep into her warmth. Her nails dug into his chest as she felt her orgasm washing over her. She cried out his name over and over as her walls convulsed around his member.

 But that didn’t seem to stop Yuta, he was intent on reaching his release once again. His grip on her tightened as she neared his own climax, her tight walls almost too much for him to take. Her moans coated his ears like honey, he just loved how she was screaming his name. With a few more erratic thrusts, he came once again before slowly coming to a stop. Both of their bodies were slick with sweat as the panted, trying to catch their breaths. After a few moments of silence, he broke it with a soft pat on her butt. “Let’s get you cleaned up.” Her untied her hands and helped her up, leading her to the bathroom so she could get cleaned up. He wouldn’t want the beauty to head back to the party looking disheveled, not coming from under his care.

 She was lead into his bathroom, where he helped her get cleaned up. Aside from the touch-ups to her hair and make-up, Yuta had a great deal to do with getting her ready to be presented to the world once again. Despite anything he did in the bedroom, he was still a gentleman. Once dressed they headed back to the party, parting ways as they exited the elevator as if nothing happened. “This is our little secret, right? Just…. make sure your fiancé doesn’t find out…” Her eyes widened at his words and she froze. She cleared her throat, her cheeks heating up from embarrassment. She didn’t respond though or look back at who laughed teasingly as he walked away, she only headed back to the casino floor.

 Yuta was called to the stage to make a speech, while ________ made her way back to her fiancé’s side. “Where have you been?” He whispered, his hand moving back to its possessive position.  "I went to gamble and explore.’ She lied, a small smirk on her face. “Stay close next time, I don’t want you getting into things. ” She inwardly chuckled.  You should be worried about things getting into me. She replied snidely in her mind.

 The rest of the night went smoothly, she stayed by her fiancé’s side, just like he wanted. She had to admit that it was nice to treated as something other than a trophy, looked at differently. Besides a few glances and shy smiles, she and Yuta kept their distance.  But if you asked either of them, the other was the highlight of the night, they had both hit the jackpot.


Bad Part of Town (TG/AP/RC)

Mark was ecstatic. He had never been to a baseball game, and his father had finally made good on his promise to take Mark into the city to see his first game. In fact, this trip was going to be Mark’s first visit to the big city. He had heard stories about what the city was like, some good and some bad, but they all got him excited for his first big trip to the city. They left for the city a little later than they wanted to and ended up hitting a traffic jam on the way in. Unfortunately, this meant that all the good parking was taken by the time they arrived. They had to park a few blocks away in a private lot, much to his father’s disdain. The lot was in a relatively dangerous part of town, but it was cheap, so the two just decided to get in and out of the baseball stadium as fast as possible.

“Okay, Mark, this part of town is a little sketchy, so just stay close to me and don’t talk to anyone,” his father said. Mark nodded as they parked the car and decided to take a shortcut through some alleyways that led straight to the baseball stadium. As they were walking, Mark overheard a man in baggy clothing shouting something at his father, trying to get his attention.

“Hey, my man, you lookin for a good time? You drop your kid off at the game and come back here, I’ve got some girls in here that’ll get you off in ways you can’t even imagine.”

Mark’s father just ignored him and ushered Mark down the alley faster.

“Don’t listen to him, Mark. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

“Yo, man, you’ll be back here. I guarantee it,” the man said with a slimy grin. The two walked faster until they were out of earshot of the sketchy looking man. They were about a block away from the stadium when Mark noticed a pearl bracelet laying on the ground. He bent over and picked it up, staring at the shiny white pearls and thinking that it would make a good gift for his mother. His father didn’t slow down enough for him to put it in his backpack, so he slipped it on his wrist and was about to catch up with his dad. As it slipped over his hand, however, he immediately felt it begin to tighten and send pulses of energy through his body. With a sudden yelp of pain, Mark shot upwards and grew to a mature new height of 5’6. His bones snapped and popped into place as his skeleton shifted, leaving him looking mature, if a bit feminine. His father turned around to tell Mark to keep up, but was taken aback by the sight of his son’s new height.

“Daddy, what’s happening to- AH!” Mark screamed as his bones continued to shift. His hips flared out while his shoulders caved slightly inwards, giving him a feminine hourglass figure. His father ran over to him, but was unable to do anything. He felt completely helpless as his son transformed before his very eyes. Mark looked at the bracelet on his wrist as dark skin began to spread across his body, stemming from where the pearls were touching his skin. The smooth, brown skin crept along his body, quickly covering his entire body as it grew silky and hairless.

“Stay calm, Mark. I’ll, uh…I’ll call someone to help…um…oh my god,” his father stammered as he continued to watch his son change. He winced as Mark began to grown, his voice becoming more sultry by the second. He looked at his son’s pants as they began to rip and tear, revealing an expanding ass and thighs beneath. Mark’s ass kept growing, and by the time it finished its inflation he knew, for some reason, that it was bigger and more supple than any white girl’s ass could ever be. His jeans had been torn to shreds, and his ass had grown so large that it popped the button off the front and forced the zipper down past his crotch, revealing his shapely new behind to his father.

“Daddy, please, I just wanna go home…” Mark said with an alluring tone. His father was growing more disturbed by Mark’s new voice and tone, but nothing could prepare him for hearing his son moan in ecstasy as his crotch began to invert itself. Mark screamed in a smoky, sultry voice as unimaginable pleasures began to come from between his legs. He didn’t know what was going on down there, but it felt amazing. His stomach gurgled as his organs shifted around, leaving him with a female reproductive system and a hardened layer of abs to protect it. He felt his core muscles tense as he suddenly remembered a variety of sex moves and positions. While these new memories and thoughts disgusted him, he couldn’t help but moan as the new clit between his legs began to moisten. He rubbed a manicured hand over his crotch, reveling in the feelings his new sex was sending through his body while his father continued to watch in horror.

“OH my, oh fuck, Mark, are you okay? Stay calm, we’ll figure this out…” his father said, struggling to think of who to call.

“I’m trying…OW” Mark yelped as his skull began to crack and shift. His father watched his Mark’s face, the last physical remnant of his son, transformed into that of an urban sex goddess. His lips grew red and plump while his eyes grew wide and layered with eyeshadow. Mark shook his head as flowing black locks tumbled down around his head and past his tiny tank-top. He ran a hand through his silky new hair, admiring its texture and remembering how hard he worked in the mornings to get it just wavy enough. He suddenly let out another scream in pleasure as his chest began to expand. His father watched Mark’s chest as two dark nipples began to poke through the white top. They grew larger by the second, pushed forward by two breasts expanding on his son’s chest.

The pleasure was making Mark’s heart race, and soon he was covered in sweat. His skin took on a sexy sheen as the sunlight bounced off of it. He looked down at his new female body, still unsure of what he had become and continually trying to fight off the new urges leaking into his mind. He felt a little off balance with the new weight hanging off his chest, but with a final crack his spine caved in and gave him a sexual, feminine arch.

“Mark? Are you okay?”

“Daddy? What’s, ugh, what happened? Why do I look like…some hoe?” Mark said, surprising both his father and himself. His accent now sounded distinctly urban, but with a sultry and alluring flare.

“I don’t know, but maybe we can go to, uh, the hospital. Maybe they’ll know what to do…”

“Okay, s-shit!” Mark yelped as a belly button piercing materialized in his core. “No! Daddy, make it stop! I keep having these weird thoughts…I can’t fight them!”

“Okay, okay, it’s gonna be fine…” his father trailed off as he watched tattoos appearing on Mark’s body. Mark felt a tingle on his skin as ink appeared beneath the surface. A line of tattoos running down the side of his body began to appear, ending with a Superman logo materializing on his ass. The tingling sensation caused him to remember getting those tattoos. He remembered the tattoo parlor on 7th street that he visited often. The artist there was super hot, and he specifically began to remember the way the tattoo artist grabbed and massaged his ass as he was getting that Superman tattoo. No! This was all wrong! He didn’t know where 7th street was, he had never been to the city! And he was a boy, he had a crush on…a girl…in school, right? No, he remembered dropping out of school and working the streets. He was a…hooker?

“Daddy, I’m remembering all these things…like dancing on poles…and hugging…no, fucking guys…and I give a mean blowjob…and…I remember that I’m a hooker?”

His father was speechless. He didn’t know what to do, or what he did to deserve this.

“No, Mark, no! You’re my son! C’mon, we’re going to the hospital!”

“Wha…” Mark said, beginning to forget who the man in front of him was. “Who are you? You seem so familiar, but…”

“Mark! It’s me! Your father!” he screamed.

The memories of working the streets and fucking countless men were taking over Mark. His pussy began dripping as the memories of sex grew more vivid. He loved this city, because he could make it on the streets on his own. He made bank, and was even able to afford an apartment in the gentrified part of town. That’s how good he…no, she was at her job. She looked at the panicked man in front of her and felt like she should go with him for some reason, but soon her pimp came storming down the alley shouting at the guy.

“Hey, Odessa! Is this mothafucka bothering you?”

Hearing that name awakened something in Mark’s mind. The name Odessa replaced Mark in every sector of his head, leaving him to fully embrace his new life and occupation. Guys were paying thousands of dollars just to touch her body, and she knew that every time she came it would feel better than any orgasm the guys she fucked could feel. Odessa smiled and turned to her pimp, waving him off.

“Nah, nigga, be cool. He just wants some of what I got to offer…” she said in a commanding fashion, turning back to face Mark’s father.

“Aight, aight, but holla if he starts fuckin with you. And you,” he said, looking at Mark’s father, “I told you you’d be back…HA!” He walked back to his post, chuckling as he went.

Odessa leaned in to the terrified man in front of her and whispered, “I don’t know what’s got you shook, honey, but if it makes you feel any better, I can call you daddy.” She planted a kiss on his cheek and traced his jawline with a manicured nail. “First time is free.” She beckoned him to a door in the alleyway, swaying her massive hips and ass with each sensual step. The man followed her, still pale and in shock, wondering if there was any way to get his son back. Odessa, seeing the raging boner pressing up against his pants, had other plans in mind.

Sacred Ink - Roman Reigns x OFC

Author’s Note: Hi beautiful people! This is my entry for @thewriterformerlytaggedas & @fan-fiction-galore ‘s 31 Little Wrestling Fic’s October Challenge. It’s my take on some of the Native American stories that I grew up with, with some changes to fit my concept. I’m focusing mostly on Navajo myths, but there’s a mixture of tribes all over. I hope you like it!!

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hbujustin  asked:

Omg hi ! Can i first just say I can't get over your stories and I love them soooo much !! I was wondering if you could do a ambw loco imagine where you're at the studio flirting with dean and he puts you in your place, roughly *wink wink*


“Dean~ stop!” You whined gently crawling onto the singer’s lap trying to get your phone back. He laughed lifting up your phone higher snooping around into your photo gallery making little ‘o’s’ and ‘ahs’ at you. It was just something he did whenever you came to the AOMG studio and he was there. Which you teased Jay was so much you didn’t understand how come Dean just didn’t sign with them. You typically stayed in Hyukwoo’s room because he was your boyfriend so you were always with him. But Dean would always come lurking around and end up sitting with you, annoying you to no end or doing his very best to fluster you. Today was no different. He was teasing you about the countless photos that you had taken and yes, a bit was provocative because you wanted to tease Loco at work, but in your defense, you had on most of your clothes. At least until Dean figured out how to find your privacy lock that you had on some of the photos. You were in Dean’s lap wrestling with him for your phone, legs straddled on either side of him when said boyfriend walked through the door with Gray ready to rip Dean’s head off.

“Aye, what the fuck is going on here?” Loco asked letting his voice raise a bit. You jumped slightly in Dean’s lap looking back at your boyfriend who was staring at you waiting for an answer. He was never like this, usually he was happy go lucky and he loved smiling and making people laugh. But here he was pissed, a jealous boyfriend and you had to admit it was a fucking turn on.

“I needed to get what was mine.” You muttered flicking your tongue against your bottom lip staying perched where you were. You were a tease yes, and you never regretted playing with fire because he for the most part let you off. Even if he gave you the silent treatment it didn’t last long before he was back to holding and kissing you like nothing ever happened. But you must have not noticed how Dean was staring at your brown skin, the tips of your mounds poking out from the low-cut tank top that gave him a good view. Not to mention that the shorts you had on were rising up your smooth brown skin, your hair you left in curls today deciding not to straighten it out because it was just too hot outside. And your pouty lips, Dean just wanted to kiss him but he knew you were with Loco so he never approached you, just secretly flirted with you like now while the male was gone.

“Did you need to get it while you were on his lap?” Loco asked crossing his arms over his chest and suddenly you felt like a scolded child who wanted her way.

“As a matter of fact, I did.” You glowered at him letting your hands rest on Dean’s chest because why not see how far you could push him? It was not a good idea. Dean brought his hands up to your thigs, an automatic response from the position and the look on Hyukwoo’s face made you regret everything you said but you weren’t backing down. You saw his eyes lock onto Dean’s hand for a split second and he didn’t say anything. Lifting an eyebrow, he cleared his throat locking his jaw before he opened his mouth to speak.

“Alright, everyone but Y/N get out.” Loco muttered and when no one moved he raised his voice. “Do I need to fucking repeat myself? Dean get the fuck out. Gray take him in your room entertain him because I’m close to making some remarks I’ll regret later.” No matter how much Dean liked to flirt he was still a man and he wanted to respect Loco so he pushed you off of him gently, his hands on your hips only to make sure you didn’t fall but that only upset Loco more causing a deep growl to rumble from his chest. Dean placed your phone in your lap giving an apologetic smile before he ran past Loco not even looking in his direction. Loco slammed the door looking at you after he turned his hat on backwards.

“What the hell Hyukwoo!” You shouted at him standing up as well walking a few feet from him. “How dare you be so mean to him!”

“How dare I? How fucking dare I? No how fucking dare YOU sit on another man’s lap like it’s ok especially when that man is eye fucking you every time you look off.” Loco pointed a finger at you and you knew he was pissed but once again you were the type to try and get out of it and today would be no different.

“You have all these girls eye fucking you on stage and I have to put up with it!” You pouted still shouting but it turned into a whine trying to give a cute approach.

“Don’t you fucking dare.” He stared letting his eyes bare into yours, his dark brown orbs seemed to be on fire by the way he was watching you. “You are always complaining and bitching about my fans and how they eye fuck me! I barely can sing to a girl in the audience without you getting pissed off and thinking I’m leaving you because I show attention to people!” He had a point, which pissed you off and made you go for a second defense.

“You’re always on Hoody!” You brought her up. “And I don’t fucking bitch watch your mouth Hyukwoo don’t piss me off.” You threatened bracing your feet because you didn’t want to step closer.

“I fucking said it already. Hoody is my friend! And she is the only fucking girl here! What do you want me to say we all talk to her and if I wanted anyone other than the one in front of me bitching me out I would be with them.” He reminded stepping closer to you.

“Don’t call me a bitch.”

“I said you were bitchy. Don’t like it?” He asked stepping closer moving you back a bit.

“Fuck you. I’m not bitchy or a bitch. You’re the bitchy one here.” You taunted back balling up your hands because you were passed embarrassed and upset at the fact that he didn’t let you win.

Loco chuckled roughly grabbing you by your shirt he crashed his lips against yours before he was making his way to push you against the mixer board your stomach pressed against different dials and controls as he bent you over, your heart rate spiked up because you didn’t expect him to do such a thing, teeth clamped between your lips you were a screaming mess once he hit your ass. His hand landing down on your right ass cheek before he would move to the left and alternate not stopping until his hand was close to numb and your ass looked like it was turning red as well as your legs. With one hand moving up he harshly gripped at your hair making you arch your back as his free hand gripped onto your ass cheek pulling it and pressing you back close to him.

“What are you then? A slut? A fucking little whore that just likes to be in guys laps hmm?” He teased you knowing that it turned you on and you hated it when he called you such things because it wasn’t supposed to turn you on.

“N-no I’m not!” You pouted squirming as he kept you arched, your panties were slowly soaking as he ground his hips against yours letting your ass cheek go only to grab it again and slap it watching the flesh jiggle.

“Could’ve fooled me. I think you are. I think you’re a fucking dirty slut who doesn’t know how to only please one dick. So how are you going to please two? Every time I push in you need to adjust. But that’s ok, you want to act like my dirty little slut. I’ll treat you like one.” His words made your stomach knot up. It had been so long since you too had indulged in the act of angry sex. Rough fucking without the love making just an urge to feel and be felt. Loco moved his hand from your hair to grip at your shorts and pull them down your legs. You squirmed and moved trying to put up a little fight but it was all for the fun of it, you wanted it and he knew you were soaked for him. Loco placed his hand on the dip of your lower back keeping you trapped in place as he undid his zipper pulling his hard dick out of his jeans but keeping them fastened.

Loco slipped your panties to the side holding onto them he looked down at your wet slit tapping his dick against your wet soaked out slit chuckling as he teased you. “Oh, so you’re not daddy’s little slut huh? Then why are you wet?” He asked whispered against your ear. His dick dragging against your folds, his tip rubbing against your pussy as he spread your legs wider with his own. Whimpers dragged from your lips as you placed your hands on the clear glass in front of you shutting your eyes you tried not to rock your hips backwards for him but that was not an easy task. Still you didn’t speak and Loco was glad that you were defiant because he had a trick up his sleeve. “Alright then baby girl.”

With that one phrase, he moved his hips to drag his member back and plunge into your pussy causing your body to give a harsh jerk and lurch forward. He chuckled lazily, letting his hand hold onto your hip as the other one went to grab at your hair again. He didn’t waste any time pounding into your tight little pussy, the feeling and stretch alone had you ready to cum. Your breath was starting to leave your body, your hands were starting to slip down the glass from the sweat. Your lust blown eyes were closed and your lips were parted. His name ended up rolling off of your tongue as he switched his angle aiming for your spot. Once he found it he missed it on purpose, basking in the feeling of your warm tight walls clamping down on his thick erection that was throbbing inside of you. Hyukwoo moved his hand up to let go of your hips and reach it around towards your pussy, letting his fingers rub at your wet pink bud as he worked his hips against yours. His other hand left your hair and traveled to around your neck where he squeezed lightly applying pressure. His hips sped up and he was slamming into you purposefully missing your spot so that he could punish you for what you did. His mouth parted as he chanted your name, letting the sweat drip off his forehead he knitted his eyebrows together focusing on how good it felt to pound at your wet insides that dripped down his dick and onto his balls. Looking down at you with hooded eyes Hyukwoo squeezed a little harder at your neck to cut off your air rolling his hips he tried to fuck you into the mixer board knowing that you were going to be sore after this. Once he was sure he was close to cumming he started to fuck you against your spot. Your mouth dropped open as louder cries erupted from your lips. You were so frustrated with him because it felt so good, how he drug himself against your walls and how you could feel all of him, his veins his throbbing length. It made your eyes scream in complete euphoria. You knew at any time you were going to cum soon for him, you loved it when he choked you or pulled your hair or did anything to make you feel like he was in control. Your hips slapped back against his as his thrusts became erratic and you knew he wasn’t going to last long. His fingers rubbing harder at your clit, in a circular fast motion that made you squirm and grit your teeth. Hyukwoo gave it a few more thrusts until he was spilling his cum inside of your pussy with a moan, he moved his hand from your clit and angled his hips so that he was no longer pressing against your spot as his hips surged forward and he buried his cum inside of you. He pulled back quickly so that you couldn’t even cum, smiling as his cum trickled down your parted legs. You were wobbling against his mixer board and he couldn’t help but take his phone out and take a picture of you. Leaning down he pulled up your shorts and moved your panties back to place before he fixed himself up.

“You’re not going to finish me off?” You asked him horrified as he walked towards the door panting with a lazy smile on his face biting his lips. You could feel his cum continuing to seep out of your pussy, and you were so mad you felt like you could cry. He had never done this to you before.

“Baby girls usually don’t cum unless the daddy thinks they deserve to. And you baby girl have been one naughty vixen for a while now. So now, you don’t get to cum until later maybe. And if you touch yourself, I will always know. So, I suggest you place night and wait for daddy to get back.” Hyukwoo chuckled as he opened the door walking out before he snapped his fingers turning to your flustered upset state against the mixer board. “Call Dean if you want to. I’m sure he would love to keep you company.” Sending you a kiss he walked out the room and you threw a silent temper tantrum waiting for the moment you could retaliate or beg for forgiveness.

Sunday Shift

Started off as a memory of when I worked in retail, and grew into this klance fic. Hope you all enjoy :)

Words: 3928

Chapters: 1/1

Characters: Keith, Lance, Allura, mention of Shiro and Pidge 

Pairing: Keith and Lance

Summary: Keith works a lazy Sunday shift at the local drug store, and finds it to be more boring than usual. It isn’t until a stranger makes his way through the front doors that the day takes a sudden, if not more pleasant, turn. 

The lines he had been rehearsing in his head were standard for retail workers. There was the “How can I help you?” line, and the more polite “What can I do for you?” one.  

They were almost second nature by this point, and Keith should have been able to ask them without batting an eye. Unfortunately the lines got muddled somewhere on the road from his brain to his mouth, and ended up coming out as a strangled “How can I do you?”  

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Boot Bae: Tom Holland x Black Reader

A long convo with @starcoleworld inspired this. She thought of it and I loved it 😂

Tom and Reader attend the VMA’s and while Ariana Grande is singing ‘Everyday’ she spots her celeb crush Tom(I’m sorry y’all😂)…I love that song ‘Everday’ and I don’t have a problem with Ariana but you have to admit that this idea is GOLD😂

You took the seats in the front with your names. You looked around and saw that you were in front with the Elite of the singing world. You sat beside Tom and felt his lips kiss your bare shoulder, “You look amazing.” He whispered, drooling over how your smooth brown skin popped with the dress. You smiled and kissed him on the cheek, hearing the cameras flash you pulled away and saw the Photographer snapping you two together. 

The show finally started and you were excited. After a few performances and the commercial break you decided to mingle. 

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Fresh-Baked Bread

Okieriete Onaodowan (Oak) x Reader

Summary: It’s just sex. Sex, guys. Also Oak makes bread and dances to jazz music!

Warnings: SMUT. A couple swears.

A/N: @hamiltonwrotetheother51 helped me with dialogue so much and I owe them my life.

You awoke to the sound of rain and the yeasty smell of rising bread. Your bed was cooler than normal, so you figured your fiancé, Okieriete was the one moving around in the kitchen. Stretching luxuriously, you hauled yourself out of bed and shuffled into the kitchen.
Leaning quietly in the doorframe, you watched Oak dance and shimmy to some kind of slinky jazz music. In an amazing display of masculine grace, he pirouetted to face you.

“(Y/N)! The sleeper awakes! Welcome to the world of the living!” He samba-ed over to you, wooden spoon in hand, and scooped you into a tango. Shrieking with laughter, you let him dance you around your small kitchen. He had the spoon between his teeth like a rose.
When the song ended he dipped you down and tossed the wooden spoon off to the side.
Before you could react, Oaks lips brushed against yours. He pulled back for a fraction of a second. His eyes met yours and you knew exactly what he meant to do.

In one swift motion Oak pulled your thighs up and around his hips. Leaning you back over the counter he checked the timer on the oven.
“23 minutes until this is ready baby. You think you can last that long?”
He dipped his head down and gently sank his teeth into your exposed neck. You’re entire body tingled.
“Yes…” you gasped.
He scooped you up.
“Lets go.”

He held you close to him and started walking down the hall towards the bedroom. Kicking the door open, he tossed you on the bed.
“You know the drill, honeybee.” He said, voice low, leaning against the closed door.
“Get those damned clothes off and let me see what I’m up against!”
You started to obey instantly, pulling you shirt off and then your pyjama pant. You were left standing in your panties, which you dropped a moment later. Oak had started to slowly pace towards you, eyes full of lust, a half smile on his full lips.
“Lie back, babygirl…Knees up. Let me look at you…”. His voice was low and quiet and full of promise. You lay back on the edge of the bed, knees bent and legs falling open, shivering as you felt a shock of cool air between your legs. The sensation was fleeting though, because a second later Oaks’ hand was sliding between your folds, up your cleft, stopping with his thumb gently pressing on your clit. He didn’t move. Just kept his thumb there. He leaned over you, hooking your right leg over his shoulder. The tip of his tongue trailed along the outer shell of your ear.
“So wet… You just can’t control yourself around me, can you?” He panted into your ear, pressing his hardening cock against your thigh.
“Goddamit Oak! Get your fucking pants off and give me attention. I deserve it!” You whined. He pulled away from you sharply and you gasped.
Looking up, you saw him stripping his shorts, boxers, and shirt off. When he was finished he ran his hand up your leg, looked at you for a moment before jerking his chin towards the head of the bed.
“Up there. Lie back on the pillows. Gotta make sure you’re comfortable.”
You smiled at how concerned he was for you, moving yourself up as he had asked. He checked his phone.
“We got 12 minutes left (Y/N). Think you can last that long?” He was poised over you. Arms on either side of your head, holding himself above you. You could feel his hips resting between hour legs, the head of his cock nudging against your clit. It was antagonizing.
“Oak I can last forever. Please just give me what I want!” Your hands found his shoulders, ran over his smooth brown skin and pressed at the small of his back. “Oak…”
he smiled.
“I want you to look at me. The whole time. I want to see every expression.”
You needed him so bad right now. A growled “yes sir” left your lips.
He shifted over you and you could feel the head of his cock press into you. You hummed in satisfaction as he slowly pushed his hips forward until his cock was fully snuggled inside you, filling you up completely.
He rested his weight onto his forearms on either side of your head. You felt him start moving in minuscule increments at first, tapping against your g-spot with every movement. Before long he was picking up speed and grunting with every thrust.
You could feel him hitting you hard and deep. Heat began to pool in your belly, your entire body tensing with expectation. You looped your legs around his waist and over his hips, giving him a better angle. You were gasping quietly, gazing at Oak in wonder. The beautiful, chocolate-brown boy that was panting above you.
“Oh…my god… you… do things to… me that… I can’t even… describe!” He huffed. His hips were pushing up and against you frantically. All you could do in response was whimper.
“Oak! I…” he dipped his head down and kissed you hard.
“Come. Now. You’re beautiful when you’re like this. Coming undone under me.” His voice was thick and deep and husky and it sent you over the edge.
The fire inside you erupted, sending tendrils of liquid bliss throughout your entire body. Your body moved involuntarily, back arching into Oaks’ chest, eyes squeezing shut as you held onto him and let your climax shake you. A moment later he groaned and you felt heat rush inside you.
Oak pressed deep into you, panting, arms shaking, before pulling out of you and collapsing on the bed by your side. His dark skin was slick with sweat and his ribs were heaving. You reached over and rubbed his woolly black hair. His eyes fluttered open and he turned to you, gently resting his fingertips against your lips.
“You make me feel things..” he murmured
You laughed and kissed his palm.
He was still looking at you in wonder.
“I’m so in love with you, (Y/N).”
You smiled. “Oak, I love you too, honey.”
He closed his eyes for a second, a smile still playing on those beautiful brown lips.
“Shit!!! I forgot about breakfast!” He threw his clothes back on and sprinted to the kitchen.
You giggled and put your own clothes back on, wandering out when you were finished. The rain was still drumming on the windows but Oak had made an incredible array of breakfast goodies. Including a loaf of fresh-baked bread.

Toys and Things (Part III)

Part I

Part II

Enjoy the final part to this humble series! Warning: it’s quite smutty. :)

Rick crossed the space between them in two strides. They crashed into the clothes drawer, devouring each other, their fingers hungrily seeking purchase.

One of his callused hands glided up to cradle the back of her head, holding her steady, thoroughly savoring her plump lips. His other hand slid down to grip a warm handful of her ass, pulling her firmly against his bulge. She squirmed against him with a sigh. His whole body sprung to life.

Lustful moans rumbled in the back of his throat. He couldn’t get enough. After months of fantasizing, – hell, probably even since the day he first met her at the gates of the prison – he finally had her in his arms. Excitement couldn’t even begin to describe the emotions buzzing through his body.

He swiped the tip of his tongue against her parted mouth, tasting her luscious sweetness. When she gasped in pleasure, he instinctively pinned her body against the clothes drawer, the heavy piece of furniture violently banging against the wall. He reached down to caress her thigh, aggressively wrapping it around his hip.

He was so lost in the sensations of the moment that all coherent thoughts disappeared along with his self-control. He wanted her in every way imaginable. Her warm and firm body quivered with the same anticipation that ran through his veins.

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skin & bones

pairing: draco malfoy x hermione granger

setting: modern, non-magical, post-break up au

word count: 697 

written for: @silvermaze [happy birthday, lovely! xoxo]

It’s a crisp, clear day in early November when it happens.

Hell freezes over.

Hermione Granger—all five and a half feet of her, smooth brown skin and chapped pink lips and a thick cloud of hair pushed back off her face with a red cotton headband—she steps through the jingling side door of the midtown Starbucks Draco does most of his writing at.

It’s been…years, technically, since he’d last seen her. Years. Years since he’d sold his first play, and years since her blog had gone viral, and years since he’d stopped instinctively searching for her at industry parties, in hole-in-the-wall Brooklyn diners, on crowded fluorescent-lit trains hurtling around like pinballs beneath the city streets.

She looks almost eerily identical to how she’d looked when he’d ended things. Black tights. Knee-length sweater dress. Raggedy thrift store Burberry scarf. She’s got a scuffed leather jacket on, and shiny brown Oxfords, and the antique seed-pearl locket he’d given her for their very first Christmas together.

Draco can’t help himself.

He stares.

She hasn’t noticed him yet.

He continues staring.

And he feels a swift spike of adrenaline, electric and fierce, pummel him in solar plexus—an urge to do something, say something, act and react, because—

His second play had been a tragicomic exploration of classism at an elite, all-boys Connecticut prep school. Hermione hadn’t reviewed it on her blog—hadn’t reviewed anything Draco had written, ever—but she had, at the time, shared without comment a snippet from a New Yorker article about “pretentious Ivy League dropouts with Tempurpedic trust funds polluting the Broadway shadows with their fourth-generation WASP guilt”; and Draco had always known, somewhere deep deep deep in his gut, that Hermione had been the one to give him a chance, back when they’d been dating. It had never been the other way around. He wonders if he should’ve told her that. Before. During. After.


“Hermione?” he blurts out, unable to completely mask his astonishment.

It takes her less than a second to recognize his voice—and then she’s stiffening, posture going ramrod straight and jaw visibly clenching, and when she finally turns to look at him, there’s a wary spark of irritation in her eyes. They hadn’t parted on good terms. It’s harder for him to remember that than it should be.

“Draco Malfoy,” she says, and it’s not—it’s not quite a greeting. An invitation for further conversation. She states his name like she’s making an observation. Like he’s furniture. Decoration. Unnecessary. It stings, frankly, and he guesses that was her intention. “This is a little…down-market for you, isn’t it?”

“It’s good for inspiration,” he immediately answers. He doesn’t blink. He’s afraid to. “The people here. They’re—normal.”

She lifts an eyebrow, glancing pointedly at the line beginning to form at the register. “The people at the Times Square Starbucks are normal to you,” she replies, in that same vaguely incredulous tone she used to reserve for biweekly dinners with his parents. “Really.”

Draco doesn’t blush. He’s twenty-eight fucking years old. Pretty girls with judgmental smiles and intimidation in their veins didn’t get to him like this. Nott anymore. “You know what I mean.”

“No,” she says, somewhat dryly; somewhat bitterly, if he’s being honest with himself. “I don’t think I do.”

Silence descends, awkward and heavy. “How’ve you…been?” he tries, before wincing. “I just—I read your critique. About Shakespeare and, and feminism. Last month. In the Post.”

Surprise colors her features. “You did?” she murmurs, gaze flicking from the Adam Ant sticker on his laptop, to the doubtless idiotic expression on his face, to the slightly dry blueberry scone sitting on a napkin by his elbow.

“Yeah,” he sighs, because of course he did. He’s read everything she’s ever published. “Yes.”

She pauses, opening her mouth like she wants to speak again—but ultimately, she doesn’t, just studies him with a quizzical tilt of her head, the moment stretching on and on and on, for so long that it doesn’t end so much as it…fades.

“You…write here, then?” she eventually asks, clearing her throat. “Often?”

He relaxes.

Three days later, she comes back.

bleusarcelle  asked:


Lance adjusted his cufflink, the tailored suit too stiff and cumbersome. He moved to the side of the hallway, out of the way. “Uh,” he muttered, “I thought these were supposed to be tailored.”

A slender brown arm dropped over his shoulders, pulling him into a side hug. “They are, you just won’t stop fidgeting.” His cousin took the sleeve he was fiddling with and adjusted it, moving to his tie, sliding it a touch too tight.

He frowned and turned to the gilded mirror that decorated the hall, shined perfectly with no streaks in sight. He hooked his pointer finger between the knot and his dress shirt, shifting it side to side until it didn’t feel like a noose. He exhaled, breath punching out of him. “Allura, this is my first diplomatic meeting to negotiate relations between Altea and Daibazaal. I think I have a right to be a little fidgety.”

She smiled at him, a barely there curve that could match the Mona Lisa. “Lance, I’m sure you’ll be fine. Things have been…difficult, but it’s calmer now. I’m sure you’ll do fine. It’s just the ball for now, mingle. You’re good at that.” She pecked him on the cheek before she went back to greeting guests before she convinced them into donating to one of her various humanitarian projects with batting eyes.

He looked at himself in the mirror, carefully gelled hair, blue eyes, and smooth brown skin. He swallowed the lump in his throat and air whooshed out of his lungs. He gave his reflection a blinding smile and a pair of fingerguns, adding a wink for good measure. “Come on, handsome, you can do this.”

A throat cleared and he whirled around. Behind him was a man about his age. Eyes like that particular shade of purple at dusk, hands deep in the pockets of his indigo pants, jacket pushed back with his forearms showing off the wine red of his dress shirt unbuttoned at the collar. His black hair, silky and touchable soft looking, pulled back in a low ponytail. 

Lance ran the faces and names of the visiting royals through his memory, trying to place where this boy was from. Taken from the quality of his well-tailored suit he must have been royal, unless someone Cinderella-ed him here. He finally remembered a match that he could possibly be.

Keith Kogane of Daibazaal, twelfth in line for the throne, adopted son of Duke Thace and his consort Ulaz. He heard rumors of him. The lucky boy who was picked out of hundreds of children in orphanages because he displayed ‘valor and spirit of will.’ Which, everyone knew the story, he was fighting in defense of another child when Thace happened to have visited his particular orphanage that day. Highly adept in fencing and soon excelled in the rigorous schoolwork of his new education.

Lance felt his cheeks heat at being caught. He looked to the side, spine straight, chin high. Embarrassed but as dignified of an embarrassed as possible, he couldn’t help his fidgeting fingers, automatically finding his silver cufflinks. He cleared his throat. “Ho-how much did you hear?”

He wouldn’t say Keith smiled per se but he could detect the amusement in his twinkling eyes and the slight curve of his mouth might’ve matched Allura’s in coyness. “Enough.”

His fingers left his cuffs and drifted to his bangs before remembering the gel and diverted to the back of his neck. “I’d, uh, appreciate it if you kept this between us, my lord.”

Keith’s eyebrows rose high on his forehead at the title and a slight dusting of pink washed over his cheeks. He took a hand out of his pocket and rubbed his knuckles with his thumb in a soothing gesture, before tucking back a lock of hair and returning to his pocket. “Of course,” he murmured.

Lance dropped his hand from his neck to his side, smiling wide. “Thanks,” he breathed. He strode over and offered an arm. “Allow me to accompany you to the ballroom, my lord?”

His widened the slightest bit, blushing again, but complied. He threaded his arm through his and smiled. It reached his eyes and shot Lance right through the heart with cupid’s arrow. “That’d be nice, I got lost trying to come back from the bathroom.” He grimaced when he realized what he said.

Lance just laughed and lead him to the ballroom.

First Time

This was the first story I wrote and a great deal of it was actually based on an experience I had.. hope u enjoy!!! 

Richard was and Indian tropical delight just about to turn 18 and attended an all boys school out in the capital of the country Port of Spain. He had long black shoulder length hair a slim toned body not too muscular but had just begun to show signs of maturation. He had strong arms and the softest skin that you’d ever feel on any one. He also had the cutest trail of hair leading from his navel straight into his boxers that hung over his pants which would always show when they played rugby. Richard had transferred to the school about one year now and he had settled in quite nicely. He was more or less quite, very educated and someone with whom you could have an educated conversation with or just hang out and talk crap. Richard had always had suspicions about himself being gay but never succumbed to it. That’s until now. 

“Hey Richard wana com over and help me study today.”Jamil blurted out to him one day in class while they were packing their bags to go home. “No don’t go he’ll try to rape you. Jared jokingly added his piece. “Shut up moron!” laughing “It would really mean a lot to me” Jamil replied. Richard thought about it and gave him a yes as long as he promises to drop him home after. So Richard got into Jamil’s car and they drove off to his house not to far from the school. Jamil was a mixed boy from Port of Spain. He was a bit more built than Richard, he had strong muscular arms and a perfect six pac, a cross between Spanish and Indian, brown curly hair that would fall over his face in the way a male model would look seductive and he also played foot ball for the school. He was a down to earth person and he and Richard had a connection from the day they met. They grew to become great friends. 

After a short drive they pulled up the drive way and parked the car in the garage. “Com on get out” he exclaimed and Richard scrambled his bag and hopped out. They entered the house through the side and upon entering the house he announced that he was home from school. “Mom I’m home” he shouted as he flung the keys to the glass table. “No ones home dear” the maid declared on popping out of the kitchen. They both then headed up to Jamil’s room. Upon entering the room it was a mess their was clothes every where. Richard thought to him self typical boy. “wow and I thought my room was bad” Richard said “hey give me a break I’m a busy person ok so stop being ah bitch and help me clean up.” Jamil replied. They both grabbed every thing from the floor and packed it up in to baskets. At the end of all of that Richard carried himself to the bed and sat down on the edge and tossed his head back on to the bed head. Jamil walked over to the windows and flung the large patio style windows open that overlooked a panoramic view of the sea. 

“It’s hot in here isn’t it” Richard didn’t reply but instead stated that he (Jamil) was lucky to be living in such a location. Yea yea I know he scinically replied as he begun to undress. He first took off his shirt in a slow taunting manner in front of Richard as Richard jokingly responded by saying yea baby take it all off. Coming from an all boy’s school they always made fun of being gay and their sexuality on the whole. After having fun with Richard he threw his shirt aside to reveal his wash board abs that glistened in the light as tiny beads of sweat formed on his body. He was practically hair less except for his arm pits and his region under his navel. 

His smooth coco brown skin smelled sweet of cologne. And clad only in his school pants he walked over to the bed and plunged himself beside Richard. The mood was calm and quiet as the cool sea breeze rushed into the room. “so what are we studying” Richard said breaking the silence Jamil responded by saying “nothing today was tough enough” as he slowly slumped his head closer to Richard in an attempt to get more comfortable. “Take off your shoes put your feet up” Jamil ordered and Richard did as was told. Both sat in silence for a while when Jamil reached over and grabbed Richard’s hand. Richard was expected to pull away but he didn’t. “Why is your hand so soft? I bet you’ve never done a single bit of hard work in your life” Jamil commented. Richard replied “yes I.. “interrupted by Jamil “um jerking your dick does not count as hard work” “you freakin idiot” Richard retaliated as he slugged Jamil in his side. “Hey I’m only human and its called ribs” “sorry it’s probably the ring.” Richard apologized. 

Jamil grabbed back his hand “let’s see, isn’t this your last school’s ring. What’s the writing say?” “I don’t know glory to god or something like that” Richard responded. “No jerk face, it’s Latin and it means in god so shall it be” Jamil showing off. “Take it off let me see it”. Richard slid it off and handed it to him. He tried fitting it into his fingers but the only finger it would fit in was the ring finger. “Well well look at that” he looked at Richard and simply replied “in god so shall it be”. Richard stared at him perplexed and Jamil paused a while before he leaned in forward and gently brush his lips against Richard’s in a slow unsure manner. Jamil’s warm honey brown eyes now held Richard’s deep brown eyes in a trance like gaze. Both looked at each other with lust in their eyes, they inched closer and closer until their foreheads clasped together and they could both feel the others warm breath rush over their face and onto each others chest. As their breathing rate increases and their hearts begin to beat faster and faster their bodies begin to tremble with raw bursting passion. Richard moves his gentle hands over Jamil’s chest and hard nipples and not a word being spoken was broken by Jamil whispering “shh kiss me”. Richard pounced back and surprised to himself exclaimed “wow what just happened here. What the hell got into us”? 

Jamil held him back at the arms as he rolled to the edge ready to get off. Jamil “I don’t know it just happened I didn’t plan this it just felt right”. Richard “yea, but your freakin chick is going to kill me and the other guys .. Wow”. Jamil in reply “yea, but are you going to live your life the way other people want you to live it or are you going to live it the way you want. I know you loved it. Now, I don’t know where this started but I think I’ve been having these feelings for a while now. And I think I’ve found something special and I need someone special to share it with. So let me, let me share this experience with you, let me share my body, my life, my soul with you. And with that Jamil let lose of his grip on Richard and gently took hold of Richard’s hips. He positioned himself behind Richard as Richard sat at the edge of the bed. With his legs on either side of Richard he whispered “ok, well tell me then that it didn’t feel good. Tell me you didn’t like the way I looked at you or the way our lips brushed against each other or the way my heart felt beating out of control with fear and passion when you touched my chest. If you tell me you didn’t like any of these things well then we’ll pretend this never happened”. Richard responding “no I can’t I loved it. But come on you can’t expect me to be ok with it it’s ‘its wrong”. Jamil laughing, lightly embraced Richard as he gently began nibbling on Richard’s ear and said “wrong! wrong who made it wrong. If two people feel this way about each other and are willing to experience each other then what makes it wrong. Tell me if something is so wrong then why does it feel so right so good, so unexplainable. 

Jamil took his hands and led him back onto the bed until they were kneeling facing each other. Jamil pulled Richard closer and spread his legs to either side of Richard’s, their crotches almost touching. Jamil “wana try again” he replied with a boyish mischievous grin on his face. He moved into kiss Richard. He started on the neck with soft short sweet touches of the lips then worked his way up his ears then to his mouth. By this time Richard was overwhelmed and could not have moved from his position of him propping on arms bent slightly. Richard moaned, and started to talk dirty as Jamil had his way with him. Jamil slowly began to unbutton Richard’s shirt and not before long Richard’s shirt was off. Richard became increasingly sexual and started to thrust his pelvic area up and down. Jamil noticing Richard’s increasing anxiousness placed his palm over Richard’s now hard erect cock and started rubbing. Richard then placed his hand over Jamil’s and guided it slowly. Jamil looked down on Richard’s face only to notice his eyes close and his mouth open, his head tossed back and panting for air. Jamil moved his hand and pressed down firmly on him and synchronized his motion with Richard’s. They could feel each others hard pulsating cock through each others school pants and Richard’s hand moved up to Jamil’s butt forcing it down even more firm on him. 

“Ahh ahhhhh(moaning) take me now” Richard demanded. But Jamil was not about done as yet he had his plans on prolonging his game. “Not just yet, lie back and enjoy” Jamil taunted him. Jamil laid him back and sat over his chest. He then took Richard’s school shirt and blind folded him. “Ya like that don’t you? he chanted as he rubbed his crotch all over Richard’s chest. He then took Richard’s hands and guided down his own chest to his crotch.”Take it out it’s yours” he whispered as he let go of Richard”s hands. Richard slowly unbuttoned the first button then zipped down his fly, and then he reached up and pulled down his sweaty boxers. His cock stood out in mid air his foreskin rolled back and the warm ocean breeze caressing it. It pulsated vigorously as blood rushed to it making his head red. His hand ran through his hair in ecstasy as Richard took firm grip of his cock. “Oh yes!” He moaned as he placed his hands behind his head. Richard jerked it slowly savouring the feeling of having a warm hard dick in his hand. “K stop” he stopped Richard and guided his hand behind his head. Jamil ran the tip of his cock straight up Richard’s chest and said to him “you ever suck cock”. Smiling Richard replied “what do you think”. Gently Jamil eased his cock unto Richard’s lips. Richard responded by licking his lips. Jamil eased it in to his mouth and fucked his mouth. Jamil’s foreskin slid back and forth inside Richard’s warm mouth. Richard sucked and wrapped his tong around Jamil’s sweet, salty cock and explored every inch it. 

“K your turn!” Jamil. As he removed the blind fold from over Richard’s eyes. Richard’s jaw dropped when he saw the actual size of Jamil’s cock, it was at least 9 niches. “So you liking it so far? “Jamil calmly inquired. “Yea”(smiling) Richard replied in a tone of relief. Jamil slid down his chest and undid Richard’s pants he opened the front and got off on smelling Richard’s boxer shorts. He caressed his face on his crotch while Richard propping on his elbows watched. He pulled off the boxers and Richard’s prick sprang out slapping him on the face. Jamil took full grip of it and sucked. Richard’s cock was long and had a really big head. Jamil paused to take off the rest of our clothes and then returned to what he started. He kissed it and massaged it with his tong; he lifted the shaft and sucked the sack. Then he raised one leg and began to lick Richard’s already moist asshole. Richard lifted his both legs and gave way to Jamil. Jamil using one finger at first slid it halfway up Richard’s ass. Richard moaned out in pain “ah fuck”. “Shh the maid might hear us. Just try to relax” he whispered as he stroked Richard’s cock in an effort to ease the pain. Jamil now using two fingers slid it all the way up and used his penetrating tong to ease the pain; he worked on Richard’s ass hole until it was ready. Jamil got up and laid down flat on him “you ready for me”. “Yea I wanta feel you in me”. Jamil got up and rubbed in all the pre cum that had already start oozing from his cock. He gently pulled Richard to the edge and spread his legs far apart; he then positioned himself, one foot on the ground and the other on the bed. 

“Umm do you know you have the most perfect sweet little ass that I’ve ever seen” Jamil slowly calmly said with a sweet smile on his face. Richard began laughing “just fuck me” he replied. Jamil slowly brushed his head against Richard’s hole. That triggered some sort of orgasmic experience in Richard as his body started to quiver. Jamil started to penetrate his tight virgin ass slowly. Richard groped the wet sheets and moaned on each thrust. The noticeable expression of pain on Richard’s face turned him on more and he began fucking harder. “Ah, ah, ah” Richard panted. “You ok?” Jamil. “Yea, just.. ahhhh.. fuck me”. Jamil getting the ok gave it his all; he pounded his thick cock up inside of him. He forced it into him violently. Then Richard felt Jamil’s cock swell and become even more hard then he looked up at Jamil, his eyes were closed licking his lips and then he felt a powerful shot of cum flow inside of him. It was Warm and slimy. Jamil pulled out and collapse on top of Richard both drenched in sweat and wet and smelled of sex. 

After some minutes of catching his breath, he got up again and ran his hand down Richard’s chest to his semi hard cock lying in a pool of pre cum on his stomach. Jamil jerked it until it was stiff again. “Still hadn’t had enough?” Richard exhaustedly inquired. Jamil in reply “I could never have enough of you” as he reached down and began sucking cock again. He sucked this time slobbering all over Richard’s cock then he reached into Richard’s asshole and collected some of his cum oozing out. He rubbed that together with his spit and Richard’s pre cum all over Richard’s dick. He then sat over Richard and forced Richard’s massive head and shaft all the way up his ass. Jamil “ahhh, fuck, yesss, ahh” he yelled as he adjusted to having cock up his ass. His eyes shut open and his jaw dropped as he rode Richard’s cock like a mechanical bull. Richard pulled him down on to his body and engulfed him in his arms. His finger nails scratched across Jamil’s back as Jamil whispered in his ear “I love you, I fucking love you ah!. Fuck me deep open that ass ahhh, saahhh make me yours, fuck. Ahhh fuck my cunt, I love you” This made Richard raging hot and sat up with Jamil on his cock. He lifted and dropped Jamil on his dick making sure that every inch of his cock penetrated Jamil’s tight asshole “I…l..l fuck love your cunt, ahhh you like that. Take my cock ohhhh, yes you feel it ahhh I fuckin love you to. The dirty talk continued. They gazed at each other and began passionately kissing and Richard shoot a massive spray of sperm into Jamil that made him scream out in ecstasy “ahh fuck yea I love you!” They both fell back on the bed Richard still inside Jamil, as cum flowed out of Jamil’s ass and ran down their legs. Both lay in loving embrace as they kiss one another to sleep. 

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What about a single mother Valkyrie and business man Loki AU?

You guys be coming through with the clutch headcanons and AU ideas! lol this has so much potential. It’s probably one of my fave tropes. The single parent who meets either a business person or another single parent. Let’s see what we can come up with:

Single Mom Val x Business man Loki:

-Loki doesn’t get out of his office much. Except to go home. So he doesn’t know why he decided to take a walk in the park during lunch one Wednesday afternoon he just wants to.

-What he isn’t expecting, is the small body that runs into his legs when he’s about halfway through his walk. 

-Loki stares down at the little body that’s now sitting on the path. It’s a child, only about 3 or 4 years old. She’s got smooth brown skin and huge brown eyes. Her hair is braided with color clips on the end.

‘I-I’m so sorry little one!” Loki exclaims, kneeling down so he’s almost at her level. “Are you okay? Did I hurt you?”

-The little girl smiles so brightly at him, Loki feels his heart swell. He quickly looks her over, making sure she isn’t bleeding before he stands up. It occurs to him then how tall he is.

-”Where’re your parents?” Loki asks looking around. “Are you lost?”

-”Momma’s over there!” the little girl exclaims pointing to the playground. “We were playing hide n s-s-s–find me!” 

-Loki chuckled and nodded. “Would you like me to return you to her?”

-The little girl nods and holds both arms up towards him. Loki isn’t well versed in children and has probably never held one before but even he knows that means pick me up. So he does and he holds the little person oh so carefully as he makes his way over to the playground. 

-The little girls’ mother is the most beautiful woman Loki has ever seen. And she thanks Loki furiously over and over when he returns ‘Aurielle’ to her.

-Loki has to get back to work but he can’t help but ask the woman’s name before he leaves. 

-”It’s Valkyrie.” She says pushing hair from her face. “But since you returned my kid to me and save me from a heart attack, you can call me Val.” 

-He doesn’t see her again until a week later. Loki’s late for work and he’s making a coffee run because fuck it if you’re gonna be late might as well show up with coffee. 

-He’s been in line for only a few minutes when suddenly he hears his name. 

-”Loki! Mama! Look! It’s Loki.” 

-Aurielle runs up to him and hugs his legs tightly, she grins up at him happily and Loki notices she’s missing her two front teeth. 

-He ends up having a late breakfast with Valkyrie and Aurielle, making himself even later to work. HIs phone rings constantly in his pocket the whole time but Loki ignores it. 

-They exchange numbers before going their separate ways and Loki finds that even though he’s hours late to work, it’s still the best day he’s had in a long time. 

Oooooohhh man. I’m kinda really into this? Like I might write this? I’m gonna reblog it and add more for sure. But now I wanna make this into a fic. 

I got tired of his wife not having a name lol so she’s got one now! This will probably be the only smut in my Daddy Roman series. 😁😁

Birthday smut for Roman! (Up next … The “Talk” with the kids & the next chapter for my Tama fic)

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Everyday for the last week Roman had been working himself to exhaustion. He’d wake up at 4 a.m., get to the Performance Center by 6 and work his ten hour day and then immediately go from there to his parents’ house to help his dad with some renovations. Then he had spent two full nights painting the walls and ceilings of Haleigh’s room. Their darling twelve year old had begged to have her room painted after one of her best friends had her room painted. Kandice had begged him to do it as well. She felt like Haleigh deserved it with the good grades she was making. Not one to tell either of his girls no, Roman painted it while Haleigh and Kandice were out of town on a school trip.

After fully realizing what was being asked of him and how much work it would be, Roman had been tempted to say no. Her room was big and it would be only him doing all the work on top of his work at the Performance Center with the developmental wrestlers and he didn’t have Koda. The sixteen year old was gone to spend a couple of days with his cousins since they go to the same school. He just didn’t think he’d have the energy. But then he looked at his wife again, at her big brown eyes framed by her beautiful light chestnut curls and he started to crumble. Kandice pulled the top of her tank top down an inch or two revealing more of her breasts.

“I’ll make it up to you on your birthday when I get back,” Kandice had said with a wink and a smile. At the time that was all the encouragement Roman needed, his wife had a history of “making it up” to him in some pretty substantial ways.

Now that the week was just about over he wasn’t sure if it was a fair trade. He was exhausted; his muscles hurt all over. Roman spent most of Thursday resting and napping, trying to recover some sense of normal feeling before Kandice and him went out to dinner for his birthday. They had planned to celebrate with the kids on Saturday when he was off.

Roman woke up a little after four in the afternoon, stretching and glancing at the clock, worried that he had slept too long. He took a moment to see how he felt and had to admit he felt much better after resting all day. Being a relatively for older man probably allowed him to recover easier. His shoulder still felt all the work he had to do painting the ceiling, but overall he felt much better. 

It was then that he looked over to where Kandice was standing in front of her closet facing away from him and glancing through her clothes. She wasn’t wearing a stitch of clothing and had clearly just gotten out of the shower. Her smooth, brown skin glistened from the remaining dampness and her long curls hair were soaked and fell down her back perfectly.

Smiling without knowing it, Roman studied her body again, her legs, back and arms. He paused as he took in the profile of her firm breasts and continued down to her round ass. Roman felt his heart start to beat a little faster as he stared at her ass and thought about how nice it was to have her home from the trip.

Kandice turned around just as his gaze started to move down her legs and she walked over to him. “Hey there sleepy head. How do you feel?” She leaned over the bed and gave him a kiss on the forehead, letting her large breasts graze his chest and face. That really got his heart moving.

“I’m feeling so much better,” they kissed. “Oh yea? I can tell part of you is feeling better for sure.” Kandice smirked as she reached under the thin sheet and put her hand around his hard dick. Closing her eyes and licking her lips she moved her hand up and down the shaft a few times and fondled the head. Smiling and opening her eyes again she said, “I tried to grab you last night when I got home but you weren’t having any part of it. You were out like a light.”

Roman sat up in bed and pulled her down to him, her ass now sitting on top of his dick. He put his right hand on her ass and leaned his head down to her shoulder. Her ass was by far one of his favorite features on Kandice’s body. Really it was his favorite feature on any woman’s body. Kandice was fit but maintained her thick shape she had gotten from her mama.

Roman looked up at her with a lazy smile. “So you wanted me to give it to you last night?” Kandice put his left hand on her right breast “Of course, I’ve missed you so much this week. I thought about getting that work the whole way home.”

Kandice could feel his dick pulsing beneath her butt. She stood up, gave him one more kiss on the lips and stroked his manhood one more time. “Hit the showers, big guy.”

“And what are you about to do,” he asked standing from the bed and stretching his long limbs. Kandice’s eyes watched his muscles jump under his skin trying to maintain composure until their kids were gone. “Mmm, your kids are still here. I’m gonna make sure they’ve got everything and then send them to Jey’s.”

“You’re gonna drive them all the way out there?” He asked dragging his naked body around the bed towards their bathroom.

“Nope. Koda’s taking one of your cars.”

“Why mines and not yours?”

Kandice rolled her eyes playfully at her husband. “Fine, he can take my car, Roman. I don’t see how it matters.”

“Him and his cousins are not going around cruisin’ in my Range or my Telsa. Not happenin’.” Roman spat slapping her ass as he passed her.

“But it’s okay for him to do it in my Jeep?” She yelled after him. He didn’t answer her, just laughed. Kandice knew how her husband felt about Koda driving his cars. Roman had already gotten Koda a Honda Civic providing he passed his classes. He felt like he worked too hard and Koda hadn’t worked hard enough yet to drive his cars. Kandice on the other hand didnt mind as long as Koda minded her rules.

Twenty minutes later, Roman stepped out of the shower feeling even better than he had when he woke up. Brushing his teeth and getting clean made him feel much more relaxed and human. He dried off and exited the bathroom, his hair still dripping and clung to him. Kandice noticed his dick was still swollen and long swinging between his legs; he’d been thinking about her while he was getting clean. The kids had basically just walked out the door so she was still getting dressed and wearing only a skirt and bra, she walked over and kissed him again placing her right hand gently on his dick. Now holding it in both hands she looked down. He always laughed a little on the inside when she did this; running her hands delicately over him, moving his dick around and staring at it like she was studying it. In a way she was, feeling how hard he was and thinking if he was harder than normal or maybe longer sometimes. Today she thought he felt particularly long and hard and she knelt down and got a closer look at his 9 inch dick.

“You been thinking about it?” he said in anticipation. Kandice put her lips just barely over the head and kissed it a few times, holding it inside her mouth, “Mmmm hmmm.” She bobbed her head up and down a few times, putting an inch or so below the head in her mouth and grabbing the rest with her hands. Taking it out of her mouth she smiled and looked up at him, lightly stroking it back and forth, “I’ve been wanting it so bad.”

Roman’s breath caught in his throat as his heart really started to pound, god damn it felt so good. “Your mouth feels so good baby. What have you wanted to do with it?” Roman grumbled watching her. She moved her tongue up and down his length and all around his big tip. “I want it inside me. I’ve wanted it everywhere. In my hands, my mouth, my pussy. I want to make you cum inside me. That’s what I’ve wanted, to make you cum in me and fill me up. Maybe give me another baby.”

Roman felt his knees tremble as she stroked his dick a little faster and the other hand grabbed his balls. He needed it so bad, they hadn’t had sex in almost a week which was far too long for him. Gently peeling her hands off him he led her over to the short sofa in their bedroom hoping that she would continue.

She wanted nothing more as she knelt in front of him again and put him back in her mouth, this time taking more of him. Going a few inches down she found the place she liked and started bobbing her head up and down. Besides being long, Roman was very thick. It didn’t prevent her from going as deep as she wanted to though and he didn’t mind. Going a few inches down and coming back up, letting his big swollen head pass gently over her lips before she descended again. Another of his favorite features, he loved the way it felt when her plump lips slid over the tip.

Roman’s breathing was becoming intense now and he grabbed portions of the sofa. Kandice took one of his hands and placed it on the back of her head. Roman liked the control he exerted as he placed his hand on the back of her head and gently pushed down, not controlling how far she went but controlling the timing. “Oh fuck, Kandi baby.” He groaned tugging lightly at her curls.

Kandice knew he was getting close by the way his dick was pulsing, his heavy breathing, the bucking of his hips and the frantic pace his hand was directing her mouth up and down his dick. Coming to a slow stop she took her mouth off him, kissed it a few times. “Are you gonna cum babe?” She asked licking the sides.

He nodded yes, letting a string of curses fall from his lip as he stared at her open mouth then past that to her bursting cleavage as she breathed in and out. “I want it in me, okay? I want you to cum inside me.”

Roman tried to slow his breathing. “Babe, im not gonna last much longer,” he whispered pushing his hair out of his face. Majority of the time, if Roman got inside Kandice’s pussy he wanted his wife to cum with him. It made it feel awesome and made him feel even closer to her.

“It’s ok baby, I knew what I was doing when I grabbed you coming out of the shower. I just want to feel you cum inside of me.”

Not needing any more encouragement Roman shook his head yes. Kandice stood up and removed her bra, revealing her beautiful breasts. Her nipples were hard and looked delicious to him. She leaned over and put one nipple in his mouth, reaching down with her other hand to stroke his dick more. Roman groaned in controllable pleasure as she pulled on his dick quicker and his tongue flicked over her nipple. She stood up again and removed her panties from beneath her skirt and began to sit down on him her back to his chest after lifting her skirt some.

Putting just an inch inside her wetness she rocked up and down on him slowly, letting herself get use to his size again. He was so excited right now that his dick was extra swollen and they really hadn’t done it in a while for them. Letting a little bit more in, each time she went down she heard Roman’s breathing race back up again. She reached back and grabbed his hands and placed them on her breasts as she moved up and down slowly. Picking up the pace as she got use to his size and allowed more of his swollen dick inside her she swore he was bigger than normal. She could feel all 9 inches filling her up.

Roman groaned again as she joined him with her first audible cry as she felt his balls brush against her. She bounced up and down on him quickly, reaching back to put her hands in his hair. She screamed as he twisted her nipples a little and his dick pulsed, leaking a little cum into her.

“I want you to fuck me baby, fuck me until you cum,” Kandice purred tugging on his hair. “Don’t stop, just give it to me, I want you to cum inside me now. Give it to me, Ro.” Roman practically lost control of his senses then as he only had one thing on his mind. He stood up, pushing Kandice forward so she had to stand up and grab her ankles. Standing tall, Roman grabbed her ass, he pushed her legs apart a bit and began rocking back and forth, picking up the pace. Within seconds Roman was thrusting into Kandice like a jackhammer, not thinking just doing. He didn’t try to control his groans, and neither did Kandice as they did when their kids were home.

Kandice reached one hand between her legs to caress his balls as his dick drove into her over and over, his hips slamming into her. Occasionally he spanked her ass and grabbed it as his dick drove into her. She shouted, “C'mon, Daddy. I know you’re close. I’m right there with you!”

Roman could barely understand her, he was lost on his own train, but Kandice grabbing his balls drove the message home. “Fuck, babygirl. Here it comes,” he groaned gripping her hips tighter. “Me too, Daddy.”

“You want it inside you,” he growled still pumping furiously infuse of her. She screamed yes repeatedly unable to say anything else. On cue, Roman came inside of her still thrusting slowly in and out of her, fucking her through it. Three, four, five ropes of thick cum coated her walls as he drove into her. By the time she felt the fifth hot shot of cum dive into her and thought about how good it felt, she too came and screaming his name, begging him to keep going and clenching his balls a tiny bit tighter. He squeezed her ass hard as he continued to slide his dick in and out of his wife. Just before he stopped one more small shot of cum pushed into Kandice, finishing her off too. As he pulled out, he watched some of his cum leak from her. He had filled her up as promised and was sure he made good on giving her another baby.

They collapsed on the couch and Roman thought about how amazing her making it up to him had been. Sighing, Kandice leaned against Roman, who wore a proud smile.

Kandice grabbed his hand to play with his wedding band, “I guess we better continue getting ready for dinner.”

“I think we can pass on dinner.” He’d dropped his voice as he spoke in her ear. “You’ve got some more making up to do.”

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