smooth as an android's bottom

anonymous asked:

Do you think Data has other body hair?

*pulls down projection screen and starts power point*

well i believe he is able to produce body hair… though as we can see here in this cap from datalore… 

on a regular basis he doesn’t have chest hair. unless he thought it would be inconvenient to have it when they looked him over to help with the assembly of lore and decided to get rid of it

but then take a look at these caps from a fistful of data’s

arm hair!!! and lots of it! like look at that forest!!

and y’all are probably thinking “but emily, in that episode, the characters from the holo program turned into data! maybe he just adopted the arm hair from the character!” 

but take a look at tHIS:

THE DUDE’S ARMS ARE AS SMOOTH AS AN ANDROIDS BOTTOM!! so data must always have wild untamed arm hair since it’s not part of the program

and then we also cannot forget to bring up the classic data riker beard…

in conclusion, it is a FA C T that data can produce other body hair where ever he pleases…. and apprantly he really likes arm hair