smooth as

vocal King Jhope 😭💖💗💓💟💞💘💝

thought i was done...think again

so he’s got the murder daddy stare™ that could make your panties drop in a second. just imagine him giving you the exact same look after finding you at home wearing nothing but one of his shirt’s from his beefy bucky days™ and that turns him on to no end. he’d just walk up to you, with this same look, while growling, “daddy’s gonna take care of you tonight,” before pinning you up against the wall and absolutely wrecking you.

but then we also have the most adorable and soft person on the planet with his wide grin and scrunchy eyes. and he’d totally be so giggly when he’s home alone with you, making grabby hands at you, playfully smacking your bum while saying cute things like, “i miss your lips, kiss me?” and it’s just a day of non-stop cuddles and kisses and him holding you really close in his arms.

but then we have this side of him, which I think is his more teasing side. he’ll give you this look knowing what you were trying to do to him, but he wouldn’t give in. he’d try to reverse the roles, instead of him begging for you, he’d try to have you begging for him. he knew how much you loved his thighs, so he’d display them as much as possible until you couldn’t take it anymore. “ride my thigh, darling. show me how good you can make yourself feel,” while his hands were on your waist guiding you up and down his thigh until you were screaming his name. 

but how could we leave out this gem. long haired, clean shaven seb is truly a gift to all of us. you’d be in bed with him, his head in your lap as your combing your fingers through his hair, massaging his scalp lightly as he hums out, “m’that feels so nice, baby,” his eyes closed and smile plastered on his face. and he’d just whine when your fingers stopped, opening his eyes and pouting, “baby why’d you stop,” but you’d just squish his cheeks in your palms, kissing him on the lips before he hovers over you, rubbing his cheek against yours saying, “now I get why you don’t like the beard,” both of you giggling non stop as he places wet kisses over your face.