Person B: Hey, y'know what material you’re made up of?

Person A: Flesh, Blood, Fiber, Oxygen, Water, H U M A N B O D Y P A R T S?

Person B: *face palm*

Person A: .-.

Person B: Jfc this not how this works…

Person A: I answered your question. That’s how it works, right?

Person B: Boyfriend material

Person B: It was supposed to be boyfriend material

  • Marinette: *sketching on her block*
  • Chat Noir: *walks in front of Marinette, while holding a pencil* Hey Purrincess, I think you've lost your pencil.
  • Marinett: *stop drawing and looks up at Chat* Uh, Chat, it's not my pencil...
  • Marinette: Mine is right here. *wiggles the pencil, she's holding infront of him*
  • Chat Noir: I know, I just wanted to have an excuse to walk over to you and talk to you.