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DA:I, companions and councillors reacting to the Inquisitor bringing home a crate fill of baby nugs, or mabaris, or your choice of small cutbaby animal. You guys do great work!


Cassandra: “We don’t have time to…” She stops and stares at the yapping and waggling puppies, some of which are trying to reach her for attention. Her eyes widen, slightly, and she gingerly pulls one out of the box. After holding it for a moment, she sighs. “Alright, we can take them back to Skyhold to be given to some of Cullen’s men. This once.”

Blackwall: He lets out a hearty laugh and insists on carrying the crate. He plays with the puppies a lot, and is sad when they’re given up for adoption to other Inquisition members.

Iron Bull: “Oh, look at the little guys!” He grins and sits down, allowing the puppies to amble up to him, crawling up on him. “Look at them! Gonna grow up fierce as dragons!”

Sera: “PUPPIES!” she cries as she picks up a wiggling puppy to give it a hug and a kiss. “Look at their smooshy little faces! Can I have one?”

Varric: He grins. “Well, would you look at that?” He strokes their heads and watches them for awhile.

Cole: He loves them, because they’re happy and they make almost everyone who sees them happy. “They’re so happy. Everyone should have puppies. Maybe demons wouldn’t be demons if they had puppies.”

Dorian: He instantly smiles at the sight of them. “Well, what do we have here, Inquisitor? New recruits?” The puppies like him, a lot, much to his surprise.

Solas: He can’t help but crack a smile at the puppies. He can be found sitting and watching them with great interest.

Vivienne: She acts like she’s not interested, but the Inquisitor sees her eyes flicking over to them and her lips curling upward as they yap and just be adorable in general.

Josephine: She squeals in delight at the sight of them. “Ohhh, they’re so CUTE!” she exclaims as she hurries to greet them.

Leliana: She wishes she could spend all day with them, but she has to work. Later on, though, a scout finds her at her desk with a snoozing puppy on her lap.

Cullen: He’s at their side instantly, offering to help however they need. Dog food? A kennel? Anything so the puppies can stay. They seem to lessen the effects of his headaches.

Things I Have Said To My Rats

“Food that is in my mouth is my food and not your food. If it’s not in my mouth yet, game on.”

“You smell like love. Love, in this instance, is a euphemism for rat pee.”

“Who’s a little smooshy face rat rat? Who’s mama’s bestest babby ratato? I love my fuzzy meat lump, yes I do! Yes I do!”

“Your tail is a part of your body and as such requires occasional cleaning, Should you fail to clean your tail yourself, cleaning services will be provided. No, you may not opt out of this.”

“You owe me a new phone charger.”

“Your sister is not a stepladder.”

“If you didn’t want him to tackle you, then why have you been antagonizing him for the last five minutes?”

“If you don’t want me to tug on your tail then you shouldn’t dangle it out though your cage bars.”

“Yes, I’m cleaning your cage. No, your presence is not helpful.”

“Potty pans are for potty, not for throwing.”

“You know, when I had gerbils they never shredded a single couch cushion.”

“I’m sort of in the middle of something, it’s not a convenient time to cuddle right now…. Oh, fine, you win. But only because you’re cute and I love you.”

Hey Angel I made a thing.

Raph has finally had enough and tells Donnie exactly what he thinks about his  behaviour towards April.

I have never watched the Almighty Johnsons before but this seemed strangely fitting. Plus it was easy to get clips that matched…scarily easy if I can be completely honest. They also talk like really fast.

Carlos headcanons:

- Spends late nights watching toy opening videos on the internet
- Nightowl, but always asleep before sunrise. 
- Depressed (like most others on the isle)
- Wants a pug because of their “smooshie faces”
- Cant swim, no real interest in learning
- If it has wires, he can fix it
- Wears whatever Evie puts on him because friendship
- Is much more comfortable in Ben’s tourney jerseys
- And also Jay’s boxers.
- And uses both as jammies more than anything. 
- HATES spots. So much. 
- Love/ Hate relationship with horror movies
- Extra butter on the popcorn, mixes M&Ms in.
- Smol bab on surface, but will bite if necessary 


I rarely share my actual life with photos on tumblr, so I’d like to introduce you all to my rabbits. Teague is the little smooshy face in the cubby hole, and Bran is the one who frequently sits by the door to keep an eye on me.

They are both divas and total butts, but they are our diva butts, and we love them.

They were rescued in Maryland, and moved with me to Italy to join my husband, and are now in South Korea with their very own room. 

I’m not an expert by any means, but if you have any questions about what it’s like to have rabbits, or how to move them abroad, please feel free ask through my “Ask Away!” box. 

Hawkeye’s my Wingman

Pairing: Scott x Reader, Clint x Reader (platonic)
Word Count: 931
Request: @themcuhasruinedme - Congrats on the milestone, Bailey! Can I do Scott with 4, 14 and 21 please? Thanks hun! - Hope you like it, love.
Prompts: 4) ‘I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.’ 14) 'I wish you could see yourself the way I see you.’ 21) 'I think you’re beautiful.’

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'Clint! I need you! Now! I’m going to die!’ You scream from the top of your lungs, hoping by some miracle that he can hear you and help you with your situation.

Clint rushes through the doors, bow in hand assessing the area for any threats imposed on you within the tower. 'What is it? What’s wrong?’

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