smooshie face

I keep seeing cute vids of hockey players skating up to the glass where their families are sat and making faces at their kids, and making them laugh, and i can’t stop picturing Tater holding their curly-haired lil toddler up against the glass as Kent skates up and pulls off his helmet. He makes faces at her until she giggles, and smacks her lil palms against the glass and yells, “dada!” then she smooshes her face against it for smooshy-face glass kisses.

Help. I’m weak.

Okay but I think we can all agree that the entire month of December Harry bounces around the house singing “all I want for Christmas is Lou” and Louis probably does that smooshy smooshy fond face whenever he hears him

dai companions and advisors on social media
  • sera: viner extraordinaire, decent at snapchat and instagram as well. any kind of visual medium. pranks, funny faces, smooshy kissy stuff for the widdle. tumblr full o' meme hell.
  • cassandra: she has a tumblr, and you are not allowed to know anything about it.
  • cullen: twitter account, no bio, no profile pic, one tweet that says "am i doing this right?"
  • josephine: she's got an account on every major platform and a decent following for each, uses them tastefully and sparingly. her veiled, diplomatic subtweets are things of beauty
  • varric: instagram profile that is constantly hijacked by isabela and the kirkwall crew, full of shots of her cleavage, as well as his cleavage. his twitter and facebook are more closely guarded, extremely observant and amusing. has a secret tumblr account to keep an eye on his fans.
  • iron bull: wildly, ridiculously popular instagram account. deliberately captions everything like your computer-illiterate aunt to seem harmless. everyone forgives him because he wears a lot of tank tops
  • dorian: he's pretty mysterious online - no last name, no full face pics, only tantalizing glimpses of an eye here, a half of a mouth there. will occasionally post a video of his hands doing something complex and magical on youtube as he narrates, comment section goes wild about his voice.
  • cole: he's a weird-part-of-tumblr sensation and has no idea why. abstract nature photos with nigh-incomprehensible captions. he's just glad to help.
  • solas: fuckin snob about social media, thinks its eroding the minds of modern youth, will never admit that he's got a twitter.
  • vivienne: her insta comments are obviously full of "life goals or wife goals" type of stuff. she'll do an outfit once in a while, maybe a book recommendation. she has posted exactly one makeup tutorial, and its nearing a million views.
  • blackwall: created accounts on everything to follow josie, did nothing because it confused him, abandoned them all

Smooshy faced baby! 😍 #greatdane #greatdanesofinstagram #cullen

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